Effective ways to deal with hormonal imbalance

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Our hormones are a building block of our well being and overall health, especially in women. Hormonal changes in a female body can throw her into negative situation, it can  happen any time in our life, but in 40`s, mostly women, have a hormonal imbalance, sometimes  it can save by changing in our diet and lifestyle but sometimes it needs a special care and medications. There are two most important hormones present in a female body are estrogen and progesterone, which are mostly caused for hormonal imbalance in a woman, can disturb a female life with promoting total changes in mental and physical health of any woman. Take a look on my page to read about some effective ways to deal with hormonal imbalance,I am so happy to provide you that content which can help you maintain yourself,  some of them are so simple and easy for every female to do it.but don`t forget to read about the causes which are common in females, such as lack of movement, age, obesity, premature menopause, unhealthy diet, menstrual cycle, but don`t worry, there are many tips and herbal medicines which are effective to deal with hormonal imbalance. Go to nearest trained medical expert or gynecologist. I am sharing some effective tips and waiting for your comments.

Don`t use unsaturated fats

avoid fats as much as you can, especially vegetable oil, nut oil, and canola oil, eat omega 3 which is present in fish. For the purpose coconut oil and olive virgin oil are the best option because they are light and rich in healthy fats. If you are low in estrogen, flax oil can be the wonderful choice.

See the toxins around you

our environment is full of many types of toxins which we ever notice to avoid them, there are many things that can interrupt the process of production of real hormones, like some pets, chemicals related to the household, plastic products, so if you are suffering from the imbalance hormones avoid the toxins and apply some simple tips, like plastic storage food, unhealthy meat, avoid excess of micro foods, and chemicals which are used for insects.

Leave birth control pills

women who have used contraceptive methods like pills, injections, are mostly having the problem, many women report that pills are creating a flow of hormonal imbalance, hair loss, overweight, depressive mood, fatigue, lack of vitamin, all are a cause of using birth control.

Maintain your weight

when your body has extra fat on it can produce more estrogen in the body, if you want to correct the imbalance hormones, just make sure to reduce extra pounds over you. Use fiber rich food like bran, oats, apples, oranges, and green vegetables, it can also boost your metabolism and take control of excessive fat.  There is some evidence that fiber rich foods can build up estrogen level and organic fruits help you to maintain a perfect weight.

Exercise daily

exercise or walk can better your hormone imbalance, especially if you are suffering with thyroid imbalance, daily workout can make your problem better instead of worse, start with some light exercise, which your body can handle easily, try relaxing tips like walking and cycling which has also some additional health benefits. You can also do yoga and dancing as well.

Use fenugreek and flax seeds

many herbalists suggest fenugreek and flax seeds because they believed that these seeds have estrogen to deal with imbalance hormones. Flax seeds can maintain the correct level of progesterone and estrogen because they have a high rate of omega 3 which are necessary for regulating the hormone levels. Being rich in many nutrients like potassium, zinc, and vitamins, they can also have control on our metabolism, that`s why, people who use theses seeds have always a healthy weight. Use these seeds in your daily life, especially those women who have endometriosis and menstrual cramps, you can feel better with the use of 1 tablespoon of daily consumption.

Things to avoid

avoid all types of alcohol and beverages that are made up with alcohol, take a look on carbohydrates especially refined carbohydrates like white bread, white flour, white rice, white pasta, they can play a role to make the problem worse, limit your caffeine, coffee, colas, and other energy drinks, keep your self  stick to all these tips mentioned above to  deal with hormonal imbalance.

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