Calorie Intake for Children

Most moms find it hard to determine the amount of calories their child needs. Worrying about the right amount of nutrients is not uncommon because every mother wants to see her child grow fast. While the number of calories your child take each day effect his growth, mood and development, determining calorie intake for children is always difficult to understand.

Even though a shocking number of children are obese in most developed countries in the world, particularly U.S, it is observed that 3% of households regularly skip meals and take too low calories. Following dietary and calorie guidelines must attract busy moms running around to make their children eat. You can make changes to your children’s diet by trying different delicious healthy food recipes that attracts your children to eat.

What do you need to know?

You need to encourage your child to take calories from a number of healthy foods such as dairy products, lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy nuts, seeds, legumes and some essential vegetable oils. I know it sounds hard because children like fat burgers instead. Well, you can promote healthy eating by keeping an eye on your child’s eating patterns and determine good number of calorie intake for children.

Dietary Guidelines for Children

Every state has proposed its own dietary guidelines based on the requirements of people. Some of the common dietary guidelines based on normal calorie intake for children are;

Age Not Active Somewhat Active Very Active
2-3 years 1000-1200  1,000-1,400 1,000-1,400(Calories)
4-8 years 1000-1400  1,400-1,600 1,600-2,000(Calories)
9-13 years 1600-2,000  18,00-2,200 2,000-2,600(Calories)
14-18 years 2,000-1,400  2,400-2,800 2,800-3,200(Calories)

Calorie intake for children: (per pound)

                     Age              Calories (per pound)
1-7 years 34-41
7-12 years 27-34
12-16 years 14-27

Individual Calorie Intake for Children

The individualized calorie intake for children depends upon the age, weight, height, and gender and activity level for your children. You can either use an online calorie calculator to estimate require calorie intake for children as per their individual calorie needs.

Growth Chart

You can get help from family doctor as well because the pediatrician of your child will track his development and growth regularly to make sure that your children is growing at a healthy and consistent pace.

Children with significantly reduced growth and development pace may be taking lower calories than their actual needs or having lack of nutrients in their everyday diet. your pediatrician will let you know If your child is weak due to the low calorie intake by analyzing the latest trends on Centers of Disease Control and Prevention growth  charts.

The Solution: A Secret

A very effective solution to determine normal calorie intake for children is to make a required calories chart along with specific dietary options and meals and paste that on your kitchen’s wall. You will see that chart daily to create changes in food choices for your child to make him eat every healthy food you cook for him. Easy? simple? Yes, I have shared my personal secret with you. I hope it will help you too.

Live a Happy Life

It’s a fact that life is harsh sometimes, you may feel lonely, broken and down. All relationships are not perfectly based on positive emotions. Every person has challenges in his/her life to overcome, to create and build something better, something that makes him and people around him happy. People whom you might have loved more than any other thing in life leave you and never look back.  Stress comes up for countless reasons; it could be you exams, your job, managing home and a million more things. Living with stress is hard particularly when it becomes a part of your day to day life.

Stressed? Follow these steps

To me stress is not actually a natural phenomenon, you are or born to feel that every day and after thinking for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that “You can overcome it.” yes, you can beat stress to live a happy life. I am not going to leave you alone here because I have come up with some brilliant ideas to beat the stress to live a happy life.

Here are simple yet brilliant ideas to live a happy life, in fact secrets to live happy a life.

Control Situation: Take control of yourself when things go wrong. Yes it’s hard but not impossible. Instead of feeling feeble, control the situation and open your mind to let alternative solutions to the issue come. This is the secret to live a happy life. I mostly read Deepak Chopra, author of many exceptional books who has written much about secrets to live a happy life. here is a link to his site.

Breathe Deep: Instead of beating your heart dead, breathe slow and deep. Research shows that there is a direct link between stress and breathing, yoga is perfect choice while you are stressed.

Get a Pencil and Notepad:  you feel lonely and your mind is flooded with thoughts, just put everything on paper because analysis becomes paralysis for you. Yes, it can paralyze you mentally and bet it, it will not allow you to live a happy life.

Do Some Stretches: As I have suggested above, physical activity is one of the best way to beat stress. Get some fresh air, go out and do some stretches. You will instantly feel fresh and active. Research has indicated that exercise relieve the symptom of stress as it distracts you and interrupts negative thinking patterns while we are stresses. You can either choose yoga for this purpose. Yoga is a proven stress buster. Some yoga poses are specifically created to relieve stress and depression.

Count 10: A very simple yet childish strategy is to count 1 to 10. The key? It will help you calm down a little bit. It is better to do a childish thing than to speak something that you might regret after.

Stop Pleasing People: One of the most regretful you do in your life is “pleasing people.” it is my personal experience that pleasing people is no. 1 way to buy stress because do you know what? You can’t please people all the people. if you are doing that at the moment, you are fighting a losing war right there. Just learn to say “No” more often. If you feel worried that people will leave you and they will not like you anymore, think again. Because what my experience says, people like you more if you are honest with them. So instead of over-committing yourself, cancel things at the last minute. If you want to live a happy life? try this out.

Eat Well: Sometimes your diet may become a cause of your aggravating stress levels. Just make sure you are getting enough healthy food in your diet such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Cut back on carbs, sugar and caffeine such as coffee and tea (I know it sounds death) but it will help your brain to function and eventually you will beat stress to live a happy life. .

Herbal Tea for Sore Throat

Herbal tea for sore throat and other conditions has an old history from the time of human being learnt to use herbs. History of herbal tea can be traced back to the time of ancient Egyptian people. Herbal tea for sore throat is simply the mixture of different leaves, seeds or dried fruits and boiled water.

Herbs in herbal tea were used to cure diseases as well. Herbal tea is different from the coffee and caffeine and it is not similar to other specific kind of tea taken from a plant. Herbal tea for sore throat not only heals sore throat but it also has lots of health benefits and is soothing and healing powers for different health problems as well. Herbal tea also plays a role of antioxidant.

There is a variety of herbs used in variety of herbal tea which includes peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass, cha cha, mate sampler, berry blues, sour apple, garden sampler etc. Most commonly used herbal tea is ginger tea, chamomile tea, Rooibos tea, lemon balm tea and green tea. Different type of herbal tea has different type of affect on health and it can also help preventing different types of health problem.

There are several types of herbal tea which can be used as medication for sore throat. Having a herbal tea for sore throat at hand as a remedy is a great idea. Here is a list of Herbal teas which can be taken to ease your sore throat;

List Of Herbal Teas for Sore Throat

  • Chamomile tea: You can start sipping a cup of chamomile tea as soon as you feel you can have sore throat, as it will help you soothing your throat before the problem will be worsened.
  • Ginger tea: Add two inch piece of fresh ginger in boiling water and simmered for twenty minutes.
  • Green tea: Green tea naturally fights against infections. Sipping or gargling with green tea will ease your throat.
  • Honey and lemon tea: Mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice in boiling water and drink it.
  • Thyme: Add five fresh or dried leaves in a cup of water, below boiling keep it for five minutes, remove leaves and then drink it. It may also be used as gargle.
  • Slippery elm bark: Add one or two tablespoons of slippery elm bark in boiling water and take two or three times a day. It will ease soreness and cough.
  • Honey and apple cider vinegar: Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with two tablespoons of honey and take it every four hours to relief pain.
  • Licorice: Licorice can be used as anti inflammatory as it is loaded with flavonoids. You can make tea of licorice or you can chew its root both will have greater impact. It will relieve you from pain. People having high blood pressure or the women who are pregnant should not take licorice tea.
Best Weight Loss Programs

Are you obese and want to adopt a diet or exercise as a part of weight loss program? Have you tried to make a plan for you or tried to choose a right one that will work for you? There are plenty of plans and programs that aim at losing weight through diet, exercise, yoga and some of them are even based on therapies. We can find these weight loss programs through the internet, magazines or print media.

Confused? Get some Help

We all know that choosing a right one is quite confusing, needs a lot of thinking and one important factor that need to be kept in mind are keeping an eye on your own unique physical features so that you can choose a right plan for you. One of the most important and noteworthy things in this process is to consult your doctor or physician about your weight.

There are considerable chances that your doctor will ask you to change your eating, sleeping and other lifestyle habits and you will achieve your goal of weight loss. But, if lifestyle changes would not work on your weight, now this will be the time when you will have to think about choosing a weight loss program for you.

What you should do before starting weight loss program

Choosing a weight loss program is time consuming too but you have to keep in view certain factors and ask yourself some questions before choosing a weight loss program for you. You need to check if the weight loss program you are thinking to adopt in order to lose weight is effective enough to make changes in your eating habits and develop habits that are healthy.

You need to check that the weight loss program is based on cutting out the amount of food that you take daily or based on planning meals. Furthermore, you have to check if the weight loss program requires you to make changes in food you take and require you to add supplements to your daily routine.

Finally, you should check if the weight loss program meets your own requirements such as making changes at the time of illness or your work hours and what kind of exercises or physical activities are added in it. If all of these queries are satisfied by certain kind of weight loss program, you can adopt to lose weight.

Choosing the right weight loss program

Different types of weight loss programs work differently and it is all up to you which one of them you are choosing. Here are some of the weight loss programs that are commonly followed by people in order to achieve their weight loss goals. You can choose one of these programs or consult your doctor for more guidance.

The best weight loss program

7 days meal plans are one of the most widely used and effective weight loss programs. To plan meals you take in a day, it is advised that you should consult a nutritionist or doctor to help you doing it or you can research on the internet and magazines where you will definitely find the effective meal plans.

7 days meal plan adds vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products and wheat in a specified amount, in order to meet the needs of body and help you lose weight. 7 days meal weight loss program can be developed and found everywhere according to your requirements. Dependent on your aims of weight loss, you can adopt an extreme one or the right one to burn calories in the same number of days with the help of this diet plan.

In addition, you can also find real plan for beginners and the overweight and obese people. one example of days meal plans is here. If you haven’t read this, please do.

How to Lose weight in 10 days with Master cleanse Diet

Simple and effortless Weight loss program

Another weight loss program that is generally being adopted by people is simple and effortless which is based on taking healthier foods, exercising, running or practicing yoga and being stuck to your healthy lifestyle.

In this plan, you are required to take proteins in breakfast and require you not to skip any meal especially breakfast. Breakfast is one of essential meals that are extremely helpful in losing weight as it helps in keeping you full and preventing your body from getting tired all day.

Another important characteristic of this program is to keep exercising, running or walking and keeping your body busy in physical activities all the day. You can start it by walking and then moving forward to practice different exercises in a day. An extra tip in a weight loss program is to be patient in your journey to lose weight.

Three Days weight loss program

Finally, this weight loss program is based on three steps that are cutting sugar and fats from your diet, eating fresh fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins and lifting weights for three to five days a week. Cutting down sugar from your diet will affect significantly in losing weight at lower levels of sugar in the body helps the body to burn fat that has been stored.

Adding vegetables, fruits and proteins in your daily meals help in lowering carbs down and boost your metabolism so that your body will easily prepare itself to burn fats and prevent you from taking extra snacks for your cravings.

Exercise or yoga is not part of this weight loss program rather it requires you to lift weights and stretch your body for three to five days in a week as lifting weights is useful in burning fats and keep your metabolism levels high. An example of such diet plan is below.

Three Day Military Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Things to remember

Chose one weight loss program and start changing your life right now, Whatever your choice of weight loss program is, and however it works; slowly or quickly, you should keep your health and fitness in your mind and work accordingly.

Remember weight loss program alone will definitely help you in losing weight quickly but it will be useless in the long run. Keep yourself active, run for a while or practice exercise or yoga and most important of all; Do not skip your meals for weight loss purpose.

Benefits of Lemon for Weight loss

There are plenty of ways, tips and tablets which promise you to help you out in weight loss. There are some surgery techniques as well. Even these surgery techniques are not as efficient as they seem to be because it is seen in many cases that people re-gained their weight. This is because the society has become more impatient and they want to lose weight immediately but still weight loss takes time. Lemon juice is one of the natural remedies that contribute greatly to weight loss. Benefits of lemon for weight loss cannot be overlooked as it has become one of the best home remedy to lose weight within a short period of time.

How it works

It is very helpful as weight loss assistance as it is of acidic character. Acid is supportive of the digestive system and it also increases the tempo of your metabolism because lemon contains vitamin C in abundance, which promotes the weight loss process. The exceptionally deposited fats and carbohydrates in a body are made dull by the Vitamin C and it does not allow them to mount up in the body and by increasing the metabolism rate it also affects the digestive system. The foods are digested speedily and stored mass is utilized, which leads to the loss of extra body fat you have gained.

What you need to do

 Add lemon and lemon juice to your diet and soon it will become your daily habit which will result in, not only losing weight but also help you not to gain weight again. In addition to it, you can avoid other techniques of losing weight which are not effective. One must have to stick to your exercise and diet plan consisted of more fruits and vegetables.  Taking lemon juice for weight loss daily in the morning or twice a day, after lunch and dinner will go in a long way. Drinking lemon juice before a workout will result in boosting your metabolism, burning your body fat. It is also evident that people do not feel workouts tiring, if they are taking lemon juice before workout. It is expected technique for weight loss and it has no unfavorable effect on healthiness.

Lemon has got a superb inspiring power but it also has an amazing influence as it helps fat people in a way to lose weight. Drinking lemon juice for weight loss has a great impact in the process of losing excessive fat around abdomen. Taking lemon juice for weight loss only will result in losing weight about 10 pounds in 3 months, but someone who wants to lose more weight one must have to take the help of the diet plan and some physical activity.  You need to take the lemon juice for weight loss consistently for a long period to get the best results. Most of the time lemon juice is used as a supplementary form in a weight loss process along with any other important method to lose weight. Adding lemon juice to your diet, you have to incorporate healthy eating and exercise to your lifestyle in order to lose weight.  Drinking lemon juice for weight loss will keep your body healthy and strong by removing chemicals from your body and work as a component for liver detox. See also Liver Detoxification

Olive oil is a fat which is gained from a fruit name olive. It is most harvested in Mediterranean region. Olive oil contains about its 75% fat in the form of oleic acid. Olive oil has been shown massively extensive benefits over other fats. Olive oil used highly all over the world in place of other fats. It has been called “liquid gold’’. Virgin olive oil, Fino olive oil, light olive oil, extra virgin olive are the types of olive oil. You can use olive oil everyday in your diet, on your skin and hair to get maximum benefits of this magic fruit.

Here are top 5 reasons to use olive oil everyday

  1. In Mediterranean countries heart diseases level is very low because olive oil is a dietary essential for them. Olive oil has good fat which keeps your heart healthy. An extensive Study focusing on health benefits of olive oil was carried out at Parc de Recerca Biomedica de Barcelona, Spain, by Maria-Isabel Covas. The study found that people who use olive oil everyday are saved from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, and high blood cholesterol. See more details.
  2. Olive oil may reduce the risk of cancer particularly breast cancer, it may reduce the activity of cancer cells in breast tumors. Another study at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain found out a major “mechanism by which virgin oil protects our body against breast cancer”. The researchers found out that olive oil significantly reduces the activity of an oncogene, p21Ras.  Therefore health practitioners advise patients to use olive everyday in their diet.
  3. Olive oil helps maintain cholesterol levels in blood, particularly HDL. Olive oil protects the liver and help detoxification. Therefore, it is advised to use olive oil everyday in your diet.
  4. Weight loss is a secret weapon of olive oil; it may deliver longer lasting effects on body fat and weight loss than a low fat diet. People on diet use olive oil everyday in their salads and special diet foods to avoid weight issues.
  5. Using olive oil to care your body or scalp is more effective. You can use it as a lip balm or as a lotion on your face for complexion and skin care. Ancient women used olive oil for strengthening their hair and bodies. Olive oil is the best massager in the world. People from all over the world use it to massage on body and muscles, joints and even in hair. Olive oil is a well known conditioner.Olive oil gently cleanses and moisturizes skin. today a wild variety of soaps and shampoo`s made from its extracts. You can use it as a sun tanner. It is used to firm and tone the skin; women use it to firm breast since ancient times.

So after learning about all above mentioned benefits of olive oil, I would suggest you go to your nearby store and purchase a bottle of extra virgin oil and use olive oil everyday or make it a part of your routine.

Health Benefits of Ginger

There are countless health benefits of Ginger with its anti inflammatory and healing properties. You can either use it in tea or cooking several dishes. Some people use it in their diet salads to aid to digestion of raw veggies.

Ginger is a thick underground stem, called rhizomes, with white and yellowish green flowers. Ginger has been used as a spice and herbs in medicines also. It has a long history of use around the globe for thousand years.

Ginger is mostly found in Asia, where it has been used as a spice for centuries. 200 years ago, due to health benefits if ginger, it has been used to help digestion and stomach issues. Latest researchers conclude that ginger helps to prevent nausea related to pregnancy and cancer chemotherapy.

Studies on health benefits of ginger suggest that a gram of ginger daily can reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant women for a short period. Some studies suggest that ginger may lower cholesterol level in the blood and prevent clotting. That can help prevent heart disease, a condition, when blood vessels become blocked. Ginger may improve blood sugar among those people who have type 2 Diabetes.

Modern scientific research has exposed health benefits of ginger with its antioxidant properties and ability to reduce or eliminate incidence of inflammation. The compounds in ginger are called gingerols that are full of anti inflammatory and healing properties. People with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid experience reduction in their pain level by adding ginger into their daily meals. In arthritis related problems regular use of ginger in your meals can help improving your mobility. Not only that, but swelling in knees can experience lessen. More information here

Ginger as a magic herb for reducing inflammation?

In Asia ginger is used in daily life. Many people use ginger tea for battling cold and flu. Fresh ginger before meals can fire up the digestive juices, it improves the digestive system. One of the oldest uses of ginger is a pain relief; it appears to be very affective in menstrual pain in women. However ginger is not good for children under 2 years. Ginger can significantly reduce fat accumulation in belly and waist area and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome which is the main reason of many diseases and inflammatory conditions. One of the main health benefits of ginger is its anti cancer properties. A study conducted on human ovarian cancer cells discovered that when they gave 5 mg daily doses of ginger to the participants, it was observed that it not only prevented but also greatly reduce inflammation which is the most important property of antioxidants. A noteworthy benefit of ginger extract caused cell death in ovarian cancer studies. The presence of ginger key indicators of inflammation was decreased in ovarian cells. See this also.

One of the most interesting health benefits of ginger is it decreases the chances of obesity, promotes a fair and healthy complexion and hair while lowers the overall weight and increases energy, some studies suggest.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes certainly has a pronounced and devastating impact on family, friends and community. There are different factors relevant to diabetes that can cause depression and anxiety. On the individual basis, diagnosis of diabetes may cause some levels of grief and anxiety. For the family, long term health problem of the diabetic member of the family may trigger apprehension.  People with diabetes sometimes experience hypoglycemia which is a horrible experience for those with diabetes and the other family member who feel distress and disconcert. While a person diagnosed with diabetes may have less community relationships due to complications.

Type 2 Diabetes

As a chronic condition, type 2 diabetes affects the metabolizing of glucose (sugar) which is an imperative source of fuel.

Signs and symptoms:

The signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes appear slowly over time. However, some of the major symptoms to look for are;

  • Frequent urination and increased thirst due to excessive sugar build up in the bloodstream which pulls the fluid from the tissue.
  • Increased hunger caused by deletion of energy in organs and muscles due to no or little sugar into cells.
  • Fatigue; in response to deprivation of sugar to the cells.
  • Blurred vision due to pulled lenses of the eyes that is caused by too high sugar in the blood
  • Frequent infections and slow healing due to slow resistant to infections
  • Darkened skin due to insulin resistance.

Prevention, treatment and care

There are some healthy lifestyle choices that may help preventing type 2 diabetes. Diet and exercise are key tools for prevention. If a person has already had diabetes he/she can make some simple lifestyle changes can stop the progression of this disease. One should choose low fat foods with high fiber for example, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Losing extra weight and getting physically active can improve overall well being. Type 2 diabetes can be managed by eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting insulin therapy and monitoring blood sugar. Possible treatment and drugs recommended to those with type 2 diabetes are;

  • Metformin: It improves the blood tissue sensitivity to insulin therefore the body uses insulin more effectively.
  • Sulfonylureas: Using these medications helps secreting more insulin. This group of medication is comprised of glyburide, glipizide, and glimepiride.
  • Meglitinides: These drugs also encourage the body to produce more insulin. They act faster and do not remain in the bloodstream for a longer time.
  • Thiazolidinediones: It makes body tissues sensitive to insulin.
  • DPP-4 inhibitors: It helps reduce blood sugar levels however it has a lower effect.

Our survival is dependent on the level of water our body has. Every tissue, cell and organ in our body requires water to perform everyday activities. For instances, in order to maintain its temperature, our body uses water which further lubricate our joints and remove waste from our body. In short, good health is almost entirely dependent on water consumption.

Our body loses water during different physical activities and even when we breathe. Hot weather, fever, vomiting and diarrhea also cause fastest loss of water on our body. If we don’t manage to replace the water we lose, we become dehydrated.  There are some specific symptoms that will tell you that you are dehydrated;

  • No or little urine with darker color
  • Fatigue of sleepiness
  • Fry mouth
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness

Stay Hydrated

Here are 5 reasons to stay hydrated

It increases brainpower

If you find yourself reacting a bit gentle to your buddy’s joke, you should consider drinking water. A study published in the Journal Frontier’s in Human Neuroscience concluded that drinking water can help you act and think when you feel thirsty. It was identified that participants in the study performed a number of cognitive jobs efficiently after drinking water as compared to those who did not.

Balancing the fluids in body

It is well known that more than half of our body is comprised of water which contributes to crucial functions and tasks such as protecting and cushioning vital organs especially liver, maintain temperature of body and helping in the digestion.  You lose more water on hot days while sweating. And not drinking enough water can hinder the essential functionality of your body that can further lead to dehydration and if it is not treated well it can lead to develop heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

helps in gut health and appetite control

If you think you are hungry, think twice because according to Lisa Cimperman, a University Hospitals Case Medical Center dietitian, “our thirst mechanism isn’t that good, essentially, when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty.” It means sometimes when you feel like hungry, drink a glass of water in the first place. It will surely help a lot of times. It is also well established that drinking a lots of water instead of high caloric food can reduce a great amount of calorie intake. An adequate amount of water intake burns calories. You need to stay hydrated in order to avoid constipation.

Staying hydrated Improves mood

Research suggests that increasing daily intake of water can reduce the intensity and duration of headaches. It is because when our body is low on water, blood vessels swell up and cause headaches.

Staying hydrated may lowers the incident of heart attacks

Keeping our heart healthy is equal to long and healthy life. According to a study conducted in American Journal of Epidemiology, the risk of coronary heart disease can be decreases significantly by drinking more water.

Benefits of Chia seeds

Chia seed is so family of mint is a flowering plant. It belongs to southern Mexico. Chia means strength and energy, another type of chia known as golden chia. Chia is an herb with purple or white flowers. Chia seed is commonly grown in Mexico and south United States. Chia is packed with omega-3 and some soluble fibers, and an energy booster, plus it has potassium and antioxidants. Chia seeds are on the top of healthy foods on the planet.

Chia seeds as antioxidants protect beneficial fats. They also have some other health benefits. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, fiber does not rise blood sugar, does not require insulin to dispose, so is a low carb food. Because of fiber, it can absorb up quickly, becoming like a gel in your stomach. They are also fed the friendly bacteria in the stomach, and one of the best fibers in the world. They also have a good amount of protein and good balance of amino acids, protein is a friendly nutrient for the weight loss. A high protein food reduces appetite and an excellent for those people who eat less. Chia seeds are a good combination of food and diet for a weight loss plan.

Chia Seeds in Yogurt Chia seeds are very high in omega-3. Studies have shown that chia seeds can increase blood levels of ALA and EPA which are hard to convert into DHA which is the most effective fatty acid. But Chia can lower blood pressure and cholesterol in blood. Recent studies have shown that they can regulate the immune system and decreasing the inflammation related conditions. Because of rich in high fiber they can lower the risk of diabetes and maintain sugar level in blood. Chia is high in fiber so they prevent constipation and make a regular healthy digestive system. In this way daily excretion can improve detoxification automatically. You can eat them raw or use them in your yogurt, smoothies, and cereals.

Here are five health benefits of Chia Seeds

  1. Chia Seeds provide a huge amount of nutrients as they are considered as a modern times super food proven by recent research.
  2. Chia Seeds work as antioxidants.
  3. All carbs in Chia Seeds are fiber because they become gel-like when they are soaked in water and absorb a good amount of water.
  4. Chia seeds are protein rich even higher than most of the plant foods. When it comes to lose weight, protein has been proved to be the most weigh loss effective macronutrient and can significantly decreases cravings and appetite.
  5. High in Omega-3 fatty acid, Chia seeds make us able to improve our metabolic health, lowers triglycerides, raise the level of HDL, reduce inflammation and cholesterol, as well as belly fat and insulin resistance.

Chia seeds can be very beneficial for older people as they are high in many important nutrients best of bone health including phosphorus, protein, magnesium and calcium.