Calorie Intake for Children

Most moms find it hard to determine the amount of calories their child needs. Worrying about the right amount of nutrients is not uncommon because every mother wants to see her child grow fast. While the number of calories your child take each day effect his growth, mood and development, determining calorie intake for children is always difficult to understand.

Even though a shocking number of children are obese in most developed countries in the world, particularly U.S, it is observed that 3% of households regularly skip meals and take too low calories. Following dietary and calorie guidelines must attract busy moms running around to make their children eat. You can make changes to your children’s diet by trying different delicious healthy food recipes that attracts your children to eat.

What do you need to know?

You need to encourage your child to take calories from a number of healthy foods such as dairy products, lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy nuts, seeds, legumes and some essential vegetable oils. I know it sounds hard because children like fat burgers instead. Well, you can promote healthy eating by keeping an eye on your child’s eating patterns and determine good number of calorie intake for children.

Dietary Guidelines for Children

Every state has proposed its own dietary guidelines based on the requirements of people. Some of the common dietary guidelines based on normal calorie intake for children are;

Age Not Active Somewhat Active Very Active
2-3 years 1000-1200  1,000-1,400 1,000-1,400(Calories)
4-8 years 1000-1400  1,400-1,600 1,600-2,000(Calories)
9-13 years 1600-2,000  18,00-2,200 2,000-2,600(Calories)
14-18 years 2,000-1,400  2,400-2,800 2,800-3,200(Calories)

Calorie intake for children: (per pound)

                     Age              Calories (per pound)
1-7 years 34-41
7-12 years 27-34
12-16 years 14-27

Individual Calorie Intake for Children

The individualized calorie intake for children depends upon the age, weight, height, and gender and activity level for your children. You can either use an online calorie calculator to estimate require calorie intake for children as per their individual calorie needs.

Growth Chart

You can get help from family doctor as well because the pediatrician of your child will track his development and growth regularly to make sure that your children is growing at a healthy and consistent pace.

Children with significantly reduced growth and development pace may be taking lower calories than their actual needs or having lack of nutrients in their everyday diet. your pediatrician will let you know If your child is weak due to the low calorie intake by analyzing the latest trends on Centers of Disease Control and Prevention growth  charts.

The Solution: A Secret

A very effective solution to determine normal calorie intake for children is to make a required calories chart along with specific dietary options and meals and paste that on your kitchen’s wall. You will see that chart daily to create changes in food choices for your child to make him eat every healthy food you cook for him. Easy? simple? Yes, I have shared my personal secret with you. I hope it will help you too.