Lose weight fast

Although there are millions of reasons to exercise that do not target weight, but weight loss is you major motivator, make every moment of your exercise count with the following exercise tricks to lose weight fast.

1.  Do more Aerobic Cardio

Any exercise or physical activity that makes it tough for to talk for longer is a secret weapon for fast weight loss. Most people prefer aerobic exercises because they are easier to sustain physically for longer period of time to burn a considerable amount of calories. For this reason everyone trying to lose weight fast must spend about 50% of their time in gym and 50% doing other activities. See detailed benefits of aerobic exercise here:

How Far Aerobic Exercises are good for your health

2. Work actually

Doing some up and down motions won’t help you lose weight fast, even if you do it for 30 minutes or more. According to scientific viewpoint, our metabolism raises with intensity of exercise. Stick with this rule: if you don’t feel breathless and you have the capacity to intensify the activity, you should be moving faster instead of worrying about your abnormal heart beat. As long as you excise your system, you’ll benefit as much as anybody who is more fit than you.

3. Change Intensity of your Physical Activity

Our system has to adopt the changes you make to your daily routine. I know it sounds like a terrible lot of effort; it is because that’s good for your health. The more tasks you give to your body to do, the more calories it required to burn to get the task done.

Most of the time during your workout routine, alternate between hard exercises and fast-paced aerobic exercises. While it is surely the hard exercises that burn more calories as compared to aerobic exercises and raise your metabolic activity even for hours after leaving the gym, you can’t carry on that pace forever. You can lose weight fast by alternating between the one minute of untenably intense cardio and four minutes of slow state cardio in the zone of aerobic exercise.

4. Don’t fear weight lifting

Most people do not like lifting weights due to the possibility that weight lifting will make them look broad, particularly girls. It’s a myth without having solid evidence to support. Lifting weight build muscles which are essential for burning fat even after you leave the gym and jump on the couch. Thing to remember;  weight training helps you maintaining your muscles in shape so they look toned when you shed extra pounds.

5. Exhaust your Muscles to Lose Weight Fast

If you get a burning sensation in your body after doing some specific exercises; for example thighs hurt after doing lost of lunges, it means you have achieved your anaerobic threshold because you have worked as hard and tough as you can to lose weight fast with exercise and you have burned more calories due to it.

6. Warm Up

Warm up is when you wake up and sweat yourself while giving a sort of shock to your heart you. The key; if you will start doing intense aerobic exercises right away after lifting you half slept body from bed, you are going to make yourself more tired throughout the day. A 15 minutes warm up as the first thing in the morning can take the edge-off so you will feel more energetic even after leaving the gym which will definitely increase the overall process of calorie burning.

I am pretty sure that following these simple exercises will help you lost weight fast without making you tired and exhausted.

Lose Weight Fast

There are countless ways to lose weight fast. However, most of these weight loss plans makes you unsatisfied and hungry. If you have low will power, you will surely quit these weight loss plans quickly. Here are three simple ways to lose weight fast.

  1. Decrease your appetite considerably
  2. Lose weight fast without feeling hungry
  3. At the same time, Improve your metabolism

1. Cut down Starches and Sugars

One of the most important things to remember is to cut down carbs such as starches and sugars. All these foods stimulate the insulin secretion the most as most of you might know that insulin is the major fat store for hormones in your body. When you lower your insulin levels, fat easily melts down and get out of the fat storage and your body will burn fats rather than carbs.

Another advantage of reducing insulin levels is that it makes it easier for your kidneys to flush excess water and waste out of your body which in turn reduces bloating and excessive water weight. This is quite common that you can lose more than 10 pounds in the first week of eating in this routine both water weight and body fat. You can also follow these effective programs to lose weight fast.


A study compared low fat diets and low carb diets in obese women. Following graph shows the low fat group is losing weight slowly while women using low carbs diet are losing weight fast while eating enough. Read here.

Lose weight fast graph

2. Eat Healthy Fat, Protein and Vegetables to Lose Weight Fast

Every meal of our daily routine should have at least one protein source, a healthy fat source and vegetables. Making your meals according to this ratio will mechanically cut down your intake of carbs to the recommended level of 20 to 50 g per day. Here are some protein sources that will benefit you:

  • Meat: bacon, chicken, beef
  • Fish: shrimps, salmon, lobsters
  • Eggs

Getting plenty of protein is of great significance because it boosts your metabolism by 80 to 100 calories every day. Switching to high protein diets reduces infatuated thoughts about certain foods by 60 percent, decreases late night snacking desire by half while making you so full that you in turn eat 500 fewer calories all day long as compared to low fat diets. Just add protein to your diet to lose weight fast.

Protein is king of nutrients while it comes to lose weight. Here is the list of low carb vegetables that will help you lose weight fast by lowering your insulin level, and boosting metabolism rate.

  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Celery

You don’t have to be afraid of loading your plate with these low carb vegetables but you should not exceed to 20-50 carbs per day. A diet based on vegetables and meat essentially contains vitamins, fiber and minerals your body needs to be healthy. While healthy fat sources are;

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Avocado

Magic Tip # 1

A magic tip to lose weight fast is to eat 2-3 meals every day however in case you find yourself hungry, eat another meal.

All above mentioned fats should be eaten in addition to both low carb and low fat diet. For cooking your diet meals, the best oil for cooking is coconut oil which is rich in essential fats, “Medium Chain Triglycerodes.” These fats are known to boost metabolism to some extent. Do not afraid to include these fats into your diet because it is evident from the research that saturated fat and oils do not increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

Exercise is recommended but you don’t have to do hard exercises in order to lose weight fast. Active lifestyle is a way to be healthy and fit to live a life that is ideal for many. One of the best exercises to lose weight fast is aerobic exercises which are effective to burn overall body fat. Read more about their benefits


Performing moderate physical activity at a moderate speed 3-4 times a week is the best thing you can do to lose weight fast. Lifting weight is another good option to do so; do some warm up exercises, lift weights, do some stretches and you are done. Lifting weight will make you burn some fat while maintaining your metabolism rate at a balanced level.

Magic Tip # 2

you can replace weight lifting with cardio exercises such as walking, jogging and running by which you can lose weight fast within few days. Yes! Few days…

Other Things to do while losing weight

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Drink adequate amount of viscous fiber
  3. Take tea or coffee without sugar
  4. Sleep well
  5. Use smaller plates

Following these steps will make you lose 5-10 pounds of weight during the first seven days and then continuous weight loss after that. I have tried these three simple ways to lose weight fast with absolutely incredible results. Start following it and Welcome to heaven!