Beauty Tips for Anti aging

Beauty Tips for Anti Aging

Known as “Life Extension”, using anti aging formulas are part of our daily beauty tips and tricks because everybody wants to look young however, looking and feeling young has never been so easy. Seeing fine lines and wrinkles on the face is a nightmare for every woman. Here are some simple beauty tips that could help you keeping your age at bay.

Causes of Aging

Before going deep into the matter it is necessary to find out major causes of anti aging.

The causes of aging are unknown, current theories are allocated to the concept of damage, whereby internal systems may cause aging. The natural aging process called intrinsic and the aging caused by external facts, called extrinsic aging. But we can fight against extrinsic aging. Natural aging process normally starts in the 30`s and become more noticeable later on in life. but we can’t change the natural aging process because with time we all get wrinkles on our face ,see our muscles sagging and thinning of the skin. We can change our environment and lifestyle to avoid the influence external effects of aging. One group of theories of aging holds that the damage of our internal systems such as normal toxic of products,defensive system play a considerable role in the process of aging. Although it can’t stop,there are plenty of things we can do for shortening phase of aging.

Why feeling down? Change your Life Style Choices

However,our  views have changed now about  aging . There are now 60 to 70 years old who take a computer course and run marathons. People are changing their middle-aged lifestyle and become more positive. But many of our habits and external causes of aging are by our health and lifestyle  choices.

Things to do to Stop Aging

Here are simple lifestyle and beauty tips that you can choose to stop the process of aging:

Quit Smoking: Most common is smoking; a latest research has shown that exposure to smoking increase skin dryness and damaging because cigarette depletes vitamin C in your body, which is a key ingredient.

Exercise: Another reason is lack of exercise. You need to exercise on daily basis because exercise helps to improve blood flowing and tone your muscles while you feel fresh and younger.

Avoid Alcohol consumption: Another key element of aging is Alcohol which it contributes to aging by expanding  some small blood vessels, by the time these vessels can become permanently damaged and broken vessels near the skin`s surface.

Kick the Stress: you might have heard this from elders “don’t scowl, your face could stay that position’’. Stress and worry cause frowning and by the time the muscles actually conform to that movement. A good anti aging program like yoga, meditation and light exercises can help you.

Improve bone density: Bone density can be lost, with aging and some people feel changes in their posture. Muscles may become less dense and tissues may become less flexible, joints may be stiffer. Healthy diet and Exercise can help all these problems.

Beauty Tips to Avoid Aging

You can play a role in  preventing aging process, you just have to learn how……and take action. First of all make sure to change in your food and dietary choices. Use five fruits and vegetables, and three servings of grains daily for your need of vitamins. Drink 8 glasses of water . Count your calories, to cut off the fat. Sleep well, research shown that if you skip sleep from your routine, it can cause heart attack far greater, lack of sleep makes you angry and depressed and emotional. 8 hours of sleep is important for your mood and physical health.

Try to use maximum intake of antioxidants through your diet or dark colored vegetables and spinach for cartenoids. Food contains many classes of antioxidants. Less energy and stamina is that usually drive people into anti aging, it is also the sign of declining hormone levels.

The NO. 1 weapon you have is the hormone replacement therapy. Physicians have found good result in those patients whom they recommended Hormone balance therapy. I am sure following all these health and beauty tips will help you keep your age at bay.

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