Some Alarming Early Lupus Symptoms

Early Lupus symptoms

Lupus is a disease , that attacks when your body`s immune system is ready to attack on your organ and tissue, can affect on many different body parts at a time such as blood cells, kidneys, heart system, lungs. It may cause chronic inflammation. Sometimes it takes months and years to diagnose, but lupus symptoms are not rare.

Sometimes people thought it a viral condition. Women also especially American and Asian  have a high risk to get lupus symptoms. You can get this disease from the teenage to around thirty, however, it is difficult to make diagnosis based on early lupus is a long term autoimmune system disease which mostly affects women.

Lupus is a word from Latin which means wolf, we know the several symptoms of lupus, but the most common is SLE, and may lead to some dangerous complications. About 90 percent of women are lupus patient and diagnose at the age of childbearing. Sometimes hormones may be the cause, However ,genetics and environment are a combination risk factor.

Early Lupus Symptoms

Early Lupus symptoms come suddenly or slowly but are not exactly like one another, may mild or moderate, but will depend on which body system attacked by lupus disease, first and common sign is a butterfly shape rash on face,let`s talk about lupus symptoms include


A butterfly shaped rash in cross position on the cheeks and nose,  and is one of the most common early lupus symptoms, about 50 percent of people have this sign and can occur suddenly. Rarely,  this rash can itchy or sun sensitivity. Sometimes it can appear after sun rays.


One of the common early Lupus symptoms  is fever, mostly low grade. People mostly won`t think to go to the doctor on the condition, but later they can experience it again and again, low grade fever is a sign of inflammation, infection, now you need to see a doctor.


90 percent of women with lupus disease have some level of fatigue, but fatigue can be treated with supplements and physical activity.


You can experience swelling of joints, and pain. It may be mild and later go. In the morning many people feel  stiffness, there is a notable thing that painkillers  do not help, you need to see a doctor to examine if your joint problem is caused by lupus or something else.

Heart Problems

If you have inflammation of the lining which protects your heart and lungs can be a symptom of Lupus, according to the latest surveys, both conditions are also a sign of viral infection. So if you feel a sharp chest pain with coughing focus on Lupus symptoms and go to your physicion.

Mental Disturbance

Lupus can give you headache in addition, you can have a brain or nervous system problems, like vision problems, confusion, headache and anxiety. You feel shortness of concentration and tension during Lupus.


Low level of red blood cells, or anemia is common in Lupus  symptoms. Most women have anemia or iron deficiency, because Lupus disease can destroy the blood cells, however lab test can tell the exact story.

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