Causes and home remedies for acidity

Acidity is a condition in which our stomach lining produce excess quantity of acids, in normal condition our stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for our stomach for digestion of food we eat, people who have acidity, feel a burning sensation especially they eat something. A person with acidity may also experience dyspepsia, heartburn, ulcers, and stomach inflammation.  There are some factors which play a key role in acidity like lifestyle, lack of exercise, excess of junk food, smoking and alcohol, but those people are top of the list in ranking who have bad eating habits and use oily and spicy food. Take a short look on the causes of Acidity;

Causes of Acidity


some medicines play a role in acidity to increase, like non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs can affect your stomach badly, avoid too much use of aspirin and ibuprofen. They can create stomach ulcer. Medicines which have nitrates can also worsen the problem, including drugs of asthma, antidepressants, and sedatives.


if you have some extra pounds on you, you are more likely to have Acidity, when you are overweight, there is a pressure on your stomach which is a reason of acidity, especially when you have larger meals.

Dietary issues

many people report Acidity, when use some certain foods like tea, coffee, and alcohol. Excessive use of chocolate is also known for the condition. Some juices with acidic properties like orange juice, grapefruits, tomatoes are also well known, foods that are low in fiber and containing oil and spices, so avoid to fried food as much as you can.


we all know stress  is a mental related condition, but when our body can`t fight with stress, some hormones  increased from its normal level, it causes some side effects on our stomach, and plus medicines of stress  also cause of ACIDITY.

Lack of movement

people who have some bad habits like eating large meals and or lying down immediately after the food intake, persons who have a tough schedule of sitting all the time during office are suffering more. Those people who don`t take exercise daily or short walk,  are at a great I want to discuss some simple and natural home remedies for Acidity.

Home remedies for Acidity


is a well known thing for digestion and stomach gases, has been used for many decades for the purpose, can use for children as well. You can use it just as a chewing gum or make a tea with it by boiling it. Just drink it few times. You can use honey to add some taste.

Cold milk

It`s my favorite to treat Acidity, cold milk can solve the problem of burning sensation, if you are pregnant it is best for you. Milk can help to control excessive stomach acid. You can drink it by sipping or just drink a full glass.

Ginger tea

ginger has anti inflammatory properties, can help to soothe acidity. If you can`t chew it, make a tea with ginger slices by adding the boiling water, if you want to add two drops of lemon juice.


is used from ancient times because of its natural antacid properties, it can help to dispose stomach gases. You can use it as a tea or use its powder in your meals, soups and salads. Just you want some sticks of cinnamon, drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, add some honey for taste, it is also an aromatic tea with benefits. This is one of the best home remedies for acidity.

Chewing gum

it is shown in many studies that acidity can decrease with increasing salivation, chewing gum is the best remedy for the prevention of excessive stomach acids. Because the chewing gum has the power to stay control on acids back out. If you are acidic with sugar, use sugar free chewing gum.


are a rich source of potassium, can help to control acid level, banana is among those fruits which may protect your stomach from harmful side effects of acids, also high in fiber to speed up one`s digestion, and save you from the discomfort of stomach acids. Can also soothes the stomach wall.


mint  is a famous ingredient to slow down the acid production, with a cooling ability and burning sensation of acidity,you can use it as a tea or add it in salads or soups. Asian people make chutneys with mint.

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