About HealthyPK

We welcome you to healthypk.com, a site intended to provide information and knowledge about health, sustainability and wellness and to develop a community of like-minded individuals interested in the topics we confer.

Our name “health within you” was created in response to the current health issues prevailing in the world. It indicates the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and living.

“Health within you” is based on the concept of making right decisions founded on personal values that concerns all elements of our health and lifestyle. This concept is already shared by millions of people in Pakistan alone and in the world with a broader perspective.

We observe signs generally in our daily life experience of how mindful lifestyle values-that includes environmental and social responsibility, personal development, wellness, health-are driving more purchase decisions and permeating an ever broader range of venues, from online communities to mass-market grocery stores. We observed that an increasing number of people demand for products and media that inspire them to enhance their awareness and knowledge and bring positive change in their lives.

Launched recently, “health within you” is our first attempt to using internet as a platform to communicate and provide supportive, nurturing and positive destination for people seeking ideas and tips on health, wellness and sustainable lifestyle.