Health Benefits of Papaya

Health benefits of papaya

Papaya is among the worlds healthiest fruits, it was called the fruit if angels by the founder of America, Christopher Columbus. It has a sweet aromatic flavor and smooth texture along with pear shaped, can be long about 10 inches and weight about one pound. Papaya has yellowish orange color, there are black seeds in it with a bitter taste. Papaya is rich in vitamin A, C, also has fiber, potassium, copper and folate. These nutrients make papaya a healthy fruit, most important of all papaya contains an enzyme PAPAIN,  which is beneficial in some diseases like digestion and allergies. In Asia you find it as Papita. Pulp of papaya is also used in many creams and facial scrubs, we can say health benefits of papaya are not hidden, we can find it throughout the year.

Health Benefits of Papaya

Here is a little note about the health benefits of papaya;

Papaya and Skin

The papaya is a famous beauty agent, having AHA and ALFA HYDROXY ACID to treat anti aging signs. It has properties to remove dark spots, sun tanning, and even the skin tone. Because of low sodium quality, it can hydrate your skin. Papaya is also an Exfoliator and can apply on cracked heels, cystic acne and whitening of legs. Not just applying but eating papaya is very useful for the skin. You can use it as a body scrub to add some salt spa with it.

Papaya and Digestion

Because of rich in fiber, papaya improves regular bowel system and save us from constipation, can kill harmful bacterias of your stomach. An enzyme PAPAIN improve our digestion and cleans our digestive tract by cutting down the proteins, if these proteins don`t digest, they can cause constipation and increase in body fat. In our routines, we are like to eat in restaurants and junk food with a lot of oil so eat a papaya chunk to maintain digestive health.

Papaya and Immunity

As we all know our immune system is a key guard against various diseases and infections, because of having vitamin C, it can make strong our immune system and protect it. A latest research from japan admits that the antioxidant ability of papaya can improve the immune system, the enzymes which are present in papaya are effective for inflammation of many types.

Papaya and Weight Loss

Good news for those who wants to cut down their extra pounds, you can melt your fat with the help of papaya, because it  improves your metabolism function, as a result, you can burn large amount of calories because the proper flow of wastes  helps to keep slim, it`s so simple when a person`s wastage system is proper, it becomes easier to burn fat and get rid of extra weight. You can eat it raw or add in some salads.

Papaya and Diabetes

One cup of papaya has 8.3 grams of sugar, papaya is very low in sugar, is an excellent fruit for diabetic patients. Because many doctors suggest the food that are low in calories, high in fiber, so that they don`t cause sudden changes in your blood sugar levels. Papaya has the ability to fill your stomach while provides a lower level of calories. Papaya has also found to low the lipid and triglycerides in a latest survey.

Papaya and Arthritis

Many studies show that papaya provides protection against arthritis. People who don`t consume vitamin C are at a risk of getting  arthritis, it can protect from arterial damage, can reduce the inflammation  and pain of the joints. Papaya is beneficial for those also who are at higher risk of osteoarthritis, that may damage the cartilage area of our bones.

Papaya and Heart

A big cause of heart attack or vascular diseases are homocysteine, which found present in about 25 to 30 percent of heart patients. Papaya has the folate to lower the level of homocysteine, due to the presence of magnesium, papaya can relax the vessels and help to maintain the blood circulation, that can reduce the oxidation of cholesterol because of lycopene, which is present in papaya, can help to save your arteries to  become clogged. So we can say, using of papaya keeps heart diseases at the bay.

So what are you waiting for? Just add the papaya in your meals and salads.

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