Our hormones are a building block of our well being and overall health, especially in women. Hormonal changes in a female body can throw her into negative situation, it can  happen any time in our life, but in 40`s, mostly women, have a hormonal imbalance, sometimes  it can save by changing in our diet and lifestyle but sometimes it needs a special care and medications. There are two most important hormones present in a female body are estrogen and progesterone, which are mostly caused for hormonal imbalance in a woman, can disturb a female life with promoting total changes in mental and physical health of any woman. Take a look on my page to read about some effective ways to deal with hormonal imbalance,I am so happy to provide you that content which can help you maintain yourself,  some of them are so simple and easy for every female to do it.but don`t forget to read about the causes which are common in females, such as lack of movement, age, obesity, premature menopause, unhealthy diet, menstrual cycle, but don`t worry, there are many tips and herbal medicines which are effective to deal with hormonal imbalance. Go to nearest trained medical expert or gynecologist. I am sharing some effective tips and waiting for your comments.

Don`t use unsaturated fats

avoid fats as much as you can, especially vegetable oil, nut oil, and canola oil, eat omega 3 which is present in fish. For the purpose coconut oil and olive virgin oil are the best option because they are light and rich in healthy fats. If you are low in estrogen, flax oil can be the wonderful choice.

See the toxins around you

our environment is full of many types of toxins which we ever notice to avoid them, there are many things that can interrupt the process of production of real hormones, like some pets, chemicals related to the household, plastic products, so if you are suffering from the imbalance hormones avoid the toxins and apply some simple tips, like plastic storage food, unhealthy meat, avoid excess of micro foods, and chemicals which are used for insects.

Leave birth control pills

women who have used contraceptive methods like pills, injections, are mostly having the problem, many women report that pills are creating a flow of hormonal imbalance, hair loss, overweight, depressive mood, fatigue, lack of vitamin, all are a cause of using birth control.

Maintain your weight

when your body has extra fat on it can produce more estrogen in the body, if you want to correct the imbalance hormones, just make sure to reduce extra pounds over you. Use fiber rich food like bran, oats, apples, oranges, and green vegetables, it can also boost your metabolism and take control of excessive fat.  There is some evidence that fiber rich foods can build up estrogen level and organic fruits help you to maintain a perfect weight.

Exercise daily

exercise or walk can better your hormone imbalance, especially if you are suffering with thyroid imbalance, daily workout can make your problem better instead of worse, start with some light exercise, which your body can handle easily, try relaxing tips like walking and cycling which has also some additional health benefits. You can also do yoga and dancing as well.

Use fenugreek and flax seeds

many herbalists suggest fenugreek and flax seeds because they believed that these seeds have estrogen to deal with imbalance hormones. Flax seeds can maintain the correct level of progesterone and estrogen because they have a high rate of omega 3 which are necessary for regulating the hormone levels. Being rich in many nutrients like potassium, zinc, and vitamins, they can also have control on our metabolism, that`s why, people who use theses seeds have always a healthy weight. Use these seeds in your daily life, especially those women who have endometriosis and menstrual cramps, you can feel better with the use of 1 tablespoon of daily consumption.

Things to avoid

avoid all types of alcohol and beverages that are made up with alcohol, take a look on carbohydrates especially refined carbohydrates like white bread, white flour, white rice, white pasta, they can play a role to make the problem worse, limit your caffeine, coffee, colas, and other energy drinks, keep your self  stick to all these tips mentioned above to  deal with hormonal imbalance.

Reduce waist size

Reduce Waist Size

Are you trying to reduce waist size? Do you have fat around your waist and belly? If you are looking for the right way to reduce your waist size, this article is for you. It is commonly believed that heavy exercises and aerobics are the only way to reduce waist size. But, fat around your belly or waist is something that has nothing to do with exercises only. Rather it is more about your diet and lifestyle and combination of both.

So, if you have fat around your belly and waist, you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits that are responsible for storing fat around your belly. Health experts also stress the need of changing your diet and having a healthy lifestyle in order to burn fat and get in shape. Here are some of solutions that you may try to reduce your waist size and burn fat:

Reduce Calories Intake

First of all, you have to cut down the amount of calories you take in a day. Stop eating high calorie food and replace it with low calorie food which includes vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Try and count the amount of calories with each food item you eat and cut calorie intake down if excessive.

Aerobic Exercise

To reduce your waist and burn the stored fat, you have to do aerobic exercise every day or 5-6 days a week. Performing aerobic exercise is proved method of reducing waist size earlier than any other exercise. Aerobic exercises are frequently being utilized in order to reduce the waist size and performing it daily for 45-60 minutes bring considerable difference in a small amount of time. Low calorie diet combine with aerobic exercise is a guarantee to reduce waist size.

Protein Breakfast

Health experts assert that high protein foods in morning are one of most effective way to reduce waist size. High protein breakfast helps in speeding up the metabolism and helps your body to burn more calories throughout your day. Protein containing foods keep stomach full and reduce the hunger which ultimately reduces your desire to eat and losing fat.

Weight Training

Weight training helps in building muscles and makes your body strong to burn more calories and fats. In this type of training, exercises are focused on boosting the metabolism. Muscles burn the calories and lead you to be in shape. You can focus on your waist and chose exercises that target the waist and abdominal area. Generally these exercises include crunches and planks.

Waist Exercises

There are number of exercises that are targeted to reduce your waist size. You can focus your abdominal area and follow up the waist reducing exercises. These targeted exercises to reduce waist includes, quick squats, bicycle exercise, waist turns and belly button exercise. You can consult a trainer or watch online tutorials to learn how to target the waist and reduce through exercises.

Lifestyle Changes

Sleeping enough hours per night and becoming active full day is a key to reduce the waist size and prevent the body to store fats. So, increase your physical activity during the day and sleep enough at night to get in shape.

Lose weight fast

Although there are millions of reasons to exercise that do not target weight, but weight loss is you major motivator, make every moment of your exercise count with the following exercise tricks to lose weight fast.

1.  Do more Aerobic Cardio

Any exercise or physical activity that makes it tough for to talk for longer is a secret weapon for fast weight loss. Most people prefer aerobic exercises because they are easier to sustain physically for longer period of time to burn a considerable amount of calories. For this reason everyone trying to lose weight fast must spend about 50% of their time in gym and 50% doing other activities. See detailed benefits of aerobic exercise here:

How Far Aerobic Exercises are good for your health

2. Work actually

Doing some up and down motions won’t help you lose weight fast, even if you do it for 30 minutes or more. According to scientific viewpoint, our metabolism raises with intensity of exercise. Stick with this rule: if you don’t feel breathless and you have the capacity to intensify the activity, you should be moving faster instead of worrying about your abnormal heart beat. As long as you excise your system, you’ll benefit as much as anybody who is more fit than you.

3. Change Intensity of your Physical Activity

Our system has to adopt the changes you make to your daily routine. I know it sounds like a terrible lot of effort; it is because that’s good for your health. The more tasks you give to your body to do, the more calories it required to burn to get the task done.

Most of the time during your workout routine, alternate between hard exercises and fast-paced aerobic exercises. While it is surely the hard exercises that burn more calories as compared to aerobic exercises and raise your metabolic activity even for hours after leaving the gym, you can’t carry on that pace forever. You can lose weight fast by alternating between the one minute of untenably intense cardio and four minutes of slow state cardio in the zone of aerobic exercise.

4. Don’t fear weight lifting

Most people do not like lifting weights due to the possibility that weight lifting will make them look broad, particularly girls. It’s a myth without having solid evidence to support. Lifting weight build muscles which are essential for burning fat even after you leave the gym and jump on the couch. Thing to remember;  weight training helps you maintaining your muscles in shape so they look toned when you shed extra pounds.

5. Exhaust your Muscles to Lose Weight Fast

If you get a burning sensation in your body after doing some specific exercises; for example thighs hurt after doing lost of lunges, it means you have achieved your anaerobic threshold because you have worked as hard and tough as you can to lose weight fast with exercise and you have burned more calories due to it.

6. Warm Up

Warm up is when you wake up and sweat yourself while giving a sort of shock to your heart you. The key; if you will start doing intense aerobic exercises right away after lifting you half slept body from bed, you are going to make yourself more tired throughout the day. A 15 minutes warm up as the first thing in the morning can take the edge-off so you will feel more energetic even after leaving the gym which will definitely increase the overall process of calorie burning.

I am pretty sure that following these simple exercises will help you lost weight fast without making you tired and exhausted.

Best Weight Loss Programs

Are you obese and want to adopt a diet or exercise as a part of weight loss program? Have you tried to make a plan for you or tried to choose a right one that will work for you? There are plenty of plans and programs that aim at losing weight through diet, exercise, yoga and some of them are even based on therapies. We can find these weight loss programs through the internet, magazines or print media.

Confused? Get some Help

We all know that choosing a right one is quite confusing, needs a lot of thinking and one important factor that need to be kept in mind are keeping an eye on your own unique physical features so that you can choose a right plan for you. One of the most important and noteworthy things in this process is to consult your doctor or physician about your weight.

There are considerable chances that your doctor will ask you to change your eating, sleeping and other lifestyle habits and you will achieve your goal of weight loss. But, if lifestyle changes would not work on your weight, now this will be the time when you will have to think about choosing a weight loss program for you.

What you should do before starting weight loss program

Choosing a weight loss program is time consuming too but you have to keep in view certain factors and ask yourself some questions before choosing a weight loss program for you. You need to check if the weight loss program you are thinking to adopt in order to lose weight is effective enough to make changes in your eating habits and develop habits that are healthy.

You need to check that the weight loss program is based on cutting out the amount of food that you take daily or based on planning meals. Furthermore, you have to check if the weight loss program requires you to make changes in food you take and require you to add supplements to your daily routine.

Finally, you should check if the weight loss program meets your own requirements such as making changes at the time of illness or your work hours and what kind of exercises or physical activities are added in it. If all of these queries are satisfied by certain kind of weight loss program, you can adopt to lose weight.

Choosing the right weight loss program

Different types of weight loss programs work differently and it is all up to you which one of them you are choosing. Here are some of the weight loss programs that are commonly followed by people in order to achieve their weight loss goals. You can choose one of these programs or consult your doctor for more guidance.

The best weight loss program

7 days meal plans are one of the most widely used and effective weight loss programs. To plan meals you take in a day, it is advised that you should consult a nutritionist or doctor to help you doing it or you can research on the internet and magazines where you will definitely find the effective meal plans.

7 days meal plan adds vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products and wheat in a specified amount, in order to meet the needs of body and help you lose weight. 7 days meal weight loss program can be developed and found everywhere according to your requirements. Dependent on your aims of weight loss, you can adopt an extreme one or the right one to burn calories in the same number of days with the help of this diet plan.

In addition, you can also find real plan for beginners and the overweight and obese people. one example of days meal plans is here. If you haven’t read this, please do.

How to Lose weight in 10 days with Master cleanse Diet

Simple and effortless Weight loss program

Another weight loss program that is generally being adopted by people is simple and effortless which is based on taking healthier foods, exercising, running or practicing yoga and being stuck to your healthy lifestyle.

In this plan, you are required to take proteins in breakfast and require you not to skip any meal especially breakfast. Breakfast is one of essential meals that are extremely helpful in losing weight as it helps in keeping you full and preventing your body from getting tired all day.

Another important characteristic of this program is to keep exercising, running or walking and keeping your body busy in physical activities all the day. You can start it by walking and then moving forward to practice different exercises in a day. An extra tip in a weight loss program is to be patient in your journey to lose weight.

Three Days weight loss program

Finally, this weight loss program is based on three steps that are cutting sugar and fats from your diet, eating fresh fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins and lifting weights for three to five days a week. Cutting down sugar from your diet will affect significantly in losing weight at lower levels of sugar in the body helps the body to burn fat that has been stored.

Adding vegetables, fruits and proteins in your daily meals help in lowering carbs down and boost your metabolism so that your body will easily prepare itself to burn fats and prevent you from taking extra snacks for your cravings.

Exercise or yoga is not part of this weight loss program rather it requires you to lift weights and stretch your body for three to five days in a week as lifting weights is useful in burning fats and keep your metabolism levels high. An example of such diet plan is below.

Three Day Military Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Things to remember

Chose one weight loss program and start changing your life right now, Whatever your choice of weight loss program is, and however it works; slowly or quickly, you should keep your health and fitness in your mind and work accordingly.

Remember weight loss program alone will definitely help you in losing weight quickly but it will be useless in the long run. Keep yourself active, run for a while or practice exercise or yoga and most important of all; Do not skip your meals for weight loss purpose.

Yoga for weight loss

Our busy lifestyle is one of the major reasons of our health issues. The stress and craving of unhealthy food has changed the way our body functions. We are now more prone to gain weight, to contract infections, and to get sick easily. A healthy diet and active lifestyle significantly reduce the risk of such health related issues. Among all calories burning exercise regimes yoga for weight loss is a relatively moderate choice for those who don’t like to follow hard exercises regimes.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is the best way to make a connection between the body and the soul and brings accord between the mind and the body. When it comes to heal your body in a holistic manner, yoga is undoubtedly the best choice. According to a study conducted by Alan Kristal, a practicing yogi and medical researcher, yoga indeed helps people lose weight or at least maintains current weight. More details can be found here.

Here are a number of reasons to start practicing yoga for weight loss.

  1. Stimulates liver function: liver is most vital organ of our body that does various essential functions, and the most important task it does is cleansing and detoxification of the body. It flushes out harmful toxins and purifies the blood. Some yoga poses help in developing the vital functions for its better functioning. Liver can also be detoxified and cleansed effectively with a combination of yoga and liver detox.  More about Liver Detoxification.
  2. Maintains pH levels: acidic pH levels can cause excessive fat to store in our body as a defensive mechanism. It further leads to the deposition and accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels and vital organs. Practicing yoga for weight loss can help maintaining the right level of pH in the body at a secure alkaline level.
  3. Balances nervous system: weight gain is said to be a major cause of weight gain and it has been proven in many research studies. Practicing yoga for weight loss can balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system that is pivotal to relieve anxiety and stress.
  4. Activate Internal Heat: our body could activate nervous system and create heat internally itself that in turn makes a person feel heated. Some yoga poses stretch system and activates nerves and the heat helps burning fat accumulated deep in our vital organs. In this way, practicing yoga for weight loss is a proven way to activate internal heat.
  5. Improves muscle strength: practicing yoga for weigh loss further improves muscle strength. There is some yoga poses that require us to remain active along with muscle stretching and compression contribute to weight loss. Because muscle tissues use fat as fuel during physical activity like yoga.
  6. Improves heart health: Although Cardio and aerobic exercises are good for your health and weight loss, practicing yoga for weight loss is an excellent way to get the heart beat high for short time and then drops it down right away.
Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease is one of major diseases that affect most of the people in older age. There are certain exercises for Coronary Artery Disease that could be proven beneficial.

Coronary Artery disease refers to a condition in which the arteries and vessels become blocked or narrowed. This blockage does not allow the blood flow to heart which might result in heart attack. In this way, coronary arteries receive less oxygen while exercising or being involved in any physical activity. One of the major causes of coronary artery disease is atherosclerosis. Muscle spasms and congenital defects can also cause a blockage to the blood flow. Some infections can also become a cause. Major risk factors are: heredity, sex, age, smoking, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and lack of physical activity, obesity, stress and anger. Active lifestyle is essential for people with coronary artery disease and exercises for coronary disease should be chosen carefully due to the risks associated with this disease.

What to expect during exercises for Coronary Artery Disease?

During short term exercises for Coronary Artery Disease, observed cardiac responses are stroke volume, cardiac output, heart rate, systolic blood pressure increases as the exercise begins but the resistance decrease rapidly while diastolic blood pressure remains in steady state.

During long term exercises for Coronary Artery Disease, stroke volume, heart rate, cardiac output and rate pressure product increases quickly. Once it gets back to steady condition cardiac output remain the same as it is obligated to the decrease stroke volume and the increase in heart rate. In the course of this event, systolic blood pressure and resistance goes downward particularly in the case of long heavy activity. The cardiovascular response remains the same for both sexes with little differences in the stroke volume, cardiac output and systolic blood pressure. Also check instructions for exercises for Coronary Artery Disease.

Exercises for Coronary Artery Disease

When it comes to decide which exercise to choose for a patient with heart disease such as CAD, you have to be highly cautious and decide an exercise regime that benefits overall cardiovascular system. Here are some forms of exercises for Coronary Artery Disease known to be highly effective for heart patients however every person is unique in physiology so these exercised should be done under practitioner’s supervision.

Compound exercises have greater cardiovascular benefits than isolation exercises. These exercises for Coronary Artery Disease keep heart rate up and lower the blood pressure. While isolation exercised mostly target isolated muscle, these exercises tend to lowering the heart rate and thus increasing the blood pressure. I would recommend compound exercise as they provide more health benefits.

Strength exercises improve heart rate and blood pressure and overall cardio-respiratory fitness.  Muscle strength is achieved during these exercises. The recovery period depends on the time of resistance.

Regular physical exercise and activity including large muscle group such as swimming, running and walking generates cardiovascular adaptations that further amplifies exercise capacity, skeletal muscle strength and stamina. It also prevents the coronary artery disease. While in a long run, marinating a routine of these exercises prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

For a patient with coronary heart disease, I would recommend stretching, compound, strengthening exercises and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises for Coronary Artery Disease will engage him in a physical activity that uses large muscle groups as well as increase the motion and flexibility. Staying active is key to a longer and healthier life for people with coronary heart disease.

Aerobic Exercises

Regular aerobic exercises  have noteworthy benefits,from your head to toe. First of all it effects on positive mental benefits including reduction in depression and modulation of anxiety levels. It has an important place in the management of many problems like aging,diabetes and obesity. Aerobic exercise can be an important role in a weight lose program. Exercise increases your stamina, if you find yourself exhausted , if you need to make regular exercise. Aerobics can reduce risk of heart disease. It can strengthen your immune system because it actually stabilize your stress and illness. Aerobics strengthens your bones structure and joints. It is a very important benefit for women because it reduces the chance for osteoporosis.

Aerobic Exercise JoggingAerobics decreases your hungriness, because it acts upon your suppressant. Most aerobics helps to burn your daily number and speed up your weight loss and control the weight. Anaerobic exercise can give more power to your lungs so that they will work more efficiently . Exercise brace your heart muscle,and it will work last longer. Some specific aerobic exercises decreases the risk of breast cancer in women. It is seen that women who engage in exercise  have a decline chance of developing cancer cells. Many aerobics can lower your blood pressure level and cholesterol,while it raises your HDL. A planned workout , healthy eating and training will get our goals. Some exercises include cardio machines, spinning, running, swimming, walking, hiking, dances and kick boxing are some known exercises. There are many other types. It all is with breathing . A normal healthy adult use 7 to 8 liters of air per minute. And  your lungs shown great work capacity. These exercises can also decreased diabetes and artery diseases. Another notable benefit is improve the efficacy of movement and improve body’s ability to increase stamina and inhaling power.To reach aerobic fitness a person must need to engage in activity like jogging, walking , cycling and need to maintain it for at least 30 minutes daily.

Top health benefits of aerobic exercises

  1. Aerobic exercises help losing weight and keeping it on track if combined with a healthy diet.
  2. In a short term, aerobic exercises may make you feel tires and exhausted, but you will start enjoying it in a long run as these exercises may eventually reduce fatigue levels and increase your stamina.
  3. Aerobic exercises helps activating our immune system which in turn will protect you from cold and flu and other mild to moderate viral illness.
  4. There are a number of risks of diseases and conditions such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, and some types pf cancer that can be avoided by making a routine of aerobic exercises. Moreover, walking, a form of aerobic exercises may help reducing the risk of osteoporosis particularly in women.
  5. The more a heart is strong the more it pumps blood effectively improving blood circulation in your body. This target can be achieved with aerobic exercises.
  6. Depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by adding aerobic exercises into your daily physical activities.
  7. Some of the recent studies have shown that people who are effectively engaged in aerobic exercises live a longer life as compared to those who do not exercises on daily basis.