Live a Happy Life

It’s a fact that life is harsh sometimes, you may feel lonely, broken and down. All relationships are not perfectly based on positive emotions. Every person has challenges in his/her life to overcome, to create and build something better, something that makes him and people around him happy. People whom you might have loved more than any other thing in life leave you and never look back.  Stress comes up for countless reasons; it could be you exams, your job, managing home and a million more things. Living with stress is hard particularly when it becomes a part of your day to day life.

Stressed? Follow these steps

To me stress is not actually a natural phenomenon, you are or born to feel that every day and after thinking for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that “You can overcome it.” yes, you can beat stress to live a happy life. I am not going to leave you alone here because I have come up with some brilliant ideas to beat the stress to live a happy life.

Here are simple yet brilliant ideas to live a happy life, in fact secrets to live happy a life.

Control Situation: Take control of yourself when things go wrong. Yes it’s hard but not impossible. Instead of feeling feeble, control the situation and open your mind to let alternative solutions to the issue come. This is the secret to live a happy life. I mostly read Deepak Chopra, author of many exceptional books who has written much about secrets to live a happy life. here is a link to his site.

Breathe Deep: Instead of beating your heart dead, breathe slow and deep. Research shows that there is a direct link between stress and breathing, yoga is perfect choice while you are stressed.

Get a Pencil and Notepad:  you feel lonely and your mind is flooded with thoughts, just put everything on paper because analysis becomes paralysis for you. Yes, it can paralyze you mentally and bet it, it will not allow you to live a happy life.

Do Some Stretches: As I have suggested above, physical activity is one of the best way to beat stress. Get some fresh air, go out and do some stretches. You will instantly feel fresh and active. Research has indicated that exercise relieve the symptom of stress as it distracts you and interrupts negative thinking patterns while we are stresses. You can either choose yoga for this purpose. Yoga is a proven stress buster. Some yoga poses are specifically created to relieve stress and depression.

Count 10: A very simple yet childish strategy is to count 1 to 10. The key? It will help you calm down a little bit. It is better to do a childish thing than to speak something that you might regret after.

Stop Pleasing People: One of the most regretful you do in your life is “pleasing people.” it is my personal experience that pleasing people is no. 1 way to buy stress because do you know what? You can’t please people all the people. if you are doing that at the moment, you are fighting a losing war right there. Just learn to say “No” more often. If you feel worried that people will leave you and they will not like you anymore, think again. Because what my experience says, people like you more if you are honest with them. So instead of over-committing yourself, cancel things at the last minute. If you want to live a happy life? try this out.

Eat Well: Sometimes your diet may become a cause of your aggravating stress levels. Just make sure you are getting enough healthy food in your diet such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Cut back on carbs, sugar and caffeine such as coffee and tea (I know it sounds death) but it will help your brain to function and eventually you will beat stress to live a happy life. .