Ingrown Pubic Hair; Prevention and Treatment

Ingrown Pubic Hair

One of the most embarrassing thing you could face is ingrown pubic hair, sounds horrible? Yes it is. But there are many solutions that you can avail to get rid of ingrown pubic hair. It occurs when hair grow back into the skin rather than surface. It is common that when hair is plucked, waxed or shaved, they will grow back towards the surface and through the skin.

Signs of Ingrown Pubic Hair

You may notice small round bumps called small-pus filled bumps when an ingrown pubic hair is developed while in some cases, the skin around the ingrown pubic hair may become darker than the rest which is particularly embarrassing. You may possibly experience itching and pain around the area of the ingrown pubic hair.

Who is at risk?

Your risk of developing this condition lays in the time when you shave or wav your hair. Some people may be at higher risk of developing ingrown pubic hair because some people have thick hair that tend to grow fast and develop ingrown hair more frequently as compared to other people with thin hair. This is particularly true for pubic hair which more likely to be thicker than the hair on the rest of your body.

Causes of Ingrown Pubic Hair

Whenever you remove hair from a specific area of your body, it usually grows back. While most hair shafts come through the skin and cause no problem at all but sometimes the hair grow underneath the skin causing itching, redness and swelled bumps on the outer side of skin.

Treating Ingrown Pubic Hair

In most cased ingrown pubic hair does not require treatment because this condition may go away on its own. However, sometimes treatment becomes necessary of you are having a good amount of pain, redness and itching on the skin. Here are some major treatment options for ingrown pubic hair that may be helpful for you.

  1. Use over the Counter Creams

You can consult your doctor to have a prescription of anti inflammatory creams if your ingrown pubic hair is causing significant inflammation and redness.

  1. Remove Dead Skin

Gently exfoliating and washing your skin around the ingrown pubic hair may help hair pop up on the surface of the skin. If it is not working, you may get a prescribed drug from your doctor that can help removing dead skin cells fast. Retinoids, such as Tretinion (Retin A) can help clearing up the dead skin cell quickly. However these medications should be used under the monitoring of certified physician. So always consult a doctor before trying certain drugs for ingrown pubic hair.

  1. Taking Antibiotics

Sometimes red pus-filled bumps on the skin due to ingrown hair may become infected making the condition worse. In this case, you doctor may prescribe an antibiotic ointment to reduce the symptoms. In case of severe infection, you may also take oral antibiotics to get relief.

Prevention Strategies for Ingrown Pubic Hair  

These tips are selected to help you getting rid of ingrown pubic hair;

  1. Do not use razor to shave the area because research suggest that using razor may cause hair to become thicker than before which is the root cause of ingrown pubic hair.
  2. You can either get help from Laser Hair Removal Treatment that aims to remove the hair permanently which prevents the hair to come back and so the ingrown hair. However, despite undergoing several treatments over time, some women complain semi permanent results of laser.

Try to remove ingrown pubic hair by avoiding razor. There are some prescriptions that reduce hair growth in a specific area. You can ask your doctor to write one for you.

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