Health Benefits of Dates

Health benefits of dates

A fruit with extra sweetness, a flowering plant related to palm family, another name is Dactylifera, mostly cultivated in warm lands around Arabian countries for thousand of years. Date palm is 70 to 75 in height and leaves are 4-6 meters, while date fruits are cylinder shaped 3-7 cm long with brown color, containing a single seed in it about 2 cm. There are 3 types of dates cultivated, soft, dry, semi dry.

Health Benefits of Dates

In Arabia dates are a special traditional crop, having a religious importance, mentioned 20 times in the Quran and about 50 times in the Bible, Muslims love the dates specially in their sacred month Ramadan. Dates can provide hundreds of health benefits, in Saudi Arabia dates are identical, AJWA, ANBARA, BARHI, KHUDRI, SUKKARI, ZAHIDI, MEJDOOL, KHOLAS, are well known types of dates. Health benefits of dates are famous for the  overall goodness of the human body, from beauty to the energy it can provide benefits without any side effects. Take a look on the health benefits of dates.

Weight Gain

Dates are high in calories, one cup of dates has 415 calories. So a good news for mothers who are worried about their children`s health, it is a huge blast of nutrition with a combination of tasty sweetness, kids love to eat it raw or with milk, as compared with other fruits usually low in calorie count. You can use it fresh or dried, cakes or shakes, desserts or quiches. There is no need to add sugar it can sweeten the dishes with its own.

Dates and Pregnancy

A period when almost every woman suffers from weakness, lack of nutrition, and anemia, because of high in energy dates can provide energy to pregnant mothers. Dates are a good source of energy with the ability of material building blocks of our body, dates are great energy boosters because have glucose, sucrose, and fructose  so that can super for a bloating period. According to Islamic traditions, women recommend to eat dates during pregnancy, and now science also admits it, according to a research published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynea. Additionally a study shown that the dates helps to maintain favorable delivery. It makes it one of the best health benefits of dates.

Dates and Digestive Health

If you need to promote a good digestion you need fiber and dates are full of both fiber, soluble and insoluble, can help colon to work fast and regulate the bowel movements. You can combine dates with other ingredients for the purpose like milk because dates are a laxative food, people who suffers from constipation, need to eat 3 dates daily for healthy bowel system, you can soak them in water or milk over night or grind them to get quick results.

Heart Health and Dates

The proven benefit of dates, presence of potassium in dates,  lower the risk of strokes and artery diseases, dates are a healthy source of reduce cholesterol  which is a key factor of heart attacks and related diseases. People who want to prevent strokes, should use dates daily, especially in the morning. Two types of fiber,  which is present in dates helps the people who wander here and there for exact fiber enriched foods because experts say people don`t need to think about it just add to your diet. This is perhaps one of the best health benefits of dates.

Sexual Drive Improvement

A famous benefit of dates, can increase men’s sexual stamina. It has been used since ancient times for the purpose, is also well known in Arabic because they eat dates from their birth, Now studies have proven that. Grind some dates with milk and make a shake, it will do a magic for sexual health and long sexual drive. Many studies have shown that high level of Estradiol and Flavonoids compounds of dates have effects on sexual functions, also increase sperm  count. So guys, don’t try other products just eat dates.  You can use it as a snack after your lunch or use in the morning.

Dates and Anemia

Dates have many minerals and nutrients  which can helpful for us to fight many health issues, one of them is iron, which is a perfect thing for the people who have lack of blood cells, or having anemia. The iron of dates helps to treat lack of iron in anemia patients, it can also solve the problem of fatigue and morning sickness. Dates are perfect of every person in our home. Don’t go for iron tablets get dates and gain magical health benefits of dates.

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