lighten hair at home

Everyone wants lighter hair to bring change in their looks. May be it is not the wish of everyone but generally most people like to have lighter hair in warmer months of year. Chemicals that have been used for lightening of hair are harsh and these damage your hair. So, if you want to lighten hair at home during warm months of year, you should follow these simple homemade recipes that are effective and naturally lighten your hair at home.

In addition, these homemade recipes or solutions for lightening your hair at home are not expensive as compared to commonly used chemical lighteners available in market. You can use homemade recipes anytime you want and ingredients can be found in your kitchen cabinet. Additional benefit of homemade solutions is that there are no chemicals in these natural techniques which can damage your hair or make them dry.

Lighten Hair at Home Naturally

Below are some of homemade solutions or recipes that you can try to lighten hair at home naturally:


Chamomile tea contains the agents that lighten hair. However, you can use black tea as well for this purpose. Chamomile also contains plenty of properties that help in keeping our hair healthy and sleek. To apply tea as a lightener take a tea bag of black or chamomile tea and steep it in boiling water for 15 minutes. Leave this water to cool down. Once the water is cooled down, rinse your hair with this tea water and leave it for 15 minutes in your hair. You can rinse your hair with this water twice before using shampoo to get better results. This is an effective way to lighten hair at home.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as a natural lightener but it takes more time than other lighteners. You can apply baking soda paste on your hair about once in a week and lighten your hair naturally. In addition, baking soda is best option for stripping your hair of building up chemicals. You can use this tip to lighten hair at home.


Honey is one of most effective and successful technique to lighten hair at home as it contains lightening ingredients. Adding olive oil in honey will offer the benefit of not losing the shine and moisture in your hair. The recipe of this solution, you need to take 2 cups of vinegar, one cup of raw honey, one table spoon of extra virgin olive oil, and one tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix these ingredients well and then apply on your hair. Use brush in order to spread it in your hair evenly or you can take some sections of your hair which you want to highlight through lightening. Once mixture is applied, wrap your hair and put a shower cap in your hair. You can use this recipe easily lighten your hair through hydrogen which is present in honey and olive oil.


Cinnamon is another great ingredient to lighten hair at home. To apply this great option of lightening hair, take 2 tablespoons of conditioner and one table spoon of cinnamon. Mix it well and apply on your hair using a comb or hair brush that you should use to evenly coat mixture in your hair. Then, use shower cap or clip in order to secure you hair. Leave this mixture in your hair for a night and rinse it off in morning. This is one of the most effective recipes to lighten hair at home.