How to Maintain Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods

A female experience her menstrual cycle to run 28 days, like clockwise. Another name for it is Menses which means monthly. Menses or menstruation is a symptom that your body makes the normal level of hormones which is necessary for a female, every female begin menstruation at the age of 13, and if she find  her periods is not always regular, may be early, may be heavy, it means you have irregular periods.

I suggest you to note these symptoms for irregular periods, can treat it according your cycle.

  • You have been spotting after periods
  • You have very bleeding
  • Your periods longer than 8 days
  • You have to wear pads and tampon both
  • You have bleeding after sex

Causes of Irregular Periods

Many factors can affect on irregular periods, you should contact your doctor. About 40 percent of women have the same problem of irregular periods, sometimes there is nothing dangerous about it, but sometimes irregular periods can be a reason for a serious health problem.

Extreme Exercise : Too much or heavy exercise can change the timing of periods, that’s why many athletes  have irregular periods.

Pills: It is common among those females  who used birth control pills, you can experience less or more periods, or even no periods.

Poly cystic Ovary:  Women with PCO usually have a history of irregular periods, poly cystic ovary causes tiny fluid filled sacks in the ovaries, can cause infertility.

Weight Issues: Sudden  changes in your weight can lead to irregular periods, whether your weight loss or gain, can be threaded to disturb your cycle. Although there are many reasons  for losing or gaining weight, but need you to go or check in.

Abortion: Irregular periods can also lead a female to some gynecological problems like abortion or miscarriage, sometimes it may affect on your ovaries or urethra. It happens when production of the hormone becomes abnormal.

Overactive Thyroid: Thyroid disorder is a common cause of irregular periods, thyroids can effects on your body’s metabolism, when your thyroid is under active or overactive, can often cause irregular periods because thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones or extra hormones.

Do I Need a Treatment?

Treatment depends on the types and causes , because abnormal hormones can change your pattern of periods. But first check out your hormone levels by some blood test.

Hormone Therapy: Irregular periods are due to lack of certain hormones in a female body, commonly birth control pills have the related hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which can help to control irregular periods.

Change Your Habits: Reduce the frequent and excessive workouts, avoid stress, stay control at your weight, extreme changes can also the reason.

Surgery: If you have uterine fibroid’s or some kind of fluid, you are in need of a surgery, though it depends on location and sensitivity, in some rare cases, women need to removal of full organs.

Birth Control: May also have relief from irregular bleeding, but need to understand that this way has a high risk of side effects. These birth control lower the male hormones production as well as correcting irregular bleeding, and does not improve male hormone.

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