Our hormones are a building block of our well being and overall health, especially in women. Hormonal changes in a female body can throw her into negative situation, it can  happen any time in our life, but in 40`s, mostly women, have a hormonal imbalance, sometimes  it can save by changing in our diet and lifestyle but sometimes it needs a special care and medications. There are two most important hormones present in a female body are estrogen and progesterone, which are mostly caused for hormonal imbalance in a woman, can disturb a female life with promoting total changes in mental and physical health of any woman. Take a look on my page to read about some effective ways to deal with hormonal imbalance,I am so happy to provide you that content which can help you maintain yourself,  some of them are so simple and easy for every female to do it.but don`t forget to read about the causes which are common in females, such as lack of movement, age, obesity, premature menopause, unhealthy diet, menstrual cycle, but don`t worry, there are many tips and herbal medicines which are effective to deal with hormonal imbalance. Go to nearest trained medical expert or gynecologist. I am sharing some effective tips and waiting for your comments.

Don`t use unsaturated fats

avoid fats as much as you can, especially vegetable oil, nut oil, and canola oil, eat omega 3 which is present in fish. For the purpose coconut oil and olive virgin oil are the best option because they are light and rich in healthy fats. If you are low in estrogen, flax oil can be the wonderful choice.

See the toxins around you

our environment is full of many types of toxins which we ever notice to avoid them, there are many things that can interrupt the process of production of real hormones, like some pets, chemicals related to the household, plastic products, so if you are suffering from the imbalance hormones avoid the toxins and apply some simple tips, like plastic storage food, unhealthy meat, avoid excess of micro foods, and chemicals which are used for insects.

Leave birth control pills

women who have used contraceptive methods like pills, injections, are mostly having the problem, many women report that pills are creating a flow of hormonal imbalance, hair loss, overweight, depressive mood, fatigue, lack of vitamin, all are a cause of using birth control.

Maintain your weight

when your body has extra fat on it can produce more estrogen in the body, if you want to correct the imbalance hormones, just make sure to reduce extra pounds over you. Use fiber rich food like bran, oats, apples, oranges, and green vegetables, it can also boost your metabolism and take control of excessive fat.  There is some evidence that fiber rich foods can build up estrogen level and organic fruits help you to maintain a perfect weight.

Exercise daily

exercise or walk can better your hormone imbalance, especially if you are suffering with thyroid imbalance, daily workout can make your problem better instead of worse, start with some light exercise, which your body can handle easily, try relaxing tips like walking and cycling which has also some additional health benefits. You can also do yoga and dancing as well.

Use fenugreek and flax seeds

many herbalists suggest fenugreek and flax seeds because they believed that these seeds have estrogen to deal with imbalance hormones. Flax seeds can maintain the correct level of progesterone and estrogen because they have a high rate of omega 3 which are necessary for regulating the hormone levels. Being rich in many nutrients like potassium, zinc, and vitamins, they can also have control on our metabolism, that`s why, people who use theses seeds have always a healthy weight. Use these seeds in your daily life, especially those women who have endometriosis and menstrual cramps, you can feel better with the use of 1 tablespoon of daily consumption.

Things to avoid

avoid all types of alcohol and beverages that are made up with alcohol, take a look on carbohydrates especially refined carbohydrates like white bread, white flour, white rice, white pasta, they can play a role to make the problem worse, limit your caffeine, coffee, colas, and other energy drinks, keep your self  stick to all these tips mentioned above to  deal with hormonal imbalance.

Obesity is a common problem  around the world, especially among the women, people who have extra pounds are at great risk to have heart problems, high blood pressure, hypertension and many diseases. Today I want to share a good news with you guys, And also a secret for all of you that can do a wonder for all girls who wants to control their weight. I know most of us skip our meals for weight loss, but it is not good for our health. Do you know our body has 13 vitamins we can found in our body to maintain our overall health. So keep an eye on effective vitamins that can help to loss weight, with a diet plan and exercise schedule. Many of us can have the experience it before reading my page, so it`s not hard to achieve an ideal weight, just you need to have a knowledge about them with your doctor`s advice. Remember all guys, it can`t be done in a week, it takes time according to your extra pounds which you put on your body. Here is a little detail about vitamins that can help to loss weight.

B vitamins

A  most common and effective vitamin which contain excellent ability to boost your metabolism, can reduce your weight in a healthy manner. It contains about 8 other vitamins includes B1,B2, B6 and B12, these vitamins are used in many ways but the most important is metabolic regulation. There are many evidences that are recommending it as a weight loss programmer, alone or with some other combination of minerals. Meat, fish, legumes and leafy vegetables are a good source of B vitamins that can boost your metabolism and help you to maintain an ideal weight. People who cut out their meals for loss weight, can experience fatigue, they are also in need of B vitamins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a friend of all other vitamins because it is responsible for the absorption of all types of minerals and supplements, vitamin C is also a key guard of boost immune system which is a helper in the loss weight process.for best results, along with vitamin C supplements, includes foods rich in vitamin C like broccoli, red and green vegetables, citrus fruits. Vitamin C can wash out all the fat cells from your blood to control on your weight.

Vitamin D

A team of researchers found that vitamin D is a key factor to reduce weight, but remember it is not answer of your health related problems, vitamin D can help to create a good balance to loss weight. As we all know vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body which is a essential ingredient to get rid of osteoporosis. A simple way to get vitamin D is direct source of sunlight for half an hour, with all of its,  use cereals, yogurt, bread, liver oils and all types of fish.the RDA allowance of vitamin D is 1000 IU per day, remember vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so it can stay in your body, be careful when you have to start a supplement of vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D can disturb a hormone named Leptin which is responsible for signals to your brain.

Vitamin E

A great antioxidant, there are many foods that contain vitamin C so you need to search here and there in search of supplements like avocado, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, lettuce is a great source of vitamin E, In some cases vitamin E can prevent some types of cancer. Vitamin E is also a beauty vitamin, can prevent early aging, reduce skin problems and its elasticity. For better results,  use foods which are  unsaturated fats. According to the national council of fitness, muscles mass can burn more calories than fat, so vitamin E can train your muscles to maintain a good fit body. With all of vitamins consumption, you need a little effort to maintain your diet and take exercise daily whether it is a short walk. Replace your poor diet with a healthy diet chart and take these vitamins as a supplement with all certain nutrients.

Is a common infection of gums, links to supporting area of teeth.medical name is periodontal disease. If you do not treat it, becomes severe and turn into two other types, Gingivitis and Periodontitis.


it is the mild condition of gum disease, with redness and swollen gums symptoms. Mostly it is due to poor hygiene, people with gingivitis normally have no severe pain or discomfort.


when you don`t pay attention to gingivitis, it becomes in the form of periodontitis. Presence of bacteria produces more toxins that can  lead  to bad inflammation, which cause the instruction of bone and the tissue related to gums, as the process increase, the gums becomes into the form of pockets, sometimes you want to remove your teeth. If your Periodontitis becomes aggressive, it can cause bone destruction. There are many symptoms of gum disease, but here a few of them;

The symptoms of gum disease

the signs of healthy and normal gums are pink gums and tooth pointed at their spot, they never bleed easily, but if you are noticing these symptoms like, go for an appointment to a dentist.

Swollen and red gums

Bleeding during brush

Some type of pain

Gums which are spreading from teeth

Permanent bad breath, especially early morning


Pain during chewing or bite something

Teeth that are loose from the gums

Causes of gum disease

the most common cause of gum disease is plaque, which is a bacteria based lawyer, has a good quantity of our teeth, when it becomes more advanced, can develop severe inflammation. With the passage of time, the plaque change in form of tartar, which cause pulling away from their spot. However the major cause of gum disease is bacteria but we can not forget some other factors which are playing a role to make disease severe include;


Excessive use of alcohol

Family history of gum disease

Having diabetes

Use of high sugary foods and chewing products

Permanent acidic stomach

Weak immune system

Some medications like contraceptives and chemotherapy

Poor is filling of teeth

Pregnancy or menopause

Treatment of gum disease

when you have any sign of gum disease, go to a dentist. Talk to him about your condition, he or she will decide the treatment, first of all, doctor may ask you for an x-ray to check the bone destruction. But first, you need to control the factor which is leading you to gum disease. Now a day, we have many ways to treat the gum disease  include;

Cleaning techniques

it is necessary to clean your teeth inner sides and outsides of the tooth line, dentists have some techniques to do such process like scaling and root planning,  but if your gum disease is becoming advance, they use a machine to remove tartar and plaque  from in and outside of your gum line.its called professional cleaning also, we should also go for a cleaning process about twice a year. Now we have laser technology for removing bacterial layer and hard tartar, and it is less painful than other treatments.


in case of mild gum disease, some antibiotics can be used for swollen gums and inflammation. These antibiotics can  prevent bacterias which are causing problem worse. An antibiotic mouthwash, which is very effective for  keeping the infection at the bay, if you have scaling and root planning, there are some medicines used for injecting into the pockets.


in case of damaged bone or moving tooth, or when you have extra space between tooth where bacteria can grow easily, after the  surgery, the teeth are placed firmly in the tissue again, another surgery is bone graft, in which replace the destroying bone with a new bone,which is donated or wastes of your own body,  this graft can play a role for the regrowth of the bone. In case of supporting bone destruction, tissue surgery will be performed, this procedure, a piece of mesh implant  between tooth and gum to keep the gum and bone at their own spot. When any of us has bone loss, bone surgery will be needed, in the process, they reshaped the tooth to avoid bacterial growth and bacteria can`t make a population in there.

But remember, surgery is needed there when your teeth or gum tissue can`t be repair or treat with other treatments.

Mastitis is a condition of breast in which breast tissues become infected, it is most common in breastfeeding mothers, seen mostly within the first 3 months after delivery but experience in some time in breastfeeding duration. We can manage breast  Mastitis easily, but it is important to consult your doctor first, breast mastitis effecting every tenth woman, according to its symptoms, there are more conditions of its called lactation mastitis and puerperal mastitis. The good news is that it is mostly affected on one breast not both.breast mastitis is commonly result of blocked milk of breast which has block in the breast then stuck in other tissue and the tissue become inflamed, cause breast mastitis.

Symptoms of the mastitis

the signs and symptoms often appear suddenly, about six to twelve weeks after delivery but can happen anytime. When the symptoms occur, it is good to keep your breast empty as soon as possible, don`t worry, the milk is not harmful for your baby. If you feel such symptoms;

A lump or feels lump

Feeling of warmth

Redness, and swollen

Pain in the nipple

Muscles aching

Fever with flu like signs

As soon when you feel these signs of breast mastitis, go to your doctor to avoid some serious problem.

Causes of breast mastitis

try to feed your baby properly, wrong position and wrong techniques can lead to mastitis, don`t feed your baby in lying position or when you are sleeping. Because such types of things or blocked milk in tissues are a major cause of mastitis.

Sometimes bacterias are the cause, from your baby`s mouth, many bacteria enter into the milk duct through the nipple, when they stuck there cause inflammation  of the breast tissues, especially if you have sore or cracked nipples. Another cause of breast mastitis is wearing tight under garments or bra, women who use uncomfortable bra during breastfeeding are at a great risk, women who do not  pay attention to their hygiene may also get the mastitis because unhygienic clothes and undergarments can growth of bacteria. Breast mastitis can happen if your baby is not responding during breastfeeding and do not suck the milk properly.sometimes it can cause a collection of pus in your breast and make the problem complicate so you need to consult your doctor when you see some symptoms.


your doctor decide the treatment, according the symptoms, but usually based on;


usually the treatment is need a few days,there are two types of medicines which are using for breast mastitis are antibiotics and pain killers.antibiotics has the ability to reduce the inflammation and pain killers to relieve you from pain such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, you may feel better  after using the medicines.

Self adjustment

every time when you breastfeed, make sure to empty your breast properly, review your breastfeeding position will start to feeding, if you are confused, go to a lactation expert for help, he or she can tell you exact and better techniques to avoid such problems. Don`t lie in positions that are pressing your breasts.

Home remedies for mastitis

Hot shower

it is  very useful to treat mastitis, hot water can clear blockage and improves blood circulation for correcting the milk flow in veins, you can take a hot shower or use a towel to dip in hot water, place it in a lumpy area for some minutes, do it several times, this remedy also reduce the swelling.


it can effect immediately for the mastitis, use an oil to massage, it can reduce the pain and helps to continue the milk flow and unblock the breast. Massage the breast in circular motions. Use olive oil, lavender oil for the purpose, a few times in a day. When the need to breastfeed, clean the breast with warm water.

Fenugreek paste

fenugreek seeds can help to treat the inflammation because the presence of flavonoids. According to written in many Ayurveda books, fenugreek seeds can also increase the milk flow. You can use fenugreek oil or paste,just get some fenugreek seeds, soak them in water overnight, next morning make a paste with it and put in a clean cloth to make a compress, place this compress on the breast twice daily.

But remember, if you have symptoms that don`t go away or your pain become more worse, see a doctor to take good advice.

Acidity is a condition in which our stomach lining produce excess quantity of acids, in normal condition our stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which is necessary for our stomach for digestion of food we eat, people who have acidity, feel a burning sensation especially they eat something. A person with acidity may also experience dyspepsia, heartburn, ulcers, and stomach inflammation.  There are some factors which play a key role in acidity like lifestyle, lack of exercise, excess of junk food, smoking and alcohol, but those people are top of the list in ranking who have bad eating habits and use oily and spicy food. Take a short look on the causes of Acidity;

Causes of Acidity


some medicines play a role in acidity to increase, like non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs can affect your stomach badly, avoid too much use of aspirin and ibuprofen. They can create stomach ulcer. Medicines which have nitrates can also worsen the problem, including drugs of asthma, antidepressants, and sedatives.


if you have some extra pounds on you, you are more likely to have Acidity, when you are overweight, there is a pressure on your stomach which is a reason of acidity, especially when you have larger meals.

Dietary issues

many people report Acidity, when use some certain foods like tea, coffee, and alcohol. Excessive use of chocolate is also known for the condition. Some juices with acidic properties like orange juice, grapefruits, tomatoes are also well known, foods that are low in fiber and containing oil and spices, so avoid to fried food as much as you can.


we all know stress  is a mental related condition, but when our body can`t fight with stress, some hormones  increased from its normal level, it causes some side effects on our stomach, and plus medicines of stress  also cause of ACIDITY.

Lack of movement

people who have some bad habits like eating large meals and or lying down immediately after the food intake, persons who have a tough schedule of sitting all the time during office are suffering more. Those people who don`t take exercise daily or short walk,  are at a great risk.so I want to discuss some simple and natural home remedies for Acidity.

Home remedies for Acidity


is a well known thing for digestion and stomach gases, has been used for many decades for the purpose, can use for children as well. You can use it just as a chewing gum or make a tea with it by boiling it. Just drink it few times. You can use honey to add some taste.

Cold milk

It`s my favorite to treat Acidity, cold milk can solve the problem of burning sensation, if you are pregnant it is best for you. Milk can help to control excessive stomach acid. You can drink it by sipping or just drink a full glass.

Ginger tea

ginger has anti inflammatory properties, can help to soothe acidity. If you can`t chew it, make a tea with ginger slices by adding the boiling water, if you want to add two drops of lemon juice.


is used from ancient times because of its natural antacid properties, it can help to dispose stomach gases. You can use it as a tea or use its powder in your meals, soups and salads. Just you want some sticks of cinnamon, drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, add some honey for taste, it is also an aromatic tea with benefits. This is one of the best home remedies for acidity.

Chewing gum

it is shown in many studies that acidity can decrease with increasing salivation, chewing gum is the best remedy for the prevention of excessive stomach acids. Because the chewing gum has the power to stay control on acids back out. If you are acidic with sugar, use sugar free chewing gum.


are a rich source of potassium, can help to control acid level, banana is among those fruits which may protect your stomach from harmful side effects of acids, also high in fiber to speed up one`s digestion, and save you from the discomfort of stomach acids. Can also soothes the stomach wall.


mint  is a famous ingredient to slow down the acid production, with a cooling ability and burning sensation of acidity,you can use it as a tea or add it in salads or soups. Asian people make chutneys with mint.

Asthma is a bad condition or a chronic inflammatory condition of your lungs or airways, in which your airways become swollen and make your breath tough and short, your chest becomes tight and you have start coughing all the time, often caused by some type of allergy, but in some cases the cause  of Asthma is not known, can be mild or moderate, in many cases Asthma flare up and then not appear any symptoms for a long time. Asthma can spread from person to person, and can`t have a cure, but you can control it with some effort, just you need to work with your doctor to tell you about the adjustment of the present condition. Asthma has some other types; such as child onset Asthma,adult onset Asthma, occupational Asthma, Nocturnal Asthma. According to recent surveys, there are about 300 million people around the world suffers from Asthma. Most often Asthma starts from childhood, however, people of all ages can affect from Asthma. If you don`t pay special attention, Asthma will be a life threaten disease.

Symptoms of Asthma

it is not necessary that every person with asthma has the same symptoms, can be different in person to person, sometimes SAsthma appear in episodes, can be mild or severe. Generally these symptoms are not severe but you can prevent your asthma attack to become worse. Warning signs include;

Experience cough more frequent

Shortness of breath

Feeling very week when doing something heavy


Changes in airway flow

Frequent cold, allergies and upper respiratory infections

Feeling discomfort in sleeping

A sound of whistling when exhaling

Allergic reactions to gases, chemicals and smoke

Cold weather

Some people need to use an inhaler in above conditions,  but your health guide provider can decide all treatment because treatment on early signs can save you from damage to the lungs.

Causes of Asthma

The causes of asthma are not exactly clear, however,  according to WHO the key factor and strongest risk of Asthma are gene transfer and environmental disorders sometimes inhale some chemicals and gases which triggers the reaction and allergies of  the lungs. Many factors also trigger the problem like;

Allergies. People with allergic reactions can have the Asthma because allergies can trigger the inflammation of the lungs. Animals, cockroaches, mites and fungi can also add the list

Pollution. The higher risk of Asthma, heavy air dust,

Some types of mites like carpet and bedding

Pollen allergy and smoke, especially tobacco, because tobacco smoke are associated with respiratory infection, and later increase the Asthma.

Irritation of chemicals and gases, like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen can increase the problem.

Medicines like aspirin and non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs, medicines associated to high blood pressure.

Long term cold weather, also known to increase in Asthma attacks, because cold air is a common cause for airway congestion, bronchitis, cough, and wheezing.

Emotional disturbances like anger and stress, people who have suffered stress have a higher risk because poor immune system and habits that are encourage by stress like smoking and drinking.when you feel all these symptoms , make an appointment with your doctor to diagnose Asthma, with a physical exam and some tests like lung function test and pulmonary test.

Treatment of Asthma

There is no cure for Asthma but can control. With any medical advice and medicines you can control Asthma. You need to see your doctor every 2 to 6 weeks  if you want to under control your Asthma.

Your doctor will give you quick relief medicines to control the condition, and use some medicines to reduce lung inflammation. Because the people with Asthma needs long term control.

Most doctors using a nebulizer  to provide the medicine largerly. Medicine is put in a solution into a foggy  vapor to give the patient for inhaled. For the long term control, medicines should  use every day, which are anti inflammatory and inhaled corticosteroids, don`t worry, corticosteroids are not routine-forming  medicines, but make sure to rinsing your mouth after using the inhalers. If medicines do not show any quick relief, you need to emergency medicine, you need for treatment at the hospital. Although quick relief medicines can have a great effect of coughing, wheezing, and short breathing.

Word Cinnamon comes from the Greek word CASSIA, which means a peel of a plant which curls up when it dries or a tube, a well known spice around the world,an aromatic spice with strong spicy flavor, hard in texture with a shape of curly wood and brown color.  In ancient times it was a very expensive spice, with time people know about the health benefits of cinnamon. There are two main types of cinnamon available now a days, Ceylon and CASSIA,  Cinnamon is used as a spice commonly, but also a popular flavoring agent in some alcoholic drinks, whether cinnamon oil or cinnamon powder, there is a huge list of health benefits  of cinnamon. You can use it in almost every dish whether desserts or savory dishes, also used in cereals and baking. You can find it in Persian and Turkish cuisines. Along with all this, we can’t avoid to write about the health benefits of cinnamon, here is a little about it.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Control of Blood Sugar

A few studies have stated that cinnamon has qualities that can help us to fight with insulin, that’s why it is important for those people who have type 2 diabetes. For that issue Ceylon cinnamon is well known because it has a low level of Coumarin. However Cassia cinnamon is more common and we can find it at every marketplace, and it is effective, for blood sugar.compounds of cinnamon can act on insulin cells, especially Cinnaladhyde, Can be an ideal ingredient for pre diabetes type 2.

Antibacterial Agent

Yes, it is true. Cinnamon is also antibacterial, especially its oil, has the best antibacterial activity. Do you worry about sterilize your kitchen? Here is the solution, just use cinnamon oil in  your kitchen corners, cabinets, doors, and refrigerator. You can use cinnamon sticks also. Cinnamon can also fight with some viruses, not only the common cold and flu, it can also effective for lung congestion according to Ayurveda living. In ancient times people used it to prevent spoilage of their foods because there were a few refrigerators around. Some studies have shown cinnamon also helps to stop the growth of fungi and Candida, a problematic yeast.

Weight Loss and Cinnamon

Cinnamon has the quality to boost your metabolism and increase blood circulation, that`s why it can help to reduce your extra pounds, because of blood thinning property,  it can act on clotting and save you from heart diseases, but remember cinnamon does not burn your fat but keep you full and you don`t need to look for more food. We can say it can help us to avoid food cravings. It is an excellent digestive element to absorb more nutrients in our body and we feel load up with food. You can also use cinnamon tea for the purpose of getting maximum health benefits of cinnamon.

Cinnamon and Beauty

Because of antibiotic properties, cinnamon can protect us from all types of irritations, allergies and infections. Many women use cinnamon oil on skin to add health to their skin and reduce inflammation. You can double the action to combine it with some honey, also can add in your bath water. You can boil some sticks with water and wash your face with that water. If you have nail fungus, apply some cinnamon leaf oil or combine the oil with water and soak your foot in it to fast relief, also a best massage agent, it gives warm to your muscles and relax them, you can put it in your bathtub to soothing your body. Cinnamon can help to tighten your skin and kill the acne developing bacterias. You can also use cinnamon powder with olive oil on your scalp to improve hair growth and make them stronger. This is one of the best health benefits of cinnamon so far.

Cold and Cough Treatment

The most effective and well known benefit of cinnamon, its my experienced way to use cinnamon. If you have an itch in your throat, just make a cup of cinnamon tea, it will soothe your throat immediately. Because cinnamon has warming properties, can treat cold. Because Cinnamon lowers swelling, it can  help to treat the pain and allergic congestion. Especially in winters, you have to use it for treating cold and associated cough, Additionally put some honey and ginger according to your taste. Your should definitely go for it as it is one of the most useful home remedies of cinnamon.

Health benefits of papaya

Papaya is among the worlds healthiest fruits, it was called the fruit if angels by the founder of America, Christopher Columbus. It has a sweet aromatic flavor and smooth texture along with pear shaped, can be long about 10 inches and weight about one pound. Papaya has yellowish orange color, there are black seeds in it with a bitter taste. Papaya is rich in vitamin A, C, also has fiber, potassium, copper and folate. These nutrients make papaya a healthy fruit, most important of all papaya contains an enzyme PAPAIN,  which is beneficial in some diseases like digestion and allergies. In Asia you find it as Papita. Pulp of papaya is also used in many creams and facial scrubs, we can say health benefits of papaya are not hidden, we can find it throughout the year.

Health Benefits of Papaya

Here is a little note about the health benefits of papaya;

Papaya and Skin

The papaya is a famous beauty agent, having AHA and ALFA HYDROXY ACID to treat anti aging signs. It has properties to remove dark spots, sun tanning, and even the skin tone. Because of low sodium quality, it can hydrate your skin. Papaya is also an Exfoliator and can apply on cracked heels, cystic acne and whitening of legs. Not just applying but eating papaya is very useful for the skin. You can use it as a body scrub to add some salt spa with it.

Papaya and Digestion

Because of rich in fiber, papaya improves regular bowel system and save us from constipation, can kill harmful bacterias of your stomach. An enzyme PAPAIN improve our digestion and cleans our digestive tract by cutting down the proteins, if these proteins don`t digest, they can cause constipation and increase in body fat. In our routines, we are like to eat in restaurants and junk food with a lot of oil so eat a papaya chunk to maintain digestive health.

Papaya and Immunity

As we all know our immune system is a key guard against various diseases and infections, because of having vitamin C, it can make strong our immune system and protect it. A latest research from japan admits that the antioxidant ability of papaya can improve the immune system, the enzymes which are present in papaya are effective for inflammation of many types.

Papaya and Weight Loss

Good news for those who wants to cut down their extra pounds, you can melt your fat with the help of papaya, because it  improves your metabolism function, as a result, you can burn large amount of calories because the proper flow of wastes  helps to keep slim, it`s so simple when a person`s wastage system is proper, it becomes easier to burn fat and get rid of extra weight. You can eat it raw or add in some salads.

Papaya and Diabetes

One cup of papaya has 8.3 grams of sugar, papaya is very low in sugar, is an excellent fruit for diabetic patients. Because many doctors suggest the food that are low in calories, high in fiber, so that they don`t cause sudden changes in your blood sugar levels. Papaya has the ability to fill your stomach while provides a lower level of calories. Papaya has also found to low the lipid and triglycerides in a latest survey.

Papaya and Arthritis

Many studies show that papaya provides protection against arthritis. People who don`t consume vitamin C are at a risk of getting  arthritis, it can protect from arterial damage, can reduce the inflammation  and pain of the joints. Papaya is beneficial for those also who are at higher risk of osteoarthritis, that may damage the cartilage area of our bones.

Papaya and Heart

A big cause of heart attack or vascular diseases are homocysteine, which found present in about 25 to 30 percent of heart patients. Papaya has the folate to lower the level of homocysteine, due to the presence of magnesium, papaya can relax the vessels and help to maintain the blood circulation, that can reduce the oxidation of cholesterol because of lycopene, which is present in papaya, can help to save your arteries to  become clogged. So we can say, using of papaya keeps heart diseases at the bay.

So what are you waiting for? Just add the papaya in your meals and salads.

Health benefits of dates

A fruit with extra sweetness, a flowering plant related to palm family, another name is Dactylifera, mostly cultivated in warm lands around Arabian countries for thousand of years. Date palm is 70 to 75 in height and leaves are 4-6 meters, while date fruits are cylinder shaped 3-7 cm long with brown color, containing a single seed in it about 2 cm. There are 3 types of dates cultivated, soft, dry, semi dry.

Health Benefits of Dates

In Arabia dates are a special traditional crop, having a religious importance, mentioned 20 times in the Quran and about 50 times in the Bible, Muslims love the dates specially in their sacred month Ramadan. Dates can provide hundreds of health benefits, in Saudi Arabia dates are identical, AJWA, ANBARA, BARHI, KHUDRI, SUKKARI, ZAHIDI, MEJDOOL, KHOLAS, are well known types of dates. Health benefits of dates are famous for the  overall goodness of the human body, from beauty to the energy it can provide benefits without any side effects. Take a look on the health benefits of dates.

Weight Gain

Dates are high in calories, one cup of dates has 415 calories. So a good news for mothers who are worried about their children`s health, it is a huge blast of nutrition with a combination of tasty sweetness, kids love to eat it raw or with milk, as compared with other fruits usually low in calorie count. You can use it fresh or dried, cakes or shakes, desserts or quiches. There is no need to add sugar it can sweeten the dishes with its own.

Dates and Pregnancy

A period when almost every woman suffers from weakness, lack of nutrition, and anemia, because of high in energy dates can provide energy to pregnant mothers. Dates are a good source of energy with the ability of material building blocks of our body, dates are great energy boosters because have glucose, sucrose, and fructose  so that can super for a bloating period. According to Islamic traditions, women recommend to eat dates during pregnancy, and now science also admits it, according to a research published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynea. Additionally a study shown that the dates helps to maintain favorable delivery. It makes it one of the best health benefits of dates.

Dates and Digestive Health

If you need to promote a good digestion you need fiber and dates are full of both fiber, soluble and insoluble, can help colon to work fast and regulate the bowel movements. You can combine dates with other ingredients for the purpose like milk because dates are a laxative food, people who suffers from constipation, need to eat 3 dates daily for healthy bowel system, you can soak them in water or milk over night or grind them to get quick results.

Heart Health and Dates

The proven benefit of dates, presence of potassium in dates,  lower the risk of strokes and artery diseases, dates are a healthy source of reduce cholesterol  which is a key factor of heart attacks and related diseases. People who want to prevent strokes, should use dates daily, especially in the morning. Two types of fiber,  which is present in dates helps the people who wander here and there for exact fiber enriched foods because experts say people don`t need to think about it just add to your diet. This is perhaps one of the best health benefits of dates.

Sexual Drive Improvement

A famous benefit of dates, can increase men’s sexual stamina. It has been used since ancient times for the purpose, is also well known in Arabic because they eat dates from their birth, Now studies have proven that. Grind some dates with milk and make a shake, it will do a magic for sexual health and long sexual drive. Many studies have shown that high level of Estradiol and Flavonoids compounds of dates have effects on sexual functions, also increase sperm  count. So guys, don’t try other products just eat dates.  You can use it as a snack after your lunch or use in the morning.

Dates and Anemia

Dates have many minerals and nutrients  which can helpful for us to fight many health issues, one of them is iron, which is a perfect thing for the people who have lack of blood cells, or having anemia. The iron of dates helps to treat lack of iron in anemia patients, it can also solve the problem of fatigue and morning sickness. Dates are perfect of every person in our home. Don’t go for iron tablets get dates and gain magical health benefits of dates.

Eczema symptoms, causes and treatments

Eczema is a Greek word, which means throwing by heat or boil out, in medical terms, Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease or condition with redness, itching, and scaly hard skin. Many people have it in their life at any time, babies also have Eczema, common people have it on their elbows, face and knees, but children can have Eczema on the back and chest, also called atopic dermatitis. Eczema can be treated with medicines and oral creams. People who live in dry areas are mostly caught by it,the environment can worsen the condition like pollution, smoke, some foods like nuts can relate to an effect on the symptoms of Eczema. There are some other types of Eczema like contact Eczema, Seborrheic Eczema, Nummular Eczema, Dyshidriotic Eczema, and Allergic Eczema. But the most common is Atopic Eczema, is a chronic skin disease, usually it can start from childhood and long lasts to the adult age.

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema starts out with a common itching or redness, it may become red or sore later. When you scratch it, a fluid can appear from rash sometimes, and it becomes dry and scaly. The most common body parts are elbows, creases of  knees, neck and wrists, sometimes the affected areas  become infected, don`t scratch it because it may cause patches on the skin.your skin may be dry like scales of a fish.  Scratching of the affected area can increases itching and worse the Eczema.

Eczema Causes

Our environmental factors can be a reason for Eczema, some genetic issues are also associated with the problem, people who have allergies or some kind of asthma, are more likely to have the Eczema, people who live in cold cities or drier countries  also have the chances to get Eczema. Food allergies and hay fever also have concerns with ECZEMA, there are some other factors with can cause Eczema are listed;

  • Some animals and mites
  • Long lasting flu
  • Extra use of irritating chemicals on skin
  • Allergy with woolen products
  • Warm showers and dry soap
  • Some foods like dairy and nuts, eggs, seafood
  • Hair dyes or perfumes and cosmetics
  • Sweating and dandruff
  • Certain fungus
  • Stress, can worsen the symptoms

Eczema Treatment

There is no cure for Eczema, however, we have some ways to treat Eczema, your doctor decides it after seeing your current condition of the affected area. If someone has Eczema it is important to take care of your skin and avoid to scratching the affected area, moisturize your skin every day, and follow your doctor.


First of all, your doctor will suggest you topical ointment to control itching, these creams are reduced inflammation and itching. Some creams to repair itchy damage skin, they help to maintain normal skin and reduce flare. Additionally, you may need antibiotics to fight with bacteria’s, your doctor will decide the time period for taking the dose. Sometimes doctor may suggest you to inject drugs or Corticosteroids, these can be used to control inflammation and bacterial infections. Another way of treating is Phototherapy, can be suggested to treat mild to moderate Eczema, they used to control ultraviolet waves to avoid exposing the skin.

Tips for Prevention

Here are a few tips, you can do at home to control your Eczema, use a moisturizer twice a day especially after a bath. If your skin is already dry, you can use oils for the purpose. Apply moisturizer on your legs, arms, and back after taking bath, avoid scratching as much as you can, cover the area with cotton cloth or gloves. Take a bath with baking soda water or oatmeal, add baking soda or oatmeal in your bathtub, dissolve and  sit in your bathtub at least 15 minutes, and apply moisturizer. Use baby soap or baby shampoo, use cotton clothes which are easy to wear, don`t wear tight or woolen clothes. Apply calamine lotion to the affected area to avoid burning sensation, and scratching. Our emotional disorders can increase the Eczema so improve your mental health. A survey showed that some herbal medicines can reduce the Eczema temporarily like evening primrose oil and Oolong tea as a diet. Tea tree oil or rice bran for applying to your skin. But be sure to talk with your doctor before using alternatives.