Beetroot as a health food

Whether you blend it into a juice or drink or roast it as a whole-beetroot is one of the best health foods with its low fat, full of essential minerals and vitamins properties together with strong antioxidant nature.

Beetroot  also known as beet, are source of a special phytonutrients called betalains. Beetroot have shown to possess antioxidant,anti inflammatory, and detoxification properties. Recent studies claim beetroot as a healthy super food. This vegetable is a well known treatment of anemia in many countries. Beetroot belongs to sugar beets family. Beetroot is a rich soured of folate,magnesium, and copper.There are many possible health benefits of beetroot. It has a large amount of fibers which are powerful antioxidant. It helps reduce oxidation of cholesterol and protects from heart attacks. Another study found that juice of beetroot lowered blood pressure. Beetroot juice has been shown to lower the glucose level,increase insulin and prevent diabetes.

Beetroot as a health food Because of its high fiber it helps to prevent constipation and affection digestive tract. An important nutrient in beetroot  is called choline which helps in sleep, mobility of muscles and memory. Choline helps the absorption of fat and lessens inflammation. Another common benefit is because of its red color , it can treat anemia. Beetroot is contain a high level of iron . Iron helps in formation of blood cells that provide oxygen to other parts of body. A study stated that beetroot helps boost a person`s energy level. Because of rich source of iron  and the presence of nitrate, it helps proper transportation of oxygen. In ancient customs also known as boost one’s stamina and sexual health. Because it increases blood flow due to presence of boron, a chemical compound.

Blood Purifier

Beetroot are a  good tonic for the liver,works as a blood purifier. It can detox our blood and liver. Beetroots contain betaine , the same element that is used to treat depression. It also relax our mind and lower blood pressure.The presence of beta carotene in beetroot which is a form of vitamin A, is an anti aging agent. It helps to prevent cataracts,an age related blindness. However people with kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid beetroot because they could worsen kidney and bladder stones.

Current research shows that beetroot increases antioxidant enzymes levels in human body. Moreover, it increases the level of white blood cells; the cells having responsibility for eliminating and detecting abnormal cell growths. This is the reason that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are advised to use beetroot during their treatment because cancer drugs are said to destroy white and red blood cells as well while attacking cancer cells. Glut amine, an amino acid is one of the richest property of beetroots which is pivotal to health and protection of intestinal tract. Some other studies have identified the positive effects of beetroot juice on blood pressure which is essential to avoid stroke and heart disease. this health titan has gained more popularity ever since David Weir, Paralympic gold medalist announced that beetroot juice is his secret to success. modern chefs are including beets in their dishes after this  renaissance in popularity.