How to Remove Bags Under Eyes

bags under eyes

Do you have under eye bags? And you are sick of that shadow which destroy your looks, Now you need to know that your skin around eyes becoming thinner and sensitive with time passing, It is impossible to get rid of these bags once they appear under your eyes, and you are becoming  mad to cover bags under eyes. Puffiness is also another common problem like bags under eyes ,  but it is different from bags under eyes, there are some easy ways to remove bags under eyes, which can help you out this problem.

Bags Under Eyes

There are many aspects which can cause bags under eyes, sometimes it is our inner system that is not working properly, and sometimes any of your lifestyle or habit can cause bags under eyes.water retention, less sleep, fatigue, aging, anemia, diet, fat, stress, are the major causes of bags under eyes. I know you are tired of avoiding from people that you do not want to see them your bags under eyes. Don`t worry,I have some work out for you all to get rid of these ugly under eye bags.There are many creams in the name of removing under eye bags, but in fact they are just cosmetics, instead of these you can use natural creams to solve your problem which you can make at home, here are some tips for your comfort.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is a key to give a life to your skin, it can help to stay healthy and safe skin, mix a few drops of vitamin  E oil and cold water, with the help of cotton pads, place it on your eyes for about 20 to 30 minutes, it can reduce your bags under eyes.

Chilled Spoons

This is  easiest home remedy for bags under eyes, just you need a glass of chilled water, take  4 stainless steel spoons and put them in chilled water for some minutes, when spoons become cold, place them over the eyes. It will help you reduce under eye bags and may have an effect on your blood vessels.


To get rid of bags under eyes massage is a very effective way, because round movements of massage can tighten your skin and better your blood circulation around eye skin,  get some sweet almond oil or olive oil, apply on skin and massage gently. Leave it overnight for best results.

Chilled Tea Bags

Take 2 tea bags in hot water for two minutes and then put them in refrigerator for some time, now place the tea bags over the eyes for 20 minutes, wash them after 20 minutes. You can use green tea bags as well to reduce bags under eyes.

Egg White

Take an egg, scramble and separate the white, beat it properly, apply to your eyes with the help of a brush, leave it to dry for at least 20 minutes, rinse off with water. Egg white has the power to tighten the skin and ability to absorb which can help reduce bags under eyes.


Take some chilled strawberries,  cut into slices, place them over eyes for some time. Strawberries have an agent name alpha hydroxy can make skin look glossy and reduce bags under eyes.

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