Knee Pain When Bending

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee pain when bending is a common issue these days, many people have the same problem of knee pain but mostly women of all ages get knee pain when bending. Athelets often get knee pain, some people with knee pain can be severe while some have mild knee pain when bending, in both situations you have in dealing with knee pain.  The Knee is an important joint of our body and also biggest,  which supports our body mass, so when we try to top leg with lower, we face knee pain when can be due to unnatural bending or unwanted twisting of the knee. Common knee pain  when bending, can be a result of some incident.

Knee pain when bending is frustrating, you are more likely to have it if you are overweight, or an  athlete. It may be started after an injury, but sometimes it can be infections or inflammation of your knee parts such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. You can do self therapies, but go to see a doctor is necessary.

The major symptom of knee pain is when you want to bend it or try to walk, you feel that your joint is locked or jam, you are unable to bend or move your knee. People who indulge in any specific motions for a long time are at high risk of knee pain when bending.

Want To Learn About Knee Pain Causes?

Some of the common conditions that people talk about causing knee pain when bending.

  • OSTEOARTHRITIS: Leading to damage the protective layer and bones in the knee, causing pain, and inflammation.
  • INJURY: Can occur suddenly as a result of direct hit or abnormal movement, often result tears of the cartilage or ligaments. Can happen after a fall or road accident, you feel a sharp pain in your knee and unable to bend. Sometimes you may break the kneecap, cause by hit an object  forcefully.
  • BURSITIS: Any specific movement that you repeat for a long time can cause a build-up of small fluid-filled sacks, typically sports players involves in it, it causes pain in the knee when bends it, fully, it can be treated at home, resting and using ice packs to reduce the swelling.
  • TENDONITIS: It is caused by sometimes by jumping or climbing activities, your knee may swell or red with warm feeling. It happens when we are overusing tendon that connects the kneecap, the pain can often lowers with painkillers and rest.
  • GOUT: When  your blood builds up uric acid cells into your joint, gout occurs and it affects the knees commonly, causing sharp pain in your knee.
  • KNEE DISLOCATION: A major cause of knee pain, when your knee becomes upset or disturb from normal location and moves side position, so avoid bearing your full body mass on one side or one foot. It is also very painful and you can,t bend your knee or even move. However go to your doctor to find out what is the source of sharp pain.

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