Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease is one of major diseases that affect most of the people in older age. There are certain exercises for Coronary Artery Disease that could be proven beneficial.

Coronary Artery disease refers to a condition in which the arteries and vessels become blocked or narrowed. This blockage does not allow the blood flow to heart which might result in heart attack. In this way, coronary arteries receive less oxygen while exercising or being involved in any physical activity. One of the major causes of coronary artery disease is atherosclerosis. Muscle spasms and congenital defects can also cause a blockage to the blood flow. Some infections can also become a cause. Major risk factors are: heredity, sex, age, smoking, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and anger. Active lifestyle is essential for people with coronary artery disease and exercises for coronary disease should be chosen carefully due to the risks associated with this disease.

What to expect during exercises for Coronary Artery Disease?

During short term exercises for Coronary Artery Disease, observed cardiac responses are stroke volume, cardiac output, heart rate, systolic blood pressure increases as the exercise begins but the resistance decrease rapidly while diastolic blood pressure remains in steady state.

During long term exercises for Coronary Artery Disease, stroke volume, heart rate, cardiac output and rate pressure product increases quickly. Once it gets back to steady condition cardiac output remain the same as it is obligated to the decrease stroke volume and the increase in heart rate. In the course of this event, systolic blood pressure and resistance goes downward particularly in the case of long heavy activity. The cardiovascular response remains the same for both sexes with little differences in the stroke volume, cardiac output and systolic blood pressure. Also check instructions for exercises for Coronary Artery Disease.

Exercises for Coronary Artery Disease

When it comes to decide which exercise to choose for a patient with heart disease such as CAD, you have to be highly cautious and decide an exercise regime that benefits overall cardiovascular system. Here are some forms of exercises for Coronary Artery Disease known to be highly effective for heart patients however every person is unique in physiology so these exercised should be done under practitioner’s supervision.

Compound exercises have greater cardiovascular benefits than isolation exercises. These exercises for Coronary Artery Disease keep heart rate up and lower the blood pressure. While isolation exercised mostly target isolated muscle, these exercises tend to lowering the heart rate and thus increasing the blood pressure. I would recommend compound exercise as they provide more health benefits.

Strength exercises improve heart rate and blood pressure and overall cardio-respiratory fitness.  Muscle strength is achieved during these exercises. The recovery period depends on the time of resistance.

Regular physical exercise and activity including large muscle group such as swimming, running and walking generates cardiovascular adaptations that further amplifies exercise capacity, skeletal muscle strength and stamina. It also prevents the coronary artery disease. While in a long run, marinating a routine of these exercises prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

For a patient with coronary heart disease, I would recommend stretching, compound, strengthening exercises and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises for Coronary Artery Disease will engage him in a physical activity that uses large muscle groups as well as increase the motion and flexibility. Staying active is key to a longer and healthier life for people with coronary heart disease.