Lyme Disease in women

Lyme Disease in Women

Lyme disease is an infected illness that is caused by a bacteria Borrelia burgdorfri. A type of bacterium that is carried by deer and mouse ticks. The bacterium travels through blood flow and reach in different body tissues, transforms into an inflammatory disease that appear on the skin in the early stages like little bull`s eye shaped rash. Later on it can spread into your joints, organs, and nervous system. These ticks  are parasites and transfer to humans by mouth parts and skin. Lyme disease in women is as dangerous as it is men.

Most women get Lyme disease when they go into forest or grassy ground where ticks can be found. There are some signs and symptoms of Lyme disease which are red alarm for you to caught it quickly. The number of Lyme disease  cases in women is climbing, according to WH it is about 30 million per year  and increasing while reason for the fact that most cases are women is still unkown and yet to be found.

However want to tell you ticks don`t jump or never can fly, once they crawl on your body , they immediately search for thin skin to bite on specially vessels. They love to bite on your inner thighs and neck, want to live in your bra straps and hairline for long term settlement.

Sumptoms Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has been found in every part of the world, and can spread to any part of the body. Some patients have a rash called Lyme rash. Symptoms are sometimes occurring like sweat, fever, flu,fatigue and joint pain. Sometimes a red bump may appear near the tick bite,  but don`t worry every tick bite is not Lyme disease. Mostly symptoms may shown within a month. Some of the major symptoms of lyme disease in women are as follows;


One of the most common symtoms of Lyme Disease in women is a rash. In medical term this rash is called ERYTHEMA MIGRANS. It has been observed that 80 to 90 percent of Lyme disease at later stage. Usually this rash is not painful or itchy, it appears in 3 to 30 days after transmission.


Lyme disease may accompany flu or flu like symptoms sometimes. After or with rash you can have fever, body aches, runny nose and fatigue. You can have sleep issues as well.  Ful is another one of the alarming symtoms of lyme disease in women that should be checked by the doctor.

Neurological Effects

Your nervous system can also have Lyme disease. symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, stiffness of muscles, weakness and pain in joints. Most commonly your knees affected and become swollen, and lastly develops arthritis.  Women are more likely to have this symptom because of their physiology.  this is among other prominent symptoms of Lym Disease in women.

Heart Problems

Women with Lyme disease  can develop heart problems sometimes, such as slow heartbeat or shortness of breath,which can lead to dizziness. Although these symptoms are rare, but appear over the period of several weeks.


Sometimes women with Lyme disease notice blurred or weak vision, but it happens in early stages.


A latest research has found that Lyme disease accompanied with anxiety and depression, so get ready for a visit to psychologist . And its rate is increasing so you need to manage it. Most women feel changes in their mood like over emotional, or feeling lost. Sometimes women feel difficulty in concentration and confusion. Anxiety is among highly prevailing symptoms of Lyme disease in women because it is well evident that women are more like to suffer from disease related anxiety than men.

General Problems

You can also face these problems if you got Lyme disease include allergies, swollen glands, weight gain or lose, infections like infections of kidney or eye.

Some of theses symptoms will get better slowly when your treatment starts, but can persist if you are getting late to see your doctor.