Pain Around Belly Button

Pain Around Belly Button

Belly button , another name is Navel, medical name, is Umbilicus, is the hollow part in the middle of your abdomen. It is the mark to recognize where the umbilical cord was , the cord vessels connecting belly button to other parts of the body inside the belly. If you have pain around belly button, its alarming that there is something wrong, any kind of pain matters. Just don`t take it lightly. Pain around belly button commonly don`t go away, because there are more organs  in the area. Pain around belly button is mostly triggered by some uncomfortable pressure in the belly. You need to be able to figure out the type or causing the pain around belly button.

Pain Around Belly Button

Some minor and some serious issues are the cause for pain around belly button. Just you need to locate it, can help your doctor to make the correct diagnosis.


Hernia can lead to other complications, but not dangerous itself. Usually its pain around belly button feels  when bending or coughing, occurs when the main abdominal muscles are getting disturbed and make a defect in the abdominal wall, results abdominal pain around your belly button.


In our busy lives, there are a big number or people who develop ulcer, commonly effects in the small intestine and stomach layer. Our poor lifestyle, acidity, and bacteria’s are factors.ulcers can experience you a sharp pain around belly button and become worse if you don`t use medicines  to cure it.

Food Poison

When your stomach become bulky due to heavy meals you take, it can cause pressure on the abdomen, also if you have gas problems,  get ready for sharp pain in surrounding abdomen and feed up the bacteria. And if you have infection you can also experience vomiting with the pain.


These are common in women, can lead to pain around belly button. Urinary tract infections may spread to your  abdomen and cause pain if untreated. It can usually treat with antibiotics, don`t let it if you have harsh pain with fever or nausea, it is a sign of infection that may reach to your bladder and urethra.


As you all know about cyst, is a fluid filled sack, no matter big or small, if located in ovary you have pain around your belly button. Most women experience it in their lives, usually small in size, but if become large might cause serious pain in belly button. Visit your doctor to figure out the treatment.

Menstural Cycle for Girls Only

you can have cramps before or after menstrual cycle, it can be painful in the belly button and full abdomen. It can be reached to hips, back and thighs, don`t worry, this pain is temporary and vanish after some time just you need is a painkiller or a heating pad to place on the pain area, it can give you comfort to place it on your navel area.

Side Effects of Medications

Most of you know,  There are some medicines that can cause pain, some medicines can be signs that your stomach don`t absorb  the medicine, and you experience pain around belly button. Contact your doctor immediately in case you have pain around belly button.

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