Symptoms of Pregnancy in first month

If you are trying to get pregnant but you haven’t missed a period yet, it is quite easy to understand the physical signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. It is common to feel symptoms in the first two weeks of your pregnancy. The author of Fit to Deliver, Karen Nodahl described the process as,

“some women experience pregnancy symptoms from the moment of conception, usually, this is second or time moms who remember a particular sensation such as increased gas.”

Symptoms of Pregnancy

However, many first time mothers miss these symptoms and signs because very early signs of pregnancy are not essentially the ones we link with having a baby on the way. Therefore, yes, while some women experience hypersensitivity or nausea, these seven signs and symptoms are the most common if these are your first days of pregnancy.

  1. Increased Gas

Being “farty” is not a problem if you are sitting in a couch wearing sweatpants but if you are out with friends it would be next level terrible. Unfortunately though, it’s a common symptom that you are pregnant. You have to expect flatulence not only during first few weeks of pregnancy but also whole nine months as well. Yoga is the best option to relieve symptoms of gas.

  1. Sore Breasts

Just before you getting angry on your bra for suddenly becoming more like a machine from the hardware store than the lacy comfy lingerie, just consider yourself newly tender and sore breasts could be one of earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Breast soreness and tenderness is very common in early pregnancy. However, this could make you more confused because breast soreness could also be a sign of menstruation.

  1. Heartburn

Changes in the digestive system patterns are one of the most symptoms of pregnancy in first month. If you feel somewhat burning sensation after your daily meals and coffee, it might not be the coffee or sandwich that caused but most probably pregnancy related heartburn. You can determine heartburn by bending over or lying down because it’s a tell tale sign of heartburn.

  1. Bloating

If your clothes are fitter than ever, and you are thinking you have gained weight, just think again because it could also be symptoms of pregnancy. Just like breast tenderness, abdominal bloating could also be a sign of periods. However, consistent bloating without periods is a tell tale symptom of pregnancy particularly if you are trying to get pregnant. The most effective trick to fight extra bloating is to relieve symptom by using excess salt and stay hydrated bit of which are known to be good habits even if you are not pregnant. But you will have to get a pregnancy test just to be sure.

  1. Cramping in Lower Pelvic Region

Cramping in pelvic as a symptom of pregnancy? Yes, it could be, according to most gynecologists. That might look counter intuitive, as cramps are typical for Aunt Flow ( More details). You might be thinking that being pregnant will get you escape from cramps, but sadly that’s not true. Light cramps due to hormonal shifts are early symptom of pregnancy and implantation of the fertilized egg.

  1. A Missed Period

Well, definitely a missed period is a symptom of pregnancy in first month particularly for women who have never been pregnant before, this is normally the first symptom of pregnancy they observe. If you are trying to conceive and are not sure why you are having some weird sensations, these six symptoms of pregnancy in the first month may help you best than anything else.

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