Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Watermelon a large giant fruit with beautiful red color. Do you know a watermelon is amazingly healthy for you with its juicy texture, based on 90 percent of water. For about a long time people were using it as a sweet treat because made of sugar and water. Later on finding out many things about its health benefits. Nutritional value of watermelon as a low calorie fruit is beneficial for adults and also kids, provides a high level of vitamins and antioxidants. 1 cup of watermelon contains only 46  calories with no fat.

Along with the nutritional value of watermelon, its seeds are also good for us, when dried. Watermelon seeds have a good amount of proteins with some amino acids can help to regulate blood pressure, seeds also have vitamin B, minerals. These B vitamins maintain your digestive system and skin. Watermelon seeds also contain a rich mineral called Magnesium,which can effect on our blood sugar or metabolism .

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Nutritional value of watermelon is more important these days when everyone wants to stay healthy with a slim figure and celebs look, we can say it`s the world`s healthiest fruit with no fat and low calorie count. Mostly cultivated in summers in all over the world, because need to higher temperature to bloom. It can range 80 to 90 days to become mature.

Watermelon is most beneficial for dehydration, many people choose it to eat to stay hydrated, can use it sliced, cubed, blended, everybody in family can enjoy it all seasons around, have a look at the nutritional value of watermelon.


Is an antioxidant, have a great role in so many diseases, its presence gives the watermelon its red charming color. Lycopene can reduce the risk of heart diseases, some types of cancer and cares our skin from UV rays. Lycopene also blocks the growth of cancer cells to spread around, also found in wedge of watermelon have 4.5 mg lycopene, is the pigment that gives rich red color to many fruits. While more studies are needed, research investigated that lycopene can prevent prostate cancer. There is no significant amount have been listed but it is true that antioxidants are fat-soluble.


Watermelon also has vitamin A, well known for its eye health qualities, can high the level of energy. It has  an excellent power to fight infectious cells in the blood, also a hope for early aging, food intake, of vitamin A ensures a healthy vision. A good quantity of A vitamins can reduce acne problems so you need to eat more and more watermelon for cutting down sebum production,enhancing the look of your skin.


Is an agent that protects your body from oxidation, one wedge of watermelon has 39 percent vitamin C which you need daily. Vitamin C also has immunity boosting properties, play a role against infections and the common cold. According to the latest surveys, can protect you from stress hormones. One of the most important qualities is iron absorption, can absorb iron into your blood if in low quantity.


Found in watermelon helps to produce antibodies, also help to break the protein chain. It is the most important vitamin to maintain brain and nervous system. A proven ingredient to remove toxins from our liver and kidney. We can, say use a large quantity of watermelon to detoxify your blood and liver. One cup watermelon has 7 mg of vitamin B6.


A mineral which is necessary for water balance in the human body, it is found in every cell, can protect from kidney stones and strokes. However watermelon has only 8 percent  potassium in 280mg sliced.


Present only six percent in one wedge of watermelon, helps to cut down the fat and carbohydrates.


Three percent of niacin in one serving of watermelon daily value, is a branch of B VITAMIN.


4 percent of the daily value of this B vitamin is found in one serving of watermelon, a guard on tissue repair.

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