Health Benefits of Dry fruits in Winter

Benefits of Dry fruits

Benefits of Dry Fruits

Here comes the December, cool winds and snow falling, all of us like a packet of something, raped our  scarfs and in search of heat and warmth. You are searching something which can  warm your blood and boost your energy? No problem, just go and bring some dry fruits, health benefits of dry fruits are not hidden, we can write books on benefits of dry fruits.

Dry fruits are very good for our health with their rich taste.dry fruits have more fiber with anti-oxidant properties, can a good source of energy, improve health. But remember dry fruits are higher in calories, can improve your weight, benefits of dry fruits for our health are common, but we all need to read more about them.there are many choices for us to choose according to our taste in the variety of dry fruits, almonds, dates, pistachio, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts are most famous.


Can effect on blood cholesterol, can add the glow in your skin, most nuts are high in fat, but almonds does not increase your weight, they are good for brain function. Almonds have a great quality of alkaline forming. 25 almonds  contain calcium, about ¼ cup milk, whole food sources of vitamin E. Almonds are cholesterol-free. Almond oil has a high smoke point and a great moisturizer for baby massage.A good news for girls that almonds have 20 antioxidant to boost your skin, and using in lotions and cosmetics since ancient times.


The most popular in all over the world, also known as groundnuts. You can have peanuts almost all year. Peanut prevents heart and nervous diseases, also have anti fungal properties. An  acid named P-Coumaric can protect our stomach from  severe diseases. Peanuts are rich in B-complex, vitamin B6, and vitamin B9. They are rich in vitamin E, can help to protect skin damage, women who like peanuts in their daily routine, have less chances of weight gain, you can also use peanut butter in your meals. Peanuts can also help you to release your depression because peanuts have Tryptophan.


The beautiful white beans shaped dry fruit, cashew. Originally belongs to Brazil, rich in anti-oxidant qualities. Cashews have an oleic acid, which is very effective in fighting with heart diseases, can lower blood pressure level. Cashews have nucleic acid which helps digestion. The magnesium, which is present in cashews is very good for our bones, helps regulate your muscle and balancing calcium. Magnesium can also help to reduce the migraine attacks and fatigue. One handful of cashews can lower the risk of gall-bladder diseases.


A historical plant food, with a rich taste and high nutritional value,found all over the world. Walnuts are high calorie but their benefits are unbelievable, from beauty to heart health.walnuts have a compound called melatonin, which is responsible for increase the sleep, Biotin in walnuts can strengthen hair roots and reduce the hair loss. Because of antioxidants they can destroy free radicals to improve your heart health by preventing the diseases. And a good news for men, according to a research, walnuts can improve your sperm count, and motility. In addition, walnuts also good for pregnant women, mothers who use a diet rich in fatty acids which we found in walnuts, can safe the baby from different types of food allergies.


Mostly found in the Mediterranean area, but available in other regions also. A nut with shell, rich in nutritional value. Pistachios have anti-inflammatory properties, have vitamin A, vitamin E, protect your skin by preventing aging, moisturize your skin and give it a glow. Pistachios can increase white blood cells because to have vitamin B6, which is also very good for the immune system and blood circulation.

Pistachios helps in increasing hemoglobin, which is essential for brain to make it more active. Pistachios are an ideal snack for post exercise, which gives energy and nutrients to refuel after exercise, also good for athletes and fitness purpose. Pistachio is a good source of dietary fibers, which we need to digest our food and keep it on track.

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