Effective vitamins for lose weight

Obesity is a common problem  around the world, especially among the women, people who have extra pounds are at great risk to have heart problems, high blood pressure, hypertension and many diseases. Today I want to share a good news with you guys, And also a secret for all of you that can do a wonder for all girls who wants to control their weight. I know most of us skip our meals for weight loss, but it is not good for our health. Do you know our body has 13 vitamins we can found in our body to maintain our overall health. So keep an eye on effective vitamins that can help to loss weight, with a diet plan and exercise schedule. Many of us can have the experience it before reading my page, so it`s not hard to achieve an ideal weight, just you need to have a knowledge about them with your doctor`s advice. Remember all guys, it can`t be done in a week, it takes time according to your extra pounds which you put on your body. Here is a little detail about vitamins that can help to loss weight.

B vitamins

A  most common and effective vitamin which contain excellent ability to boost your metabolism, can reduce your weight in a healthy manner. It contains about 8 other vitamins includes B1,B2, B6 and B12, these vitamins are used in many ways but the most important is metabolic regulation. There are many evidences that are recommending it as a weight loss programmer, alone or with some other combination of minerals. Meat, fish, legumes and leafy vegetables are a good source of B vitamins that can boost your metabolism and help you to maintain an ideal weight. People who cut out their meals for loss weight, can experience fatigue, they are also in need of B vitamins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a friend of all other vitamins because it is responsible for the absorption of all types of minerals and supplements, vitamin C is also a key guard of boost immune system which is a helper in the loss weight process.for best results, along with vitamin C supplements, includes foods rich in vitamin C like broccoli, red and green vegetables, citrus fruits. Vitamin C can wash out all the fat cells from your blood to control on your weight.

Vitamin D

A team of researchers found that vitamin D is a key factor to reduce weight, but remember it is not answer of your health related problems, vitamin D can help to create a good balance to loss weight. As we all know vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body which is a essential ingredient to get rid of osteoporosis. A simple way to get vitamin D is direct source of sunlight for half an hour, with all of its,  use cereals, yogurt, bread, liver oils and all types of fish.the RDA allowance of vitamin D is 1000 IU per day, remember vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so it can stay in your body, be careful when you have to start a supplement of vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D can disturb a hormone named Leptin which is responsible for signals to your brain.

Vitamin E

A great antioxidant, there are many foods that contain vitamin C so you need to search here and there in search of supplements like avocado, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, lettuce is a great source of vitamin E, In some cases vitamin E can prevent some types of cancer. Vitamin E is also a beauty vitamin, can prevent early aging, reduce skin problems and its elasticity. For better results,  use foods which are  unsaturated fats. According to the national council of fitness, muscles mass can burn more calories than fat, so vitamin E can train your muscles to maintain a good fit body. With all of vitamins consumption, you need a little effort to maintain your diet and take exercise daily whether it is a short walk. Replace your poor diet with a healthy diet chart and take these vitamins as a supplement with all certain nutrients.

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