Lyme Disease in women

Lyme Disease in Women

Lyme disease is an infected illness that is caused by a bacteria Borrelia burgdorfri. A type of bacterium that is carried by deer and mouse ticks. The bacterium travels through blood flow and reach in different body tissues, transforms into an inflammatory disease that appear on the skin in the early stages like little bull`s eye shaped rash. Later on it can spread into your joints, organs, and nervous system. These ticks  are parasites and transfer to humans by mouth parts and skin. Lyme disease in women is as dangerous as it is men.

Most women get Lyme disease when they go into forest or grassy ground where ticks can be found. There are some signs and symptoms of Lyme disease which are red alarm for you to caught it quickly. The number of Lyme disease  cases in women is climbing, according to WH it is about 30 million per year  and increasing while reason for the fact that most cases are women is still unkown and yet to be found.

However want to tell you ticks don`t jump or never can fly, once they crawl on your body , they immediately search for thin skin to bite on specially vessels. They love to bite on your inner thighs and neck, want to live in your bra straps and hairline for long term settlement.

Sumptoms Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has been found in every part of the world, and can spread to any part of the body. Some patients have a rash called Lyme rash. Symptoms are sometimes occurring like sweat, fever, flu,fatigue and joint pain. Sometimes a red bump may appear near the tick bite,  but don`t worry every tick bite is not Lyme disease. Mostly symptoms may shown within a month. Some of the major symptoms of lyme disease in women are as follows;


One of the most common symtoms of Lyme Disease in women is a rash. In medical term this rash is called ERYTHEMA MIGRANS. It has been observed that 80 to 90 percent of Lyme disease at later stage. Usually this rash is not painful or itchy, it appears in 3 to 30 days after transmission.


Lyme disease may accompany flu or flu like symptoms sometimes. After or with rash you can have fever, body aches, runny nose and fatigue. You can have sleep issues as well.  Ful is another one of the alarming symtoms of lyme disease in women that should be checked by the doctor.

Neurological Effects

Your nervous system can also have Lyme disease. symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, stiffness of muscles, weakness and pain in joints. Most commonly your knees affected and become swollen, and lastly develops arthritis.  Women are more likely to have this symptom because of their physiology.  this is among other prominent symptoms of Lym Disease in women.

Heart Problems

Women with Lyme disease  can develop heart problems sometimes, such as slow heartbeat or shortness of breath,which can lead to dizziness. Although these symptoms are rare, but appear over the period of several weeks.


Sometimes women with Lyme disease notice blurred or weak vision, but it happens in early stages.


A latest research has found that Lyme disease accompanied with anxiety and depression, so get ready for a visit to psychologist . And its rate is increasing so you need to manage it. Most women feel changes in their mood like over emotional, or feeling lost. Sometimes women feel difficulty in concentration and confusion. Anxiety is among highly prevailing symptoms of Lyme disease in women because it is well evident that women are more like to suffer from disease related anxiety than men.

General Problems

You can also face these problems if you got Lyme disease include allergies, swollen glands, weight gain or lose, infections like infections of kidney or eye.

Some of theses symptoms will get better slowly when your treatment starts, but can persist if you are getting late to see your doctor.

Long hair tips

Long Hair Tips

Long and silky hair are not a dream now, you can also have long and silky hair by using some long hair tips. There are hundreds of easy tips you can use to have smooth, silky and long hair, whether you have any type of hair. Your hair are made up of protein so need nutrients that your needs to fulfill your desire of having long and silky hair. Long and silky hair can change your look, then why not give some easy tricks to your hair for getting long and silky hair.

Hair Masks

You can use various types of masks to supplementing  your hair. These hair masks are best long hair tips you can use for your hair. These hair masks can show you quick results to get shiny and smooth hair, because your hair needs nutrients  to be shiny and long and masks can provide best results . here are some effective hair mask with proven results;

  • Olive Oil and Mustard Powder Mask

This is one of the best long hair tips you can use for getting long and shiny hair. Mix one tbsp of mustard powder in 2-3 tbsp luke warm water to make paste. After that add one egge and 3 tbsp pf olive oil. Mix all these ingredients together until it smoothes like a paste. Amount of ingredients vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Apply this mask to the roots of unwashed , dry hair, concentrate only on the scalp of the hair. This mask will show guaranteed results within 5-7 weeks of its use. This is one of the most effective and guaranteed long hair tips you MUST try out.

  • Egg Mask

Eggs are highly beneficial for fast hair growth and one of the most effective long hair tips because they are packed with essential nutrients suc h as protein, sulfur, iron, zinc, phosphorus and selenium.  Mix 4 tabsp of grapeseed oil along with lavender oil in one whisked egg. Apply it on your scalp and hair and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, rinse your hair well and shampoo your hair hair with moderate shampoo.

  • Olive Oil and Egg Mask

Mix 2 tabsp of extra-virgin olive oil and 2 eggs yolk on the scalp of head, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it well with cold water and shampoo.

Balance Diet

There are many foods which can help you to get long and silky hair. You can have lustrous hair when you provide your hair balanced diet with protein, iron, and whole grain. Omega 3 fatty acids are another important to hair growth. You need to intake vitamins to your hair growth. Avoid junk food and UV rays as possible as you can. The importance of balance diet cannot be neglected when it comes to use long hair tips for getting shiny and long hair.

Oil Treatments

Oil treatment is a well known tip to boost your hair with shine. There are many types of oils that you can use for that purpose. Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, egg, oil, and castor oil are the best for oil treatment. Before going to bed at night massage your hair with any oil. Make sure the oil reach to the roots of your hair. Wrap your hair with a towel or shower cap, then rinse with shampoo in the morning. Oiling is one of the highly effective long hair tips that you should not ignore.

Avoid Too Much Washing

In normal routine, there is no need for washing your hair daily because it can vanish your natural shining and soft. Your hair has natural oils which add shine to your hair, so if you wash your hair with harsh chemical again and again, these healthy oils can strip away. Wash at least 2,3 times your hair in a week for balancing natural shining. Following these simple long hair tips may provide you with your desired long and shiny hair within few days or weeks.

Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brush your hair regularly, preferably in the morning and evening time in order to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. Just make sure you massage your scalp gently because the principle “the harder you brush, the faster it grows” does not work actually. Gentky comb your hair twice a day for 2 minutes. It will speads the natural oils equally over your hair and stimulates blood circulation in your scalp.

Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Stage 2 Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the breast tissue. There are two main types of breast cancer;

Ductal Carcinoma

It starts in the ducts that move milk from the breast to the nipple. This type comprises of most breast cancer cases.

Lobular Carcinoma

This type of breast cancer starts in the lobules of breast which produce milk.

Stage 2 breast cancer means the breast cancer is growing but it is still limited to the breast or it has only gone to some of the nearby lymph nodes. Stage 2 breast cancer can be divided into two groups; stage 2A and stage 2B. The difference between these two stages is determined by the tumor size and if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit.

 Stage 2A Breast Cancer

Stage 2A Breast Cancer

This form of stage 2 breast cancer means;


The tumor in the breast is less than 2 cm and there are only few or less than four lymph nodes in the arm pit have cancer cells


No tumor is found in the breast but there are less than four lymph nodes in the armpit or auxilla containing cancer cells.


The tumor is 2-5 cm in size and has not spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

Stage 2B Breast Cancer

Stage 2B Breast Cancer

The tumor is larger than 5 cm but has not gone to axillary lymph nodes.

Causes of Stage 2 Breast Cancer

1. Gender and Age

As women get older, their risk of getting breast cancer increases. Most cases of stage 2 breast cancer or even advanced cases are found in women over the age of 50.

2. Family history of Breast Cancer

The risk of getting breast cancer is higher among women who have a family history of breast cancer. Family history means if a woman has maternal or paternal relatives diagnosed with this disease or other female types of cancer such as uterine, ovarian and colon cancer.

3. Genes

Genes play an important role in the matter. Stage 2 breast cancer or any other stage of breast cancer could be a result of mutations in your genes. The most common gene defects or mutations are found in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. A mother can pass one of these defective genes to her children which increase your risk of developing breast.

Risk Factors

The commonly observed risk factors for stage 2 breast cancer are;

  1. Alcohol use
  2. Late child birth
  3. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  4. Obesity
  5. Radiation

Symptoms of Stage 2 Breast Cancer

At early stage like stage 2 breast cancer, women do not feel any symptoms. For this reason, regular breast exam are very important. As the cancer grows symptoms may show up. some of the common symptoms of stage 2 breast cancer are;

  • A lump in the breast or armpit that is hard with uneven an edge which does not hurt in most cases.
  • A visible change in the size, feel, shape of the breast or nipple for instance a woman may have dimpling, redness, or puckering in the breast.
  • Bloody, clear or yellow fluid coming from nipple

Treatment of Stage 2 Breast cancer

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are treatment options for almost all stages of breast cancer. However, the intensity and dosage of treatment may vary depending on stage of the cancer.

For stage 2 breast cancer following treatment options are availed in most cases.

Local therapy

Most stage 2 breast cancer patients are treated with surgery, either mastectomy or breast conserving surgery (BCS). The nodal status is also checked either with axillary lymph node dissection or sentinel node biopsy (SNB). Women with larger tumors and BCS undergo radiation therapy to eradicate the risk of recurrence.

Systematic Therapy

Most stage 2 breast cancer patients are recommended systematic therapy. systematic therapy includes chemotherapy, targeted drugs for HER2 positive breast cancer, hormone therapy for ER/PR positive breast cancer. Chemo is usually given before surgery (Neoadjuvant) or after surgery (Adjuvant). Women with larger tumors are recommended to get Neoadjuvant therapy because tumor size can be reduced with chemo drugs and breast could be saved. However, survival rate is same for adjuvant and Neoadjuvant therapies. Similarly, survival rate for mastectomy and BCS are same.

Keratin Treatment at Home

If you are looking for straighter and smoother hair, Keratin hair-straightening treatment is a famous option at salons but you can use Keratin treatment at home as well.

About Keratin

Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair. Since your hair is a composition of keratin, so keratin treatment is consisted of marinating your hair in the potion until it is stuck to the hair. It smoothes the hair follicles and takes out waves and release curls. It helps prevent breakage and makes hair shiner. One thing to know about keratin treatment is it does not permanently straight your hair. It is safe to use because it does not contain carcinogenic material. With its pleasant olfactory experience, keratin treatment is safe for your eyes and skin. If you chose to do Keratin treatment at home, you should also consider choosing the best keratin treatments out of tons of various kinds of Keratin Treatments for various types of hair.

Best Keratin Treatment at Home

There are tons of keratin treatments for different hair styles. If you want to do keratin treatment at home then you should carefully choose the best one for your hair thickness and texture. Using same formula on different hair types will not get you good results. So selecting best keratin treatment at home is a challenging part of the process. Here are different Keratin Treatments that will give you an idea about choosing the best treatment option.

Liquid Keratin 30 Day straight-Smooth-Strong & long Treatment

Keratin Treatment at home

If you are looking for a spray in the treatment process that is easy to use and needs a little maintenance, you should try out Liquid Keratin Treatment as it is the best Keratin treatment at home. This product works in less than 30 minutes and best suitable for those who have naturally wavy hair and don’t want to lose those waves, just need a little help to cope with frizz. The product does not contain harsh chemicals so it is safe to use this keratin treatment at home. In order to extend the length of this product, you can apply this once a week or every other day.

Keratin Perfect

Keratin Treatment at home

This Keratin treatment at home package claims that it covers all the bases. The package includes a pretreatment shampoo, brushes, straighter, and post treatment strengthening spray. Using this Keratin treatment at home will make your hair shiner and smoother for a full month. According to cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson;

Instead of formaldehyde, this uses a more gentle skin-conditioning agent to alter the chemical composition within hair; it does an especially good job of reducing frizz in coarse hair.

Organix Brazilian Keratin Thearpy

Keratin Treatment at home

This formula is perfect for people with curly and frizzy hair. You can use this keratin treatment at home safely. The product claims that it reduces more than 95% of curl and frizz for as long as 0 days. The formula includes nourishing oils such as coconut and avocado oils that helps maintain natural shine and strength of hair. These oils are also safe and effective for colored hair. According to experts; “This works much like salon straightening treatments, except the formalde-hyde has been replaced with a kinder chemical that gives you basically the same results but is a lot safer to use.”

Suave Keratin Infusion

Keratin Treatment at home

If you want to achieve professional results with your keratin treatment at home, this product should be in your to-do list. It works pretty much like professional keratin treatment products and lasts more than a month. However, this product is designed for particular hair types such as unprocessed and healthy hair.

How it Works?

You can apply keratin hair treatment at home at your own. Process is simple, just apply keratin products on your hair, and comb your hair to make its way to every hair follicle, rinse and dry and finally iron your hair to seal it. The processes take nearly 90 minutes or may be longer. It depends mostly on the length of your hair. One thing to take into consideration is do not use shampoos with harsh chemicals after keratin treatment at home. Search for sodium sulfate free shampoo to maintain the treatment. Following these instructions will make your keratin treatment at home simple and effective.

health benefits of orange

Health Benefits of Orange

We all want to keep our skin healthy and glowing along with great immune system and to achieve this end; we need to take Vitamin C. The question is how to achieve the goal of beautiful and glowing skin and a healthy immune system and how to increase the intake of Vitamin C. Although there are vitamin C tablets and multivitamins available in market that can help us in increasing our intake of vitamin C, but that fact is that we all want to look for food items. Changing our diet is better option for us instead of taking these tablets. Well, you have oranges to fulfill your desire of beautiful skin and powerful immune system not that but there are many other health benefits of orange as well. Here we are sharing some of health benefits of oranges for you. These benefits are mentioned below:

Energy Booster and Healthier Skin

Oranges have a great quality of boosting your immune system due to the high levels of fiber. Containing the high level of vitamin C, It can help you to keep your skin looking younger and glowing. It can fight skin damage, reduce wrinkles, and improve the texture of your skin because oranges also have a good amount of collagen.

Oranges and Cholesterol

Oranges are the best source of fiber. These fibers may control excess of cholesterol and lower the levels in blood. A latest study showed that daily intake of orange for 90 days can lower the LDL which is bad cholesterol in people with high cholesterol problem. One orange have 130 percent of vitamin C.

Contribution for Health of Heart

Health benefits of orange include good level of potassium. For this reason, oranges are responsible for health of your heart. People who are taking healthy quantity of potassium daily had a lower risk of heart diseases. Because of oranges being rich in folate, these have the ability to prevent cardiovascular diseases as well.

Oranges and Weight Loss

Oranges have high level of fiber, which is a key ingredient for weight loss. Oranges are low fat fruits but rich in energy. Fiber can protect you from obesity, with a good control on your digestive system. Fiber can fight with fat cells in your blood so you can reduce body weight. Orange can also lower blood sugar levels. People with high blood sugar are recommended to eat oranges daily, or drink a glass of orange juice. One or two oranges or a glass of orange juice daily can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Digestive Health

One of the great health benefits of orange is improving digestive system. The oranges are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber and with the help of fiber; you can keep your stomach healthy and fir.  Oranges have such properties that can prevent most problems of stomach and intestines. Oranges can prevent constipation; it can prevent the irritable bowel syndrome as well. The fiber which oranges are containing in them adds more life to your stomach and helps the food to digest.

foods that lower blood sugar

Are you trying to maintain your blood sugar level and looking for foods that can help you in doing it? Here we are sharing some foods that can help you maintain and lower blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar level is important to prevent type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia and hypertension. It can also help you to be healthy and fit and lower your chances of being obese. Blood sugar is responsible for controlling the hormones which controls your mood, hunger, and energy for the whole day. However, your blood sugar levels can be controlled by eating the fruits, vegetables and whole foods and there are certain foods that lower blood sugar.

So, here are foods that are extremely helpful in lowering blood sugar level and maintaining your health:

Foods that Lower Blood Sugar


Cinnamon is considered one of the most effective and successful foods that lower blood sugar. It reduces the sugar levels in blood and also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Eating cinnamon not only helps in lowering blood sugar, but it helps in reducing triglycerides and bad cholesterol and prevents the fats to be stored in body.


Garlic is one of solution that has been used for years to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Garlic extracts has the capacity of lowering blood sugar and maintaining it. Garlic can also has the magical power of garlic which says that people with type 3 diabetes can increase the amount of insulin that is already present in blood of people with diabetes. It has proven itself as one of the best foods that lower blood sugar.

Nuts and Seeds

Unsaturated fatty acids have the important features that help in lowering blood sugar levels. So, if you have higher blood sugar levels, you may consider adding nuts and seeds in your diet plan. You can also eat olives, avocadoes, chia, sunflower, hemp and flax for this purpose. Avocadoes have the properties that are useful in fighting against metabolic syndromes including diabetes. You can add this to other foods that lower blood sugar to get maximum benefits.


Vinegar is another food item which is effective in maintaining health and one of the effective foods that lower blood sugar levels. The acetic acids can greatly contribute to reduce the enzymes in our stomach. The drink of water mixed apple cider vinegar is useful to before taking meals as it reduces the blood sugar and it works both for pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Leafy green Vegetables

If you are looking for a wonderful yet way to lower your blood sugar levels, leafy green vegetables are for you. All the leafy green vegetables including, spinach, collards, all lettuces, kale, romaine and dandelion greens are for people who have diabetes and it is helpful even for pre diabetes. These vegetables are magnesium rich foods that is more effective than any other food category to lower and maintain blood sugar. All these vegetables are included in foods that lower blood sugar.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are other sources of magnesium including, wild and brown rice, teff, oats, wheat germ, millet, amaranth and quinoa. You can add these food items in your daily diet plan and make some new and interesting recipes to eat. The whole grains help your stomach to feel full and helps you in lowering the blood sugar levels. Al above mentioned gains are important ingredients of foods that lower blood sugar.

Home Remedies for dry skin

Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Are you looking for home remedies for same problem that everyone has in winters? Dry skin is most common issue of both men and women these days. Winters here, and the dry air is sucking the life of our smooth skin away. Although winter season is not the only cause of dry skin but it is usually the main reason behind dry skin. So, if you are trying to deal with the problem, these easy and effective home remedies are for you.

Milk cream

Milk cream is one of best remedy to exfoliate the dry skin due to the reason that milk cream contains lactic acid which soothes our skin. Milk cream is also effective in maintain pH levels of our skin and helps our skin in keeping in moisturize. You can take one table spoon of milk, few lemon drops and two teaspoons of milk cream. Make an excellent moisturizer and apply it on hands, feet and legs. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off. Apply this mixture daily for better results.


Antioxidant, humectants and antimicrobial properties of honey make it best moisturizer to apply on dry skin as a moisturizer. Honey is also effective as it locks the moisture of our skin and makes it smooth and soft. Additional benefit of honey is that it contains important minerals and vitamins which are helpful in improving the health of our skin. Apply honey on your body and rub it for a while. Leave it for 15 minutes and then take shower. Apply daily to see how it works.

Coconut Oil

Treatment of dry skin can be very easy if coconut oil is being used. The coconut oil contains essential fatty acids that are not only good for our health but these are also helpful in moisturizing our skin. To apply, warm coconut oil. Apply the oil all over your body at night and leave it till morning. Wash it off in morning. Apply oil daily for better results.


Cucumber is helpful in treating dry skin and keeping it moisturized. It can not only treat dry skin as a moisturizer but it can also lighten the skin tone. To apply cucumber, take one cucumber and make paste of it. Apply the paste on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. For better results you can apply it daily and see the difference in one time use.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of best moisturizers that can help you deal with dry skin because it is natural source of vitamin E which works as a lubricator. Additional benefit of almond oil is that a very little amount of almond oil can help your skin moisten and it can repair and restore the skin blocks to keep it moisturized. You can massage almond oil on your body and face as well. Leave it for 15 minutes after massage and wash off with warm water. You can massage your skin with almond oil twice a week and within weeks you will see how magically it works.

What is Celiac Disease

What is Celiac Disease?

Are you suffering from celiac disease and want to know, what is celiac disease? Celiac disease is digestive or autoimmune disorder which is resulted by the damage of lining of small intestine when gluten rich foods are eaten. Some grains are rich in gluten which is a form of protein. The damage that has been done to intestine makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients such as fats, iron, folate and calcium. This damage is result of immune response due to the protein and with the passage of time this immune response results in inflammation that damages the intestine. Celiac disease can cause bloating and weight loss and may be diarrhea. In this way, the system of body including bones, liver, brain and nervous system can also be deprived of nourishment which is needed for our body to stay healthy.

Causes of Celiac Disease

Our body’s immune system is developed to protect our body from the invaders. Generally, gluten is the main cause of celiac disease which is found in barley, rye and wheat. The people who are exposed to gluten are more prone to develop this disease. Transglutaminase tissue which is an enzyme changes the gluten into a chemical. This chemical results in causing immune response which ultimately results in inflammation leading to the damage small intestine. Normal villi of intestine are damaged which is responsible for the building of small intestine. This process results in preventing our body to absorb nutrients from our diet.

In addition to it, the genetics are another cause of celiac disease but the family history may not be only reason for developing the disease. Other causes along with family history may cause celiac disease. The real reason for developing celiac disease is not unknown due to the fact that the cause of autoimmune response is not known.

People who have microscopic colitis, type I diabetes and autoimmune thyroid disease may experience the celiac disease or it may be resulted for the first time after some kind of surgery like childbirth, pregnancy, stress or viral infections.

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

                The symptoms of celiac disease are varies from person to person. Symptoms of the celiac disease are commonly seen as weight loss and diarrhea but large number of people does not experience digestive symptoms and others experience very few symptoms to be diagnosed as celiac disease. However, most common symptoms of celiac disease are mentioned below:

  • Digestive problems such as pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, and even pale stools
  • Missed menstrual periods in women
  • Weight loss
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Skin rash which is severe, called as dermatitis herpetiformis
  • Headache and fatigue
  • Damage to dental enamel
  • Hyposplenism, Reduced functioning of the spleen
  • Tingling sensation in the legs caused by the low calcium and nerve damage
  • Iron deficiency anemia commonly known as low blood count
  • Aphthous ulcers
  • Seizures
  • Growth problems in children and failure to flourish
  • Musculoskeletal problems such as bone and joint pain and muscle cramps
skin care products

Everyone loves makeup, but there is simply no substitute for beautiful clear skin. There are countless products that promise to fix acne, redness ad other skin imperfections, however, it takes long and hard to find out the perfect match for your skin. I have chosen some of the best skin care products for you based on their customer satisfaction rate. Following is the list of top 10 skin care products that promise to make your skin glow.

 Skin Care Products

1. Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser (For Gentle Cleaning)


This gentle cleanser is full of hydrating lipids. It makes your face squeaky clean without drying or tightening skin.

 2. Crest 3D Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit (For Teeth Whitening)


These stain blasting whitening strips conform and stretch to make teeth look white. You would barely notice while wearing these strips.

3. Aveeno Positive Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector (For Dark Spot Correction)


According to Dr Wu, “Brightening soy and Vitamin A, which speeds up cell turnover, start to fade stubborn spots within a few weeks of consistent use.” This is one of those skin care products that you will love to have in your bad forever.

4. Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer (Moisturizer)

simple ultra light gel

This moisturizer is hydrating glycerin trifecta. It soothes skin with provitamin B5 and skin brightener Vitamin C. one of its benefit is it absorbs into skin instantly but provides required level of moisture all day long.

5. Supergoop SPF 50 Everyday Sunscreen with CRT: (For Protection From Sun)

super goop

This moisturizer plus SPF leaves skin feeling hydrated and fresh without making it tacky. You need to add this to your every skin care products or regime to look and stay beautiful and fresh.

6. Bliss Labs Active 99.0 Restorative Night Cream (Night Regime)

bliss active

This is the perfect way to become a sleepy beauty. Go for this jar full of magic because experts have found this to be highly effective. The formula of this cream helps reduce age signs and removes uneven texture and dark spots.

7. Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl (For Dark Circle Reduction)


Niacinamide in this product helps soothing puffiness and reduces discoloration around the eyes significantly. The pearly finish of this cream reflects light and dark circles look considerably lighter than before.  This is one of my personal favorite skin care products that I apply regularly with wonderful results.

8. Garneir Clean Plus Purifying Foam Cleanser (For Reducing Oil Production)


This is one of the best skin care products that everybody wants to have as a part of daily skin care regime. The glycerin in the foam help hydrating dry patches on the skin without clogging pores while salicylic acid cleans the skin deeply.

9. Bare Minerals Biolucucent Mineral Brightening Treatment (For Brightening Skin)


This cream might be No.1 choice of all women who are dealing with uneven skin tone and dark complexion. Fruit acids and antioxidants transform your skin completely. According to Blitzer, “The opalescence makes skin look candlelit.”

10. Vichy LifeActive Retinol HA Concentrate (For Firming Skin)


This champ enhances the highest nonprescription concentration of retinol. This product significantly improves the appearance of cow’s feet and lipstick lines within 10 days of its use.

These top 10 skin care products have been chosen to make your face look young, fresh and beautiful at the same time.

Home remedies for oily face

Do you have oily face and looking for some simple solutions to deal with this challenge? Here we are sharing some home remedies for oily face. We all know that oily face is a challenge and dealing with is a sting. People, who have oily face have open pores, may have acne and black heads which are difficult to deal with. Excessive oil that affects the skin and lead to other skin related issues comes from the sebaceous glands that produce sebum excessively.

Oily skin may be result of changing hormones due to puberty and other reasons in women such as pregnancy, menopause, menstruation and taking hormone medicines such as birth control pills, eating habits, stress or maybe you have oily face because of genetics. Generally, women are more prone to have oily skin because of their body’s system of changing hormones with menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause. So, whatever the reason lays behind your oily face, these home remedies for oily face are going to solve this problem.

Home remedies for oily face

Here are some simple and effective home remedies for oily face:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in exfoliating your skin and a best home remedy to deal with oily skin. Apply apple cider vinegar on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off and see the result with a single application. To experience best results of apple cider vinegar, use it for minimum of three weeks.

Egg White

Egg white is another best home remedy for oily face. It is rich in vitamin A which is effective in tightening and drying oily skin. Beat the egg white to the point when it becomes stiff. Apply it on your face and leave until it gets dry. Wash your face off with warm water. You can use egg white twice a week and see how it works.

Banana and Honey Mask

This mask has been used since long as an useful home remedy for oily face as it soothes the skin, prevent wrinkles and most important of all, lessen the excessive oil. Mash one banana along with one table spoon of honey and place it into blender. Add some lemon juice in it and blend it. Apply this mixture on your face for 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water. Apply this mask once a week for better results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of most effective home remedy for oily face as it contains citric acid. Citric acid works as astringent for the face and lighten the skin. Mix one table spoon of lemon juice with half table spoon of water. You can either spray this liquid on your face or use a piece of cotton to apply it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. Use moisturizer after washing your face as it can make your skin dry.


Another useful and successfully being used home remedy for oily face is milk. It works as a cleanser and makes facial skin smooth. Mix one table spoon of milk and 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Dip and cotton ball in it and apply the mixture on your face. Then massage your face for five minutes and let its stay till morning. Wash your face in morning and to see best results use it twice a week.