Keratin Treatment at Home

Keratin Treatment at Home

If you are looking for straighter and smoother hair, Keratin hair-straightening treatment is a famous option at salons but you can use Keratin treatment at home as well.

About Keratin

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair. Since your hair is a composition of keratin, so keratin treatment is consisted of marinating your hair in the potion until it is stuck to the hair. It smoothes the hair follicles and takes out waves and release curls. It helps prevent breakage and makes hair shiner. One thing to know about keratin treatment is it does not permanently straight your hair. It is safe to use because it does not contain carcinogenic material. With its pleasant olfactory experience, keratin treatment is safe for your eyes and skin. If you chose to do Keratin treatment at home, you should also consider choosing the best keratin treatments out of tons of various kinds of Keratin Treatments for various types of hair.

Best Keratin Treatment at Home

There are tons of keratin treatments for different hair styles. If you want to do keratin treatment at home then you should carefully choose the best one for your hair thickness and texture. Using same formula on different hair types will not get you good results. So selecting best keratin treatment at home is a challenging part of the process. Here are different Keratin Treatments that will give you an idea about choosing the best treatment option.

Liquid Keratin 30 Day straight-Smooth-Strong & long Treatment

Keratin Treatment at home

If you are looking for a spray in the treatment process that is easy to use and needs a little maintenance, you should try out Liquid Keratin Treatment as it is the best Keratin treatment at home. This product works in less than 30 minutes and best suitable for those who have naturally wavy hair and don’t want to lose those waves, just need a little help to cope with frizz. The product does not contain harsh chemicals so it is safe to use this keratin treatment at home. In order to extend the length of this product, you can apply this once a week or every other day.

Keratin Perfect

Keratin Treatment at home

This Keratin treatment at home package claims that it covers all the bases. The package includes a pretreatment shampoo, brushes, straighter, and post treatment strengthening spray. Using this Keratin treatment at home will make your hair shiner and smoother for a full month. According to cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson;

Instead of formaldehyde, this uses a more gentle skin-conditioning agent to alter the chemical composition within hair; it does an especially good job of reducing frizz in coarse hair.

Organix Brazilian Keratin Thearpy

Keratin Treatment at home

This formula is perfect for people with curly and frizzy hair. You can use this keratin treatment at home safely. The product claims that it reduces more than 95% of curl and frizz for as long as 0 days. The formula includes nourishing oils such as coconut and avocado oils that helps maintain natural shine and strength of hair. These oils are also safe and effective for colored hair. According to experts; “This works much like salon straightening treatments, except the formalde-hyde has been replaced with a kinder chemical that gives you basically the same results but is a lot safer to use.”

Suave Keratin Infusion

Keratin Treatment at home

If you want to achieve professional results with your keratin treatment at home, this product should be in your to-do list. It works pretty much like professional keratin treatment products and lasts more than a month. However, this product is designed for particular hair types such as unprocessed and healthy hair.

How it Works?

You can apply keratin hair treatment at home at your own. Process is simple, just apply keratin products on your hair, and comb your hair to make its way to every hair follicle, rinse and dry and finally iron your hair to seal it. The processes take nearly 90 minutes or may be longer. It depends mostly on the length of your hair. One thing to take into consideration is do not use shampoos with harsh chemicals after keratin treatment at home. Search for sodium sulfate free shampoo to maintain the treatment. Following these instructions will make your keratin treatment at home simple and effective.

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