Breast infection(Mastitis)

Mastitis is a condition of breast in which breast tissues become infected, it is most common in breastfeeding mothers, seen mostly within the first 3 months after delivery but experience in some time in breastfeeding duration. We can manage breast  Mastitis easily, but it is important to consult your doctor first, breast mastitis effecting every tenth woman, according to its symptoms, there are more conditions of its called lactation mastitis and puerperal mastitis. The good news is that it is mostly affected on one breast not both.breast mastitis is commonly result of blocked milk of breast which has block in the breast then stuck in other tissue and the tissue become inflamed, cause breast mastitis.

Symptoms of the mastitis

the signs and symptoms often appear suddenly, about six to twelve weeks after delivery but can happen anytime. When the symptoms occur, it is good to keep your breast empty as soon as possible, don`t worry, the milk is not harmful for your baby. If you feel such symptoms;

A lump or feels lump

Feeling of warmth

Redness, and swollen

Pain in the nipple

Muscles aching

Fever with flu like signs

As soon when you feel these signs of breast mastitis, go to your doctor to avoid some serious problem.

Causes of breast mastitis

try to feed your baby properly, wrong position and wrong techniques can lead to mastitis, don`t feed your baby in lying position or when you are sleeping. Because such types of things or blocked milk in tissues are a major cause of mastitis.

Sometimes bacterias are the cause, from your baby`s mouth, many bacteria enter into the milk duct through the nipple, when they stuck there cause inflammation  of the breast tissues, especially if you have sore or cracked nipples. Another cause of breast mastitis is wearing tight under garments or bra, women who use uncomfortable bra during breastfeeding are at a great risk, women who do not  pay attention to their hygiene may also get the mastitis because unhygienic clothes and undergarments can growth of bacteria. Breast mastitis can happen if your baby is not responding during breastfeeding and do not suck the milk properly.sometimes it can cause a collection of pus in your breast and make the problem complicate so you need to consult your doctor when you see some symptoms.


your doctor decide the treatment, according the symptoms, but usually based on;


usually the treatment is need a few days,there are two types of medicines which are using for breast mastitis are antibiotics and pain killers.antibiotics has the ability to reduce the inflammation and pain killers to relieve you from pain such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, you may feel better  after using the medicines.

Self adjustment

every time when you breastfeed, make sure to empty your breast properly, review your breastfeeding position will start to feeding, if you are confused, go to a lactation expert for help, he or she can tell you exact and better techniques to avoid such problems. Don`t lie in positions that are pressing your breasts.

Home remedies for mastitis

Hot shower

it is  very useful to treat mastitis, hot water can clear blockage and improves blood circulation for correcting the milk flow in veins, you can take a hot shower or use a towel to dip in hot water, place it in a lumpy area for some minutes, do it several times, this remedy also reduce the swelling.


it can effect immediately for the mastitis, use an oil to massage, it can reduce the pain and helps to continue the milk flow and unblock the breast. Massage the breast in circular motions. Use olive oil, lavender oil for the purpose, a few times in a day. When the need to breastfeed, clean the breast with warm water.

Fenugreek paste

fenugreek seeds can help to treat the inflammation because the presence of flavonoids. According to written in many Ayurveda books, fenugreek seeds can also increase the milk flow. You can use fenugreek oil or paste,just get some fenugreek seeds, soak them in water overnight, next morning make a paste with it and put in a clean cloth to make a compress, place this compress on the breast twice daily.

But remember, if you have symptoms that don`t go away or your pain become more worse, see a doctor to take good advice.

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