If you are to attend wedding or a mega birthday bash in a short time, one of your concerns would definitely be your looks; how to get in shape in a short time and fit in the dress of your choice. Here is a diet plan that is a proven way to lose weight in 10 days with master cleanse diet.

how to lose weight in 10 daysThe Master Cleansing Diet is a 10-day fast program that is used for detoxification and weight loss purpose. The protocol has been used efficiently by millions of persons in order to get rid of dangerous and lethal toxins that the body produces. This plan has gained massive popularity after R&B singer Beyonce Knowles lost 9 kgs in 10 days by following The Master Cleanse diet under the supervision of a nutritionist. It has been found very useful and effective in cleansing the toxins. This diet plan was introduce by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative health practitioner in 1976. Since then the diet plan has gained much fame among people around the world. The diet plan consists of drinking eight to 12.8 oz glasses of Master Cleanse Lemonade diet daily.

Master Cleanse Diet Recipe

• Fresh water
• Fresh organic lemon juice
• Cayenne pepper or red pepper
• Maple syrup without sugar

The juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper are mixed in a 10 glass jar filled with water. It is shaken afterwards and the drink is ready. Since its initiation, the diet plan has been used by many celebrities as well as common people. American actor Jared Leto lost 63 pounds in a short time following this diet plan.

Purposed benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet

There are a number of benefits of this diet plan which is claimed to work wonders within the matter of days.

• Breaking up and eliminating toxins and blockage that might form in any part of body due to excessive fats and toxins.
• Cleansing the kidneys, liver and digestive system.
• Purifying the glands and cells throughout the body.
• Removing all unusable and hardened substances in the muscles and joints.
• Releasing and relaxing the nerves.
• Relieving strain, pressure and irritation in the arteries, nerves and blood vessels.
• Building healthy blood stream.
• Keeping the youthfulness and flexibility despite the currents age.
However you must consider some of the side effects following this diet can have on your body; therefore, I would advise you to try this amazing diet plan under certified nutritionist’s supervision.

Risks and side effects

• The drink that is used this program is hard to swallow thus the program is quite difficult to follow.
• The immune system faces dangers of inhibiting and ability to process food.
• The drink can irritate the gastro intestinal tract.
• The salt water has the potential to remove healthy, helpful bacteria from the lining of the colon.
• Using this drink for an extensive period of time can wipe out the defense against infection and sickness.
• Fasting for such a long time can have many negative effects on a person’s overall health.
• Malnutrition from the Master Diet can cause insomnia, cravings, nausea, depressed mood and hair loss and many more.
• After completing this diet plan, when a person starts to eat again, he may suffer from bloating, constipation and acid reflux as body gets fallow to processing food and reacts badly.