Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a key role in human body. Vitamin D is required for strong bones and teeth, and a healthy immune system. Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and helps calcium in the absorption in the body, which results into strong bones. In addition, it helps putting a stop to high blood pressure and it regulates the level of blood in human body as well. Vitamin D also helps preventing cancer. Additionally Vitamin D is indispensable for bones, health and mind. Lack of vitamin D in the body can cause many health problems. In order to deal with these problems every person must add foods rich in Vitamin D.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D can affect the growth of bones and can be resulted into deformities of bones, paining bones in adults and Rickets in children. Rickets is the disease that can cause fractures which can lead to deformities of bones and softening of bones. According to research conducted by children requires the United States magazine 400 to 600 IU of vitamin D per day and adults need 600 to 800 IU per day to maintain the body, teeth and bones strong and healthy. Through the vision of the importance of getting enough vitamin D to maintain a strong and healthy body, one must look at the sources from where we can get vitamin D. First and foremost, the most important is an easy way to get all the vitamin D we need through eating foods rich in vitamin D and get some sun in the summer. 5 Foods rich in Vitamin D that can help us to get all the minerals and vitamin D are:

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Fortified Milk

Fortified milk is a great way of getting vitamin D. you should surely drink plenty of whole milk. If you want to keep your body strong and healthy, you are concerned about getting enough vitamin D and you want to stay healthy and young, a cup of milk will give equal to a quarter part of the amount of vitamin D required by your body. In short, Milk is one of the best foods rich in Vitamin D.

Orange Juice

Fresh orange is best to drink. As Vitamin D is not naturally present in orange so you can take fortified orange juice with Vitamin D. A cup of cold orange juice will make forty five IU Vitamin D available for your body.

Eggs and Meat

If you really need the vitamin D you must eat eggs at breakfast as it will definitely help to get enough of vitamin D you are looking for. It mainly existed in the egg yolk. Essential minerals such as vitamin A, K, E and D, Iron and zinc are present in egg Yolk so one must consume the whole egg.  Some people do not eat egg yolk because of cholesterol, but it contains six % of amount needed by our body. One must also add meat or beef to diet plan as it provides an efficient amount of Vitamin D to body.

Salmon and Other Fish

Salmon and other fish are great source of required quantity of Vitamin D along with many other nutrients that contribute to health. Whole required amount of Vitamin D can be contented by one serving of Salmon Fish. Fish is without any doubt one of the best foods rich in vitamin D.


if you want to take required vitamin D, fortified cold cereal with vitamin D will surely help you out. Take one cup of fortified cold cereal and it will provide up to 29% of recommended value of Vitamin D your body required Daily. These 5 foods rich in vitamin D are best sources of vitamin D related health benefits.