herbal teas for weight loss

We all know about thousands of herbs which are good and bad for us, every herb has some qualities, can use for many problems, diseases, and infections. But the latest trend Is herbal teas for weight loss, making herbal teas is not just a cooking skill but also a science. Many herbs are available with great color and aroma. Herbal teas have some extra qualities like antioxidants, packed with minerals and detoxifying your body system, herbal teas are a natural way to fulfill tea and coffee cravings with an appealing taste.

Herbal Teas for Weight Loss

So following are some herbal teas for weight loss for those girls who are fed up with their extra pounds, and fat around their body. Herbal teas are one of the most speeding process for weight loss with extra properties of controlling metabolism, anti-oxidant and you can choose it according to your taste. There are many herbal teas which can shrink your fatty cells and help you to achieve your goal. The latest study proves that herbal teas for weight loss can also give you amazing health benefits like digestion and control cholesterol levels. Let`s start to read about top herbal teas, you can share your experience with me.

Oolong Tea

Is a floral tea, like green tea.The Chinese called it black dragon. It can increase your ability  to metabolism to promote weight loss. People have a wonderful experience with it when they use it regularly, can melt fat faster than other methods. Oolong tea can also effective in reducing cholesterol level and type 2 diabetes, because it can control the absorption and formation of fat cells. Must have this tea after having high calorie food.

Green Tea

The most famous around the world, with long listed benefits apart from weight loss. It contains antioxidants and Catechin, the most effective in increasing metabolism. It burns the fat cells in your body, also call a wonder herb. Green tea can also lower the cholesterol and triglyceride, because high levels of triglyceride can lead you to obesity. Drinking a cup of green tea daily can help you to keep healthy and fit, can also detoxify your liver and flush the toxins, you can use it with honey, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, it`s up to your taste.

Mint Tea

An herb with a pleasant scent, can speed up your digestion,  while burns your fat cells. Many people use mint tea as a chilled drink. If you are waiting for a miracle then start to using mint tea, it can help because it is a proven appetite controller. You can add honey, lemon, and fennel seeds to make it more effective. Mint is also a well known natural remedy for stomach issues, including vomiting, nausea and constipation, has been used for thousand of years in medicines, just you need to take some mint leaves, and 1 inch ginger root, put them in one glass of boiling water for 3, 4 minutes, strain and put in a cup, add some honey or lemon if you want.

Lemon Ginger Tea

Apart from weight loss lemon ginger tea is a best way to boost your immune system and increase your blood circulation. Ginger lemon is a rich antioxidant with vitamin C which is best for skin and hair. It has also antiseptic properties to overcome you to skin issues. If your blood sugar is high it can lead you to craving for fatty and fried meals, so start ginger, lemon tea now because it helps to normalize the sugar levels and ginger improves fat absorption, increase the activity of liver that cause proper function of weight loss.just chop the ginger and put in boiling water for twenty minutes, strain and add two tablespoons of lemon. You can put some leaves of green tea if you like, finally add honey for sweetening.

Mixed Herb Tea

It’s my favorite herbal tea, I had a great experience after use it about 4 months.you just  need some simple ingredients, like fennel seeds, a root of ginger, a stick of cinnamon, lemon, honey, 1 spoon of lemon grass. Boil some water and put fennel seeds, lemon grass, ginger, cinnamon,and cook for ten minutes, strain and add lemon and honey. Believe me it has a great taste, in addition it is a super digest cleaner,an antioxidant, a fat burner and water retention. And most important of all, it can refresh your breath also.

Benefits of Dry fruits

Benefits of Dry Fruits

Here comes the December, cool winds and snow falling, all of us like a packet of something, raped our  scarfs and in search of heat and warmth. You are searching something which can  warm your blood and boost your energy? No problem, just go and bring some dry fruits, health benefits of dry fruits are not hidden, we can write books on benefits of dry fruits.

Dry fruits are very good for our health with their rich taste.dry fruits have more fiber with anti-oxidant properties, can a good source of energy, improve health. But remember dry fruits are higher in calories, can improve your weight, benefits of dry fruits for our health are common, but we all need to read more about them.there are many choices for us to choose according to our taste in the variety of dry fruits, almonds, dates, pistachio, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts are most famous.


Can effect on blood cholesterol, can add the glow in your skin, most nuts are high in fat, but almonds does not increase your weight, they are good for brain function. Almonds have a great quality of alkaline forming. 25 almonds  contain calcium, about ¼ cup milk, whole food sources of vitamin E. Almonds are cholesterol-free. Almond oil has a high smoke point and a great moisturizer for baby massage.A good news for girls that almonds have 20 antioxidant to boost your skin, and using in lotions and cosmetics since ancient times.


The most popular in all over the world, also known as groundnuts. You can have peanuts almost all year. Peanut prevents heart and nervous diseases, also have anti fungal properties. An  acid named P-Coumaric can protect our stomach from  severe diseases. Peanuts are rich in B-complex, vitamin B6, and vitamin B9. They are rich in vitamin E, can help to protect skin damage, women who like peanuts in their daily routine, have less chances of weight gain, you can also use peanut butter in your meals. Peanuts can also help you to release your depression because peanuts have Tryptophan.


The beautiful white beans shaped dry fruit, cashew. Originally belongs to Brazil, rich in anti-oxidant qualities. Cashews have an oleic acid, which is very effective in fighting with heart diseases, can lower blood pressure level. Cashews have nucleic acid which helps digestion. The magnesium, which is present in cashews is very good for our bones, helps regulate your muscle and balancing calcium. Magnesium can also help to reduce the migraine attacks and fatigue. One handful of cashews can lower the risk of gall-bladder diseases.


A historical plant food, with a rich taste and high nutritional value,found all over the world. Walnuts are high calorie but their benefits are unbelievable, from beauty to heart health.walnuts have a compound called melatonin, which is responsible for increase the sleep, Biotin in walnuts can strengthen hair roots and reduce the hair loss. Because of antioxidants they can destroy free radicals to improve your heart health by preventing the diseases. And a good news for men, according to a research, walnuts can improve your sperm count, and motility. In addition, walnuts also good for pregnant women, mothers who use a diet rich in fatty acids which we found in walnuts, can safe the baby from different types of food allergies.


Mostly found in the Mediterranean area, but available in other regions also. A nut with shell, rich in nutritional value. Pistachios have anti-inflammatory properties, have vitamin A, vitamin E, protect your skin by preventing aging, moisturize your skin and give it a glow. Pistachios can increase white blood cells because to have vitamin B6, which is also very good for the immune system and blood circulation.

Pistachios helps in increasing hemoglobin, which is essential for brain to make it more active. Pistachios are an ideal snack for post exercise, which gives energy and nutrients to refuel after exercise, also good for athletes and fitness purpose. Pistachio is a good source of dietary fibers, which we need to digest our food and keep it on track.

benefits of alkaline water

Living a healthy life is not a dream now, health challenges are not a mystery these days, when we can reach the level of best of healthy living by some struggle. We can do some simple steps to manage a good healthy living by exercise, eat well, avoid junk, but there is something very amazing and necessary in nature which holds our lives, without it we can`t live on earth. Yes, you are alright, it is water. But what if you have some different water, more healthy, more hydrate? Its called alkaline water,which can improve all health aspects by flushing our body. Benefits of alkaline water are wonderful, can be achieved after some processes. You can have in 2 forms; natural source or artificial source, both have benefits of alkaline water, some places like volcanic regions have natural alkaline water , but you can also buy bottles which are made by some process on machines. When the benefits of alkaline water are booming, some scientist say our body, do not need any fancy water, the human body does that with its own system.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Any water with 7.0 PH level is called alkaline water, so simple yet important, can be had by adding baking soda and lemon juice in your simple water at home or go for a processed water or ionized water, available in bottles everywhere. This process is called electrolysis. Do you want to read more about the benefits of alkaline water, here is all you need to know about amazing water with extra superb qualities that can prove healthy body without any toxic. Keep on


Now here is a good news for the ladies on dieting, as more alkaline water as more pounds will cut off, to give a quick result to reduce weight and maximize the chances to lose fat, need no hard struggle, just drink about 6 glasses of alkaline water daily. It has been seen in most diet charts to obsess persons. Make sure to drink alkaline water regularly to speed up your struggle for reduce extra pounds,  which you have here and there on your body.  Some supporters say it may be having an extra effect on the detoxification.


A research in Japan claims that alkaline water has some really good effects on your digestive problems, people with some mild symptoms, experienced relief in a few weeks.  but remember alkaline water is not a medicine for stomach, in any severe digestive problems contact with your doctor, however about 60 to 70 percent people feel relief from their problems after starting to alkaline water in their daily diet.


Do you know alkaline water is also an antioxidant, with quick absorption properties, also help with responding the free radicals in early aging. Because it can deliver a healthy amount of electrons to neutralize the free radicals, can increase your kidney`s ability to discharge all types of toxins,  a good suggestion is to mix it with some vitamin C, it can double the effect.


There is no other thing satisfied, you at the time of thirst, alkaline water treated the clusters into microclusters, after it water become more absorbed and hydrating our body. When our body is well hydrated, sickness and diseases will weak enough to attack us. Hydration also promotes glowing and healthy skin with the additional ability of removal acids.


For an overall healthier you, every step you make has an effect on your health, as mentioned alkaline water is also a nutrient, can help to deliver nutrients to your body that’s why your body cells will become more competent against diseases and disorders. It can help oxygenized body cells to build up a healthy immune system, can destroy molecules as well.


Looks amazing, it can also add a smooth flavor to your coffee, tea, juices and cooking, add it to your beverages  for their tangy or acidic taste. When cooking some vegetables or meat, add in alkalize water, because  alkaline water can absorb quickly into your food and can protect the texture and taste, food cooks quicker then ever.  All these benefits of alkaline water are good enough to make you think about including it in your daily life.

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Watermelon a large giant fruit with beautiful red color. Do you know a watermelon is amazingly healthy for you with its juicy texture, based on 90 percent of water. For about a long time people were using it as a sweet treat because made of sugar and water. Later on finding out many things about its health benefits. Nutritional value of watermelon as a low calorie fruit is beneficial for adults and also kids, provides a high level of vitamins and antioxidants. 1 cup of watermelon contains only 46  calories with no fat.

Along with the nutritional value of watermelon, its seeds are also good for us, when dried. Watermelon seeds have a good amount of proteins with some amino acids can help to regulate blood pressure, seeds also have vitamin B, minerals. These B vitamins maintain your digestive system and skin. Watermelon seeds also contain a rich mineral called Magnesium,which can effect on our blood sugar or metabolism .

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Nutritional value of watermelon is more important these days when everyone wants to stay healthy with a slim figure and celebs look, we can say it`s the world`s healthiest fruit with no fat and low calorie count. Mostly cultivated in summers in all over the world, because need to higher temperature to bloom. It can range 80 to 90 days to become mature.

Watermelon is most beneficial for dehydration, many people choose it to eat to stay hydrated, can use it sliced, cubed, blended, everybody in family can enjoy it all seasons around, have a look at the nutritional value of watermelon.


Is an antioxidant, have a great role in so many diseases, its presence gives the watermelon its red charming color. Lycopene can reduce the risk of heart diseases, some types of cancer and cares our skin from UV rays. Lycopene also blocks the growth of cancer cells to spread around, also found in tomatoes.one wedge of watermelon have 4.5 mg lycopene, is the pigment that gives rich red color to many fruits. While more studies are needed, research investigated that lycopene can prevent prostate cancer. There is no significant amount have been listed but it is true that antioxidants are fat-soluble.


Watermelon also has vitamin A, well known for its eye health qualities, can high the level of energy. It has  an excellent power to fight infectious cells in the blood, also a hope for early aging, food intake, of vitamin A ensures a healthy vision. A good quantity of A vitamins can reduce acne problems so you need to eat more and more watermelon for cutting down sebum production,enhancing the look of your skin.


Is an agent that protects your body from oxidation, one wedge of watermelon has 39 percent vitamin C which you need daily. Vitamin C also has immunity boosting properties, play a role against infections and the common cold. According to the latest surveys, can protect you from stress hormones. One of the most important qualities is iron absorption, can absorb iron into your blood if in low quantity.


Found in watermelon helps to produce antibodies, also help to break the protein chain. It is the most important vitamin to maintain brain and nervous system. A proven ingredient to remove toxins from our liver and kidney. We can, say use a large quantity of watermelon to detoxify your blood and liver. One cup watermelon has 7 mg of vitamin B6.


A mineral which is necessary for water balance in the human body, it is found in every cell, can protect from kidney stones and strokes. However watermelon has only 8 percent  potassium in 280mg sliced.


Present only six percent in one wedge of watermelon, helps to cut down the fat and carbohydrates.


Three percent of niacin in one serving of watermelon daily value, is a branch of B VITAMIN.


4 percent of the daily value of this B vitamin is found in one serving of watermelon, a guard on tissue repair.

External Jugular Vein

External Jugular Vein

External jugular, a late Latin word which means ,  relating or near the neck or throat.The External jugular vein that passes down the sides of the neck, posturing to the subclavian vein  external collecting blood from within the skull. It can drain blood from the face and neck and transfer it towards the heart. There are three jugular veins human body has, external, internal and anterior, these are on duty for the drainage of the blood around the head and neck. The tributaries of external jugular veins are responsible for the supply of blood in external face, it is made up with two other veins, posterior vein and Retro mandibular vein.these two veins associate to the Mandible in a posterior position and lower to the forming jugular vein to our outer ear.

After formation, the jugular vein slops down the neck within the fascia, which runs to a muscle named Sternocleidomastoid. The jugular external vein receives the tributary veins when its on the track  around the neck, these tributaries is posterior jugular, transverse cervical and supra scapular veins. In case of any accident, an injury, a sharp slash, jugular vein’s Lumen is become open and air will be drained into the vein, as a result it can stop blood circulation through the right atrium.

Internal Jugular Vein

The internal jugular vein lies down and carries blood from the skull and neck, however internal jugular veins are much larger than the external jugular veins.in case of heart failure, we can see the jugular veins, jugular veins provide latest update of the central venous pressure, whether the heart is failing or it will be kept up with some efforts. Any injury to the vein can lead to some life threatening  results if we are late or doctors do not repair it with a surgery. Because it is not too far from the upper skin so beware of any minor slashes like glass or a knife. If the external jugular stops its functioning , our head will be filled with blood and cause serious edema of the face or neck.

External jugular vein is also called superficial veins, are also signal for a surgeon to avoid any error which can cause extra bleeding  when he is doing head and neck surgery. It is also used in prehospital diagnoses when doctor unable to find another vein for venous access need,  commonly in cardiac problems.

There are 2 other valves located at the entrance of the external jugular vein, do not stop the backward flow of blood , this area between the valves called Sinus. This is surprising that some people have double external jugular veins, if you want to study it, placing the patient, hold the head opposite side and spread the light with a torch. Because we are not studying about vessels that involves the heart blood pumping and not visible in the neck. External jugular vein provides a good quantity of venous pressure.

The external jugular vein can also play a role in earlier emergency operations, and for fluid therapy.

How to heal cracked heels

Cracked Heels

One of the extremely uncomfortable issues of winters, with all the cold winds and ups and downs of temperature, there are many problems we have to face including dryness of our skin. It impacts on all over the body, but most women are facing the problems with dry cracked heels. An old saying is

A women is judged by her feet and a man by his shoes

Yes, I am talking about cracked heels, though it is not a harmful disease just a seasonal thing when our skin becomes dry. Cracked heels can be treated with some easy steps, anyone can have cracked heels but it is common in women and older people. You don`t wear these fashionable and attractive footwear  with these ugly,  cracked heels, so you need to pay more attention on your foot to prevent cracked heels. There are many factors that causes of cracked heels but major is dry skin, take a look on the reasons that can play a role in cracked heels.

Causes of Cracked Heels

Busy Schedules

Lack of attention is also a common cause for cracked heels, we don`t have time to look after our foot. We wander here and there bare footed on the hard floors, walking and standing ,prolonged in our kitchen, don`t look at our shoe type, have no time to think whether these are comfortable or not, what suits you heel or sandals or flat shoes.


Our weight can increase the pressure on our foot pad under the heel as a result, our heel expands to sideways and crack on the heels are appearing. If you are overweight, don`t stand for a long time, so wear a heel pad to avoid expanding.

Medical Problems

If you have diabetes or some thyroid conditions which are contributes to break the sweat glands, you have extra dry skin, you have more chances for having cracked heels. Another factor is flat heels that people have by birth.

Dry Skin

Dry skin on your feet can make your heels crack, it can become painful if you don`t give appropriate care, feet can become itchy and bleed. There are many causes for dry skin such as Eczema, wearing open shoes, hot water, medicines like antihistamines can lead to extra dry skin.

Dehydration and Deficiency of Minerals

If you do not drink a plenty of water, it Can lead you to dehydration because your skin needs more and more water to stay moisturized, drink 12 glasses of water if it is winter or summer. Keep an eye on your daily food if any, vitamin or mineral is missing, because many multivitamins have the essential hitters for healthy and moist skin. So taking vitamin, zinc, omega 3,6, vitamin B-6, is a good idea.

How Can I treat Cracked Heel

To prevent the problem, act on some tips and you`ll be kicking your dry and miserable cracked heels.

Oil Massage

Many oils can make an amazing effect such as coconut oil, sesame oil, and vegetable oil. Clean your feet and let them dry, rub the oils to cracks gently and leave overnight, for effective result wear your socks, the next day you will see the result.


You can combine glycerin with some other ingredients also such as lemon, rose water, honey, and vinegar. Because glycerin is a softening agent and used in many cosmetic products. Just mix glycerin with rose water, apply it daily before go to bed.


First rub your heels with a pumice stone to clean dead skin, then apply Vaseline, rub it gently for 2 minutes put your clean socks and go to bed.


Some things in nature have an exfoliating properties such as rice flour and brown sugar. Make your homemade exfoliate at home, just need 2 tablespoons of rice flour, 1 tablespoon of honey, a few drops of oil,Luke warm water in a pot or basin. Soak your feet in it for 15  minutes every day.

Salt Water

Is an old and excellent way for cracked heels, you need Luke warm water in a bucket, put some salt in it and place your feet in it. This will also reduce any kind of swelling in your feet. Put your feet in it about 20 minutes.

Fruit Mask

Bananas are best for this purpose, but you can also use avocado. Because these fruits has excellent ability to moisturize the skin, Mash the bananas and apply on cracked heels for 15 minutes, wash off the mixture with Luke warm water.

Stomach Virus; Symptoms and treatment

Stomach Virus

The stomach  is a hollow sack located in the upper abdomen, it is like a tank where food stores. If our analysis about its structure, it is made up of some layers of tissue. The size of the stomach is different in each of us, but it can contain 1-2 liters of food  easily. So overeating can lead to discomfort,so the stomach is an important organ in our body because it acts as a major organ to digest your food.

Diseases and disorders of the stomach  are very common, lead to a variety of symptoms, but a very common is stomach virus symptoms. A viral infection, which can catch you by swallowing some type of viruses. The stomach virus  symptoms can be spread person to person by sharing eatables and utensils, stomach virus symptoms  are different than the other flu or throat viruses. The stomach virus symptoms occur after 24 hours when the virus enters the stomach.some most common symptoms of stomach virus are following:

Symptoms of Stomach Virus


The most common stomach virus symptom is watery nausea, usually you may experience vomiting due to a stomach virus, use cold water, sip at a time, you can have other liquids to avoid dehydration, can long last for a week. Stomach virus symptoms can stay with you mild or severe.

Abdominal Cramps

Stomach pain or cramps are common, almost every patient complained about there belly pain, if you have constant pain, you should see your general physician.

Low Fever

Stomach viruses sometimes brings a low fever and headache with him, you also experience fatigue and muscle pain after you swollen the stomach virus. In some cases, people noticed weight loss.


Nausea and vomiting can cause dehydration because our body base 70 percent of fluid and can`t function without fluids, it can be treated with liquids, but you have a severe condition, go to the doctor, he may give intravenous fluids to treat your dry mouth or extra thirst.


There are some tips along with treatment of stomach virus symptoms, you can take care of yourself. Remember, antibiotics have no role in stomach virus.

  1. With stomach virus you lose more fluids during vomiting and bowel system, so keep hydrated, with water and some electrolytes, it can help fast. You can get it from the pharmacy. Avoid caffeinated and acidic liquids because they can make the problem worse.
  2. Give rest to your stomach, don`t drink or eat too much, just use blended meal that your stomach can digest easily, do not use the liquid after vomiting immediately because it can cause vomiting again. Take small sips of water with some break.
  3. If you have severe stomach virus conditions, your doctor may ask prescribed some medicines such as anti diarrheals, or anti-emetic for reduce vomiting. People with serious symptoms like nausea, dehydration, not passing urine, are in need of hospital treatment.
  4. In case of fever or muscle pain do not take pain killers or ibuprofen, it can upset your bowel control, medicines can make the infection long last. Try to stay firm on fluids and electrolytes because they have salt and minerals, but again try potatoes, bananas, yogurt, and rice first, if not working pay visit to your doctor.
Pain Around Belly Button

Belly button , another name is Navel, medical name, is Umbilicus, is the hollow part in the middle of your abdomen. It is the mark to recognize where the umbilical cord was , the cord vessels connecting belly button to other parts of the body inside the belly. If you have pain around belly button, its alarming that there is something wrong, any kind of pain matters. Just don`t take it lightly. Pain around belly button commonly don`t go away, because there are more organs  in the area. Pain around belly button is mostly triggered by some uncomfortable pressure in the belly. You need to be able to figure out the type or causing the pain around belly button.

Pain Around Belly Button

Some minor and some serious issues are the cause for pain around belly button. Just you need to locate it, can help your doctor to make the correct diagnosis.


Hernia can lead to other complications, but not dangerous itself. Usually its pain around belly button feels  when bending or coughing, occurs when the main abdominal muscles are getting disturbed and make a defect in the abdominal wall, results abdominal pain around your belly button.


In our busy lives, there are a big number or people who develop ulcer, commonly effects in the small intestine and stomach layer. Our poor lifestyle, acidity, and bacteria’s are factors.ulcers can experience you a sharp pain around belly button and become worse if you don`t use medicines  to cure it.

Food Poison

When your stomach become bulky due to heavy meals you take, it can cause pressure on the abdomen, also if you have gas problems,  get ready for sharp pain in surrounding abdomen and feed up the bacteria. And if you have infection you can also experience vomiting with the pain.


These are common in women, can lead to pain around belly button. Urinary tract infections may spread to your  abdomen and cause pain if untreated. It can usually treat with antibiotics, don`t let it if you have harsh pain with fever or nausea, it is a sign of infection that may reach to your bladder and urethra.


As you all know about cyst, is a fluid filled sack, no matter big or small, if located in ovary you have pain around your belly button. Most women experience it in their lives, usually small in size, but if become large might cause serious pain in belly button. Visit your doctor to figure out the treatment.

Menstural Cycle for Girls Only

you can have cramps before or after menstrual cycle, it can be painful in the belly button and full abdomen. It can be reached to hips, back and thighs, don`t worry, this pain is temporary and vanish after some time just you need is a painkiller or a heating pad to place on the pain area, it can give you comfort to place it on your navel area.

Side Effects of Medications

Most of you know,  There are some medicines that can cause pain, some medicines can be signs that your stomach don`t absorb  the medicine, and you experience pain around belly button. Contact your doctor immediately in case you have pain around belly button.

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee Pain When Bending

Knee pain when bending is a common issue these days, many people have the same problem of knee pain but mostly women of all ages get knee pain when bending. Athelets often get knee pain, some people with knee pain can be severe while some have mild knee pain when bending, in both situations you have in dealing with knee pain.  The Knee is an important joint of our body and also biggest,  which supports our body mass, so when we try to top leg with lower, we face knee pain when bending.it can be due to unnatural bending or unwanted twisting of the knee. Common knee pain  when bending, can be a result of some incident.

Knee pain when bending is frustrating, you are more likely to have it if you are overweight, or an  athlete. It may be started after an injury, but sometimes it can be infections or inflammation of your knee parts such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. You can do self therapies, but go to see a doctor is necessary.

The major symptom of knee pain is when you want to bend it or try to walk, you feel that your joint is locked or jam, you are unable to bend or move your knee. People who indulge in any specific motions for a long time are at high risk of knee pain when bending.

Want To Learn About Knee Pain Causes?

Some of the common conditions that people talk about causing knee pain when bending.

  • OSTEOARTHRITIS: Leading to damage the protective layer and bones in the knee, causing pain, and inflammation.
  • INJURY: Can occur suddenly as a result of direct hit or abnormal movement, often result tears of the cartilage or ligaments. Can happen after a fall or road accident, you feel a sharp pain in your knee and unable to bend. Sometimes you may break the kneecap, cause by hit an object  forcefully.
  • BURSITIS: Any specific movement that you repeat for a long time can cause a build-up of small fluid-filled sacks, typically sports players involves in it, it causes pain in the knee when bends it, fully, it can be treated at home, resting and using ice packs to reduce the swelling.
  • TENDONITIS: It is caused by sometimes by jumping or climbing activities, your knee may swell or red with warm feeling. It happens when we are overusing tendon that connects the kneecap, the pain can often lowers with painkillers and rest.
  • GOUT: When  your blood builds up uric acid cells into your joint, gout occurs and it affects the knees commonly, causing sharp pain in your knee.
  • KNEE DISLOCATION: A major cause of knee pain, when your knee becomes upset or disturb from normal location and moves side position, so avoid bearing your full body mass on one side or one foot. It is also very painful and you can,t bend your knee or even move. However go to your doctor to find out what is the source of sharp pain.
Early Lupus symptoms

Lupus is a disease , that attacks when your body`s immune system is ready to attack on your organ and tissue, can affect on many different body parts at a time such as blood cells, kidneys, heart system, lungs. It may cause chronic inflammation. Sometimes it takes months and years to diagnose, but lupus symptoms are not rare.

Sometimes people thought it a viral condition. Women also especially American and Asian  have a high risk to get lupus symptoms. You can get this disease from the teenage to around thirty, however, it is difficult to make diagnosis based on early lupus symptoms.it is a long term autoimmune system disease which mostly affects women.

Lupus is a word from Latin which means wolf, we know the several symptoms of lupus, but the most common is SLE, and may lead to some dangerous complications. About 90 percent of women are lupus patient and diagnose at the age of childbearing. Sometimes hormones may be the cause, However ,genetics and environment are a combination risk factor.

Early Lupus Symptoms

Early Lupus symptoms come suddenly or slowly but are not exactly like one another, may mild or moderate, but will depend on which body system attacked by lupus disease, first and common sign is a butterfly shape rash on face,let`s talk about lupus symptoms include


A butterfly shaped rash in cross position on the cheeks and nose,  and is one of the most common early lupus symptoms, about 50 percent of people have this sign and can occur suddenly. Rarely,  this rash can itchy or sun sensitivity. Sometimes it can appear after sun rays.


One of the common early Lupus symptoms  is fever, mostly low grade. People mostly won`t think to go to the doctor on the condition, but later they can experience it again and again, low grade fever is a sign of inflammation, infection, now you need to see a doctor.


90 percent of women with lupus disease have some level of fatigue, but fatigue can be treated with supplements and physical activity.


You can experience swelling of joints, and pain. It may be mild and later go. In the morning many people feel  stiffness, there is a notable thing that painkillers  do not help, you need to see a doctor to examine if your joint problem is caused by lupus or something else.

Heart Problems

If you have inflammation of the lining which protects your heart and lungs can be a symptom of Lupus, according to the latest surveys, both conditions are also a sign of viral infection. So if you feel a sharp chest pain with coughing focus on Lupus symptoms and go to your physicion.

Mental Disturbance

Lupus can give you headache in addition, you can have a brain or nervous system problems, like vision problems, confusion, headache and anxiety. You feel shortness of concentration and tension during Lupus.


Low level of red blood cells, or anemia is common in Lupus  symptoms. Most women have anemia or iron deficiency, because Lupus disease can destroy the blood cells, however lab test can tell the exact story.