Acidity is a condition in which our stomach lining produce excess quantity of acids, in normal condition our stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for our stomach for digestion of food we eat, people who have acidity, feel a burning sensation especially they eat something. A person with acidity may also experience dyspepsia, heartburn, ulcers, and stomach inflammation.  There are some factors which play a key role in acidity like lifestyle, lack of exercise, excess of junk food, smoking and alcohol, but those people are top of the list in ranking who have bad eating habits and use oily and spicy food. Take a short look on the causes of Acidity;

Causes of Acidity


some medicines play a role in acidity to increase, like non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs can affect your stomach badly, avoid too much use of aspirin and ibuprofen. They can create stomach ulcer. Medicines which have nitrates can also worsen the problem, including drugs of asthma, antidepressants, and sedatives.


if you have some extra pounds on you, you are more likely to have Acidity, when you are overweight, there is a pressure on your stomach which is a reason of acidity, especially when you have larger meals.

Dietary issues

many people report Acidity, when use some certain foods like tea, coffee, and alcohol. Excessive use of chocolate is also known for the condition. Some juices with acidic properties like orange juice, grapefruits, tomatoes are also well known, foods that are low in fiber and containing oil and spices, so avoid to fried food as much as you can.


we all know stress  is a mental related condition, but when our body can`t fight with stress, some hormones  increased from its normal level, it causes some side effects on our stomach, and plus medicines of stress  also cause of ACIDITY.

Lack of movement

people who have some bad habits like eating large meals and or lying down immediately after the food intake, persons who have a tough schedule of sitting all the time during office are suffering more. Those people who don`t take exercise daily or short walk,  are at a great I want to discuss some simple and natural home remedies for Acidity.

Home remedies for Acidity


is a well known thing for digestion and stomach gases, has been used for many decades for the purpose, can use for children as well. You can use it just as a chewing gum or make a tea with it by boiling it. Just drink it few times. You can use honey to add some taste.

Cold milk

It`s my favorite to treat Acidity, cold milk can solve the problem of burning sensation, if you are pregnant it is best for you. Milk can help to control excessive stomach acid. You can drink it by sipping or just drink a full glass.

Ginger tea

ginger has anti inflammatory properties, can help to soothe acidity. If you can`t chew it, make a tea with ginger slices by adding the boiling water, if you want to add two drops of lemon juice.


is used from ancient times because of its natural antacid properties, it can help to dispose stomach gases. You can use it as a tea or use its powder in your meals, soups and salads. Just you want some sticks of cinnamon, drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, add some honey for taste, it is also an aromatic tea with benefits. This is one of the best home remedies for acidity.

Chewing gum

it is shown in many studies that acidity can decrease with increasing salivation, chewing gum is the best remedy for the prevention of excessive stomach acids. Because the chewing gum has the power to stay control on acids back out. If you are acidic with sugar, use sugar free chewing gum.


are a rich source of potassium, can help to control acid level, banana is among those fruits which may protect your stomach from harmful side effects of acids, also high in fiber to speed up one`s digestion, and save you from the discomfort of stomach acids. Can also soothes the stomach wall.


mint  is a famous ingredient to slow down the acid production, with a cooling ability and burning sensation of acidity,you can use it as a tea or add it in salads or soups. Asian people make chutneys with mint.

get rid of feminine odor

Get Rid of Feminine Odor

You must feel  embarrassing, and choose not to go to a party if you have strong body odor. No one never ever likes to have such a fishy body odor,  the most common problem among women, an unpleasant feminine odor that comes from your vagina and under arms. Women who want to get rid of feminine odor, know how bad it can be. Some types of odor are normal, but some women have different  experiences of bad fishy smell,We can`t take showers all day. The offenders are the bacteria that live in our armpits and vagina, to feed on our sweat, called bromhidrosis. If you want to get rid of feminine odor and feel more confident, find out some tips below;

5 Tips for Underarm Odor

Tea Tree Oil

It has anti-bacterial qualities to stay behind the harmful bacteria, and an effective home remedy for feminine odor, just you need is some drops of oil and mix it with some water,after mixing it well fill in a spray bottle, use it daily as a deodorant, you can use it direct, with a cotton apply it on your skin.


With acidic qualities, lemon can clean all bacteria’s that cause smell odor. A Slice of a lemon or juice of a lemon can solve the problem quickly, or you can mix the lemon juice with some water, fill a spray bottle, use it as an underarm spray.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most well known for feminine odor, can fight against bacterial growth. Pour some vinegar in a pot, dip a cotton ball in it and clean your underarms by rubbing it gently. Or you can make a spray by adding some water in it or fill a bottle.

Talcum Powder

The fragrance of powder helps to prevent underarm odor for hours, you can have many of them in the market with different fragrances. Just apply some powder under your armpits after a bath, it can help you to stay odor free.

Scented Creams

Available at any cosmetics store, these creams can moisturize the underarm skin, Leave a beautiful fragrance, and absorbed in your skin for many hours,  one of the best way to get rid of feminine odor since the scent of cream last long.

5 Tips for Vaginal Odor

A common issue that almost every woman has to face with, keep an eye on the tips below to get rid of feminine odor.


Alum is a natural facial ingredient from ancient times, people were using it to treat cuts and cleaning skin purpose because of its antiseptic properties, it can be a guard to limiting the growth of bacteria. You just need Alum powder, mix with water, use the solution to apply on vagina`s surface, or wash your vagina and around area with it.

Baking soda

Women who have the odor problem, need to balance the PH levels in the body. For that purpose baking soda is the best thing. Use a half cup of baking soda and dissolve it into your bathtub or basin.sit in it or soak your lower body for at least 10 will cut off the odor quickly.

Indian Lilac

Also called Neem leaves, is an antiviral and anti fungal qualities. The most common remedy for feminine odor, just you need to boil some Neem leaves,   let it allow to cool, rinse the affected area and surrounding with the solution 2 or 3 times in a week. You can see the result.

Lavender Oil

One of the most famous remedy for feminine odor,  have an additional quality of sweet aroma with its anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties, can attack all bacteria, prevent from growing as well. Take one tablespoon of oil, mix it with some water and use as a vaginal wash daily or repeatedly.

Epsom Salt

Is an anti-bacterial element, can be used for all types of odor or bacterial problems. Is also an astringent. Add a tablespoon of Epsom into your bathtub, filled with lukewarm water,sit in it for 15 minutes. You can do this procedure twice or thrice a week.

If you can’t have any effect with  home remedies, there you need to go to your doctor and take some medicines.

brown spotting after periods

Every female has a menstrual cycle and each of us have different cycle, a regular cycle lasts between 28 to 32 days with an interval of 3 to 8 days of bleeding. Some women experience heavy bleeding while some have low, mostly have 3 to 5 days of bleeding, but some number of women experience the length about 8 days. A common problem among females that needs to be address is brown spotting after periods, it can appear  with different signs and symptoms and have many causes. Generally brown spotting means that some old blood has remained in your vaginal secretions, if it becomes more heavy you want to go for a treatment, but most gynecologists agree about its normality. Brown spotting after periods, sometimes alarm of hormonal disorders and fibroids, infections, but mostly it is the cleaning way of female body function. Usually brown  spotting after periods are normal, but if it occurs with a bad smell, you need to discuss with your doctor. The reasons for the problem are different in every woman, but a perfectly healthy woman can experience spotting whether it is before or after menstrual cycle. Brown spotting after periods is not always the dangerous sign of some disease or an infectious condition but it is suitable for you to know all possibilities and warning signs.

Brown Spotting After Periods

Common Causes

Hormonal Imbalance

The most common cause for brown spotting, sometimes birth control pills is reason for breakthrough discharge, when you miss your hormonal pills. Girls who just start menstruation can experience brown spotting till adjust their hormones.both situations can disturb the normal female functions.


Some infections like URETHRITIS, CHLAMYDIA, VULVOVAGNITIS, ANDOMETRIOSIS, BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS, is a major cause for brown spotting after periods, but mostly in women 30 plus of age, infections have a strong foul odor, try to remain hygienic and  have not had sex with multiple partners. With any type of infection, you can result pain, inflammation and foul odor, then it is necessary to consult your gynecologist,she will prescribe some antibiotics according to your symptoms.

Old Blood

Mostly brown spotting after periods indicate some remaining old blood or remaining uterine tissue, spare endometrial tissue, which did not leave during your period can be out in the form of brown spotting, we can say it’s a normal cleansing act of the female part of the body, or a delayed period.


Its an infection, transmitted by sexual relations, it need warm, moist areas of our body to spread, including the vagina, anus, or urethra, which are totally female parts but in some rare cases it can be found eye or throat. It passes from one to one through sex,especially unprotected sex. Whether its symptoms remain silent, the best protection is proper sex safety and self discipline.


The cells from inside of the uterus, but located  and growing outside, the cells, paste themselves to outer uterus, mostly found in the ovaries and the lining of the pelvis. If the cells reach to vagina, can be cause brown spotting after period. But it happen less commonly.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID is an infection of Fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and the urethra, all women’s organs of reproduction, is a common condition, caused by a bacteria, with time move to spread around into pelvic organs. It becomes life threatening  if spreads to your blood. PID can cause mild or moderate pain with brown spotting after periods, see your doctor, may be able to diagnose some tests.


Women who experience spotting repeatedly, need to consult your doctor, so she can suggest you treatment after listening your symptoms, if you are taking birth control pills, also need to visit a gynecologist , whether if it is happens after pills or something else, or you need another oral contraception. All types of infection can be determined after your abdominal scans or some blood examination, especially if you have pain and fever with brown spotting.  Always keep an eye on your menstrual routine or prolonged spotting  or any type of discharge, so treatment can start early conditions, its always beneficial for you.

benefits of alkaline water

Living a healthy life is not a dream now, health challenges are not a mystery these days, when we can reach the level of best of healthy living by some struggle. We can do some simple steps to manage a good healthy living by exercise, eat well, avoid junk, but there is something very amazing and necessary in nature which holds our lives, without it we can`t live on earth. Yes, you are alright, it is water. But what if you have some different water, more healthy, more hydrate? Its called alkaline water,which can improve all health aspects by flushing our body. Benefits of alkaline water are wonderful, can be achieved after some processes. You can have in 2 forms; natural source or artificial source, both have benefits of alkaline water, some places like volcanic regions have natural alkaline water , but you can also buy bottles which are made by some process on machines. When the benefits of alkaline water are booming, some scientist say our body, do not need any fancy water, the human body does that with its own system.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Any water with 7.0 PH level is called alkaline water, so simple yet important, can be had by adding baking soda and lemon juice in your simple water at home or go for a processed water or ionized water, available in bottles everywhere. This process is called electrolysis. Do you want to read more about the benefits of alkaline water, here is all you need to know about amazing water with extra superb qualities that can prove healthy body without any toxic. Keep on


Now here is a good news for the ladies on dieting, as more alkaline water as more pounds will cut off, to give a quick result to reduce weight and maximize the chances to lose fat, need no hard struggle, just drink about 6 glasses of alkaline water daily. It has been seen in most diet charts to obsess persons. Make sure to drink alkaline water regularly to speed up your struggle for reduce extra pounds,  which you have here and there on your body.  Some supporters say it may be having an extra effect on the detoxification.


A research in Japan claims that alkaline water has some really good effects on your digestive problems, people with some mild symptoms, experienced relief in a few weeks.  but remember alkaline water is not a medicine for stomach, in any severe digestive problems contact with your doctor, however about 60 to 70 percent people feel relief from their problems after starting to alkaline water in their daily diet.


Do you know alkaline water is also an antioxidant, with quick absorption properties, also help with responding the free radicals in early aging. Because it can deliver a healthy amount of electrons to neutralize the free radicals, can increase your kidney`s ability to discharge all types of toxins,  a good suggestion is to mix it with some vitamin C, it can double the effect.


There is no other thing satisfied, you at the time of thirst, alkaline water treated the clusters into microclusters, after it water become more absorbed and hydrating our body. When our body is well hydrated, sickness and diseases will weak enough to attack us. Hydration also promotes glowing and healthy skin with the additional ability of removal acids.


For an overall healthier you, every step you make has an effect on your health, as mentioned alkaline water is also a nutrient, can help to deliver nutrients to your body that’s why your body cells will become more competent against diseases and disorders. It can help oxygenized body cells to build up a healthy immune system, can destroy molecules as well.


Looks amazing, it can also add a smooth flavor to your coffee, tea, juices and cooking, add it to your beverages  for their tangy or acidic taste. When cooking some vegetables or meat, add in alkalize water, because  alkaline water can absorb quickly into your food and can protect the texture and taste, food cooks quicker then ever.  All these benefits of alkaline water are good enough to make you think about including it in your daily life.

External Jugular Vein

External Jugular Vein

External jugular, a late Latin word which means ,  relating or near the neck or throat.The External jugular vein that passes down the sides of the neck, posturing to the subclavian vein  external collecting blood from within the skull. It can drain blood from the face and neck and transfer it towards the heart. There are three jugular veins human body has, external, internal and anterior, these are on duty for the drainage of the blood around the head and neck. The tributaries of external jugular veins are responsible for the supply of blood in external face, it is made up with two other veins, posterior vein and Retro mandibular vein.these two veins associate to the Mandible in a posterior position and lower to the forming jugular vein to our outer ear.

After formation, the jugular vein slops down the neck within the fascia, which runs to a muscle named Sternocleidomastoid. The jugular external vein receives the tributary veins when its on the track  around the neck, these tributaries is posterior jugular, transverse cervical and supra scapular veins. In case of any accident, an injury, a sharp slash, jugular vein’s Lumen is become open and air will be drained into the vein, as a result it can stop blood circulation through the right atrium.

Internal Jugular Vein

The internal jugular vein lies down and carries blood from the skull and neck, however internal jugular veins are much larger than the external jugular case of heart failure, we can see the jugular veins, jugular veins provide latest update of the central venous pressure, whether the heart is failing or it will be kept up with some efforts. Any injury to the vein can lead to some life threatening  results if we are late or doctors do not repair it with a surgery. Because it is not too far from the upper skin so beware of any minor slashes like glass or a knife. If the external jugular stops its functioning , our head will be filled with blood and cause serious edema of the face or neck.

External jugular vein is also called superficial veins, are also signal for a surgeon to avoid any error which can cause extra bleeding  when he is doing head and neck surgery. It is also used in prehospital diagnoses when doctor unable to find another vein for venous access need,  commonly in cardiac problems.

There are 2 other valves located at the entrance of the external jugular vein, do not stop the backward flow of blood , this area between the valves called Sinus. This is surprising that some people have double external jugular veins, if you want to study it, placing the patient, hold the head opposite side and spread the light with a torch. Because we are not studying about vessels that involves the heart blood pumping and not visible in the neck. External jugular vein provides a good quantity of venous pressure.

The external jugular vein can also play a role in earlier emergency operations, and for fluid therapy.

Irregular Periods

A female experience her menstrual cycle to run 28 days, like clockwise. Another name for it is Menses which means monthly. Menses or menstruation is a symptom that your body makes the normal level of hormones which is necessary for a female, every female begin menstruation at the age of 13, and if she find  her periods is not always regular, may be early, may be heavy, it means you have irregular periods.

I suggest you to note these symptoms for irregular periods, can treat it according your cycle.

  • You have been spotting after periods
  • You have very bleeding
  • Your periods longer than 8 days
  • You have to wear pads and tampon both
  • You have bleeding after sex

Causes of Irregular Periods

Many factors can affect on irregular periods, you should contact your doctor. About 40 percent of women have the same problem of irregular periods, sometimes there is nothing dangerous about it, but sometimes irregular periods can be a reason for a serious health problem.

Extreme Exercise : Too much or heavy exercise can change the timing of periods, that’s why many athletes  have irregular periods.

Pills: It is common among those females  who used birth control pills, you can experience less or more periods, or even no periods.

Poly cystic Ovary:  Women with PCO usually have a history of irregular periods, poly cystic ovary causes tiny fluid filled sacks in the ovaries, can cause infertility.

Weight Issues: Sudden  changes in your weight can lead to irregular periods, whether your weight loss or gain, can be threaded to disturb your cycle. Although there are many reasons  for losing or gaining weight, but need you to go or check in.

Abortion: Irregular periods can also lead a female to some gynecological problems like abortion or miscarriage, sometimes it may affect on your ovaries or urethra. It happens when production of the hormone becomes abnormal.

Overactive Thyroid: Thyroid disorder is a common cause of irregular periods, thyroids can effects on your body’s metabolism, when your thyroid is under active or overactive, can often cause irregular periods because thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones or extra hormones.

Do I Need a Treatment?

Treatment depends on the types and causes , because abnormal hormones can change your pattern of periods. But first check out your hormone levels by some blood test.

Hormone Therapy: Irregular periods are due to lack of certain hormones in a female body, commonly birth control pills have the related hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which can help to control irregular periods.

Change Your Habits: Reduce the frequent and excessive workouts, avoid stress, stay control at your weight, extreme changes can also the reason.

Surgery: If you have uterine fibroid’s or some kind of fluid, you are in need of a surgery, though it depends on location and sensitivity, in some rare cases, women need to removal of full organs.

Birth Control: May also have relief from irregular bleeding, but need to understand that this way has a high risk of side effects. These birth control lower the male hormones production as well as correcting irregular bleeding, and does not improve male hormone.

Pain Around Belly Button

Belly button , another name is Navel, medical name, is Umbilicus, is the hollow part in the middle of your abdomen. It is the mark to recognize where the umbilical cord was , the cord vessels connecting belly button to other parts of the body inside the belly. If you have pain around belly button, its alarming that there is something wrong, any kind of pain matters. Just don`t take it lightly. Pain around belly button commonly don`t go away, because there are more organs  in the area. Pain around belly button is mostly triggered by some uncomfortable pressure in the belly. You need to be able to figure out the type or causing the pain around belly button.

Pain Around Belly Button

Some minor and some serious issues are the cause for pain around belly button. Just you need to locate it, can help your doctor to make the correct diagnosis.


Hernia can lead to other complications, but not dangerous itself. Usually its pain around belly button feels  when bending or coughing, occurs when the main abdominal muscles are getting disturbed and make a defect in the abdominal wall, results abdominal pain around your belly button.


In our busy lives, there are a big number or people who develop ulcer, commonly effects in the small intestine and stomach layer. Our poor lifestyle, acidity, and bacteria’s are factors.ulcers can experience you a sharp pain around belly button and become worse if you don`t use medicines  to cure it.

Food Poison

When your stomach become bulky due to heavy meals you take, it can cause pressure on the abdomen, also if you have gas problems,  get ready for sharp pain in surrounding abdomen and feed up the bacteria. And if you have infection you can also experience vomiting with the pain.


These are common in women, can lead to pain around belly button. Urinary tract infections may spread to your  abdomen and cause pain if untreated. It can usually treat with antibiotics, don`t let it if you have harsh pain with fever or nausea, it is a sign of infection that may reach to your bladder and urethra.


As you all know about cyst, is a fluid filled sack, no matter big or small, if located in ovary you have pain around your belly button. Most women experience it in their lives, usually small in size, but if become large might cause serious pain in belly button. Visit your doctor to figure out the treatment.

Menstural Cycle for Girls Only

you can have cramps before or after menstrual cycle, it can be painful in the belly button and full abdomen. It can be reached to hips, back and thighs, don`t worry, this pain is temporary and vanish after some time just you need is a painkiller or a heating pad to place on the pain area, it can give you comfort to place it on your navel area.

Side Effects of Medications

Most of you know,  There are some medicines that can cause pain, some medicines can be signs that your stomach don`t absorb  the medicine, and you experience pain around belly button. Contact your doctor immediately in case you have pain around belly button.

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee pain when bending is a common issue these days, many people have the same problem of knee pain but mostly women of all ages get knee pain when bending. Athelets often get knee pain, some people with knee pain can be severe while some have mild knee pain when bending, in both situations you have in dealing with knee pain.  The Knee is an important joint of our body and also biggest,  which supports our body mass, so when we try to top leg with lower, we face knee pain when can be due to unnatural bending or unwanted twisting of the knee. Common knee pain  when bending, can be a result of some incident.

Knee pain when bending is frustrating, you are more likely to have it if you are overweight, or an  athlete. It may be started after an injury, but sometimes it can be infections or inflammation of your knee parts such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. You can do self therapies, but go to see a doctor is necessary.

The major symptom of knee pain is when you want to bend it or try to walk, you feel that your joint is locked or jam, you are unable to bend or move your knee. People who indulge in any specific motions for a long time are at high risk of knee pain when bending.

Want To Learn About Knee Pain Causes?

Some of the common conditions that people talk about causing knee pain when bending.

  • OSTEOARTHRITIS: Leading to damage the protective layer and bones in the knee, causing pain, and inflammation.
  • INJURY: Can occur suddenly as a result of direct hit or abnormal movement, often result tears of the cartilage or ligaments. Can happen after a fall or road accident, you feel a sharp pain in your knee and unable to bend. Sometimes you may break the kneecap, cause by hit an object  forcefully.
  • BURSITIS: Any specific movement that you repeat for a long time can cause a build-up of small fluid-filled sacks, typically sports players involves in it, it causes pain in the knee when bends it, fully, it can be treated at home, resting and using ice packs to reduce the swelling.
  • TENDONITIS: It is caused by sometimes by jumping or climbing activities, your knee may swell or red with warm feeling. It happens when we are overusing tendon that connects the kneecap, the pain can often lowers with painkillers and rest.
  • GOUT: When  your blood builds up uric acid cells into your joint, gout occurs and it affects the knees commonly, causing sharp pain in your knee.
  • KNEE DISLOCATION: A major cause of knee pain, when your knee becomes upset or disturb from normal location and moves side position, so avoid bearing your full body mass on one side or one foot. It is also very painful and you can,t bend your knee or even move. However go to your doctor to find out what is the source of sharp pain.
Private health insurance

For most people, private health insurance is the only option for health coverage and for majority of people, private health insurance is main source if health coverage. Although the process of buying private health insurance is tough but it depends more on your understating; how you are buying, what you will get covered and what is best for you. Majority of people are now buying their own health insurance but for elder citizens, children and people of low income are eligible for public insurance programs. Public health insurance is their only option for health care coverage.

How To Find Private Health Insurance

If you are not under the coverage of public health insurance or if you are not an employer or you do not cover fully, you need to have some private health insurance: Then the question of how to find private health insurance or programs would be most important one. Selection of private health insurance is quite a difficult task. That is why; the purchaser has to have complete understanding of each plan. You may have to ask some questions before purchasing the right one for you. An example of a good private health insurance plan includes the prescription charges and treatment of women of child bearing age post day’s service and finding what suits you. Mentioned below are thing that you should keep in your mind while purchasing private health insurance:

Inclusion of Doctor

If you find any plan and you are thinking of purchasing a reasonable plan, find out if your doctor or the clinic is listed in the network of private health insurance program. In this scenario, you may be required to pay the charges of health care insurance or you may also be required doctor’s charges.

Deciding Number of Plans

People add their spouse or children in private health insurance but this is not the best policy to do so. For the selection of an effective private health insurance, you need to look for the benefits that and individual insurance plan offers to their customers. The services are always much important than the number of plans that the company offers.

Research About Every Option

If you are looking for a better option and find one online, you have to verify that private health insurance company and what they are offering. You may also be careful about the company’s offers as some of these insurances are temporary or may end after a set time.

Selection of Relevant Options

Most important step in this process of finding the private health insurance, the wise decision is to select the plan which covers your needs. You have to pay for the private health insurance so; the selection of plans must be limited to the needed one. For example, if you are women of older age, maternity coverage is not your priority. So, you have to select most relevant options in your private health insurance plans. Look for the plans that covers the prescriptions but it is not necessary that each plan will cover each and every drug that you may need.

High white cell count

White blood cells (WBC) play an imperative role in the immune system of a person. Your doctors may ask you to have your white blood cells checked as a part of routine complete blood count (CBC) and further tests are usually required if abnormalities are found in these tests. An abnormally high white cell count in the blood is a clear indication of some underlying blood disorder or infection or something more serious like leukemia. See information for leukemia here:

On the other hand, a low white blood cell count makes a person susceptible to diseases and infections and allow multiplications of the toxic and abnormal organisms in the body that are otherwise dealt with by our immune system.

The highest limit for high white cell count varies from one medical facility to another. A white cell count of higher than 11,000 leukocytes in the blood of an adult is normally considered a high white cell count. While the limit for high white cell count in children varies depending on their size and age.

What causes High White Cell Count?

There are a number of things that lead to high white cell count in the blood. They may vary on the basis of their severity. In order to find true cause it is essential to make diagnosis of one particular disease or condition which is causing high white cell count. Here is the list of all possible causes:

  • Sometimes the number of white cells increases to fight off an infection
  • Hemolytic Anemia which is a type of iron deficiency may cause high white cell count
  • Diverticular Disease or disease of bone marrow cause abnormally high white cell count in the blood.
  • HIV/AIDS makes a person prone to more serious infections which trigger high white cell count.
  • Chronic infections cause high white cell count in the blood.
  • Lupus (SLE) or any other disease of immune system may increase the number of white cells in the blood.
  • Side-effects of certain drugs or allergic reactions cause high white cell count.
  • Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) a type of blood cancer
  • Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia a type of blood cancer
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Certain bacterial infections cause high white cells in the blood.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis a type of connective tissue and autoimmune disease
  • Smoking or excessive smoking may cause high white cell count.
  • Tuberculosis a disease of lungs is associated with high white cell count in the blood.
  • Stress triggers chemical chain reactions in the body which further leads to high white cells count.
  • Certain Viral Infections may also cause high white cell count.

Symptoms of High White Cell Count

While there could be many other causes of these symptoms, following are the most symptoms of high white cell count that most people usually complain of;

  • Resolved atypical headaches
  • Recurring mouth ulcers
  • Past yeast or fungal infections
  • Lack of appetite
  • Unexplained high fever
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pneumonia

Treatment for High White Cell Count

A proper diagnosis of underlying cause of high white cell count is usually determined with proper tests ordered by your primary care physician. Upon receiving the results, the doctor makes a proper diagnosis of the condition or disease and treats you accordingly. For example, treatment for infections is based on antibiotic regime while for serious diseases, your doctor may refer you to the disease specialists for disease specific treatment.