Stomach Virus; Symptoms and Treatment

Stomach Virus; Symptoms and treatment

Stomach Virus

The stomach  is a hollow sack located in the upper abdomen, it is like a tank where food stores. If our analysis about its structure, it is made up of some layers of tissue. The size of the stomach is different in each of us, but it can contain 1-2 liters of food  easily. So overeating can lead to discomfort,so the stomach is an important organ in our body because it acts as a major organ to digest your food.

Diseases and disorders of the stomach  are very common, lead to a variety of symptoms, but a very common is stomach virus symptoms. A viral infection, which can catch you by swallowing some type of viruses. The stomach virus  symptoms can be spread person to person by sharing eatables and utensils, stomach virus symptoms  are different than the other flu or throat viruses. The stomach virus symptoms occur after 24 hours when the virus enters the stomach.some most common symptoms of stomach virus are following:

Symptoms of Stomach Virus


The most common stomach virus symptom is watery nausea, usually you may experience vomiting due to a stomach virus, use cold water, sip at a time, you can have other liquids to avoid dehydration, can long last for a week. Stomach virus symptoms can stay with you mild or severe.

Abdominal Cramps

Stomach pain or cramps are common, almost every patient complained about there belly pain, if you have constant pain, you should see your general physician.

Low Fever

Stomach viruses sometimes brings a low fever and headache with him, you also experience fatigue and muscle pain after you swollen the stomach virus. In some cases, people noticed weight loss.


Nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration because our body base 70 percent of fluid and can`t function without fluids, it can be treated with liquids, but you have a severe condition, go to the doctor, he may give intravenous fluids to treat your dry mouth or extra thirst.


There are some tips along with treatment of stomach virus symptoms, you can take care of yourself. Remember, antibiotics have no role in stomach virus.

  1. With stomach virus you lose more fluids during vomiting and bowel system, so keep hydrated, with water and some electrolytes, it can help fast. You can get it from the pharmacy. Avoid caffeinated and acidic liquids because they can make the problem worse.
  2. Give rest to your stomach, don`t drink or eat too much, just use blended meal that your stomach can digest easily, do not use the liquid after vomiting immediately because it can cause vomiting again. Take small sips of water with some break.
  3. If you have severe stomach virus conditions, your doctor may ask prescribed some medicines such as anti diarrheals, or anti-emetic for reduce vomiting. People with serious symptoms like nausea, dehydration, not passing urine, are in need of hospital treatment.
  4. In case of fever or muscle pain do not take pain killers or ibuprofen, it can upset your bowel control, medicines can make the infection long last. Try to stay firm on fluids and electrolytes because they have salt and minerals, but again try potatoes, bananas, yogurt, and rice first, if not working pay visit to your doctor.

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